Kim Kardashian surprisingly confident about squeezing into a voting booth

November 5th, 2008 // 75 Comments

Kim Kardashian voted yesterday in Beverly Hills and performed her patriotic duty by combining ample cleavage and democracy. Your country salutes you, Kim! In the meantime, she really let Barack Obama down by not writing “Obama ’08: The Change We Need! (Note: Got Lots More Room For Words Just Sayin’)” across her ass. When you support a candidate, you should use every weapon in your arsenal to spread the word. Just like Heidi Montag should’ve ran around topless with “McCain/Palin” across her plastic rack. That’s just common courtesy, folks.


  1. Tyrone


    Yeah I have a fat ass fetish too. I don’t care if the fat ass is loose like Kim’s because it’s all good!

  2. mytwocents

    Ok I am sorry but why is her black lacy bra showing I mean usually when I go to things like voting , lunch , I try to NOT be showing the goods esp my underwear!!

    people it is not normal or ok to be flashing your bra in the middle of the day nor is it ok to flash it while doing things like voting. Get real

    Is this a california thing or is this I am an attention you know what thing?

  3. voracious

    Oh my God, she turns me ON! I love her

  4. al

    100% Skank!

  5. “Do these jeans make my boobs look big?”

  6. The truth 2008

    This bitch is got a fat ass

  7. The truth 2008

    This bitch is got a fat ass

  8. you want meat?
    ……………………YOU GOT MEAT!!!!!!

  9. Techvq

    That article heading is Classic!

  10. BrandiLye

    If she doesn’t have a great shape for someone five foot two, WHO DOES??? Seriously, who? She has a great body and no amount of calling her fat will change it. For what she is, her body is banging. She’s a midget with a banging body. She might be fat in a few years, but she ain’t right now.

  11. Jesss

    This post is horrible.

    Please get some new writers, seriously

  12. James

    No ass shots? What the hell? That cameraman sucks.

  13. mars

    yeah she is beautiful and sexual , i love her very much , and i have seen some more hot videoes and sexual pics about her on , yeah that’s really great ..

  14. gossip girl

    Reggie Bush is a f*****g a**hole. Will die poor if he marries the girl Ray-J of all people peed on. Disgusting b*tch.

  15. vieve from Utah needs to lose 50 lbs!

  16. Carson

    That arse would punish me, terrible big. You could do it now but imagine as soon as she put a bit of beef on it would explode…
    what is guys obsessions with massive arses, i can’t figure it out.

  17. voracious

    I seen her on the ave, spotted her more than once
    Ass so fat that you could see it from the front
    She spot me like paparazzi; shot me a glance
    in that catwoman stance with the fat booty pants, Hot damn!

    Ms. Fat Booty by Mos Def ~1999

  18. Tiff

    I am the same height as Kim and I have a small tight shapely ass. I am very glad my parents taught me good eating habits and I learned the importance of exercise at school.

  19. Parker

    As I’ve said, I’ve given it some serious thought and do believe it’s physically possible to buttfuck Kim Kardashian. First she’d have to bend over a heavy sofa or table, then grasp the panties on the left side and draw them down as far as possible taking care not to get your hand caught between the skin and elastic. Next, walk around to her right side and repeat the same action, drawing the panties down as far as possible. Now repeat this process until one ass cheek is fully exposed. Before exposing the other side, take your duct tape, stick the leading edge to a long handled, flat bladed instrument such as a fly swatter. Press this as far into the exposed crack as possible and using a jerking motion, affix the tape to the inside face of the exposed ass cheek. Now PULL. Draw the cheek open. Don’t worry, she won’t even feel it. Just pull for your life and when you get this side open, throw a couple wraps around her leg (you may need an assistant.) Once you’ve got one side open the next is a little easier. Lower the panties on the other side to expose the other cheek and repeat the procedure. When you’re done, take a step back to admire your handiwork. You should be able to see her asshole in there somewhere now. Tell Kim she’s hot but try not to laugh. This will calm her down. If she gets agitated it’s possible one of her ass cheeks could flinch and break the leg it’s attached to. When you’re sure she’s calm, pour a liberal amount of KY down the valley between her cheeks and wait for it to soak in. This will take less than five minutes. Finally you want to liberally smear your cock with a long-acting lubricant such as that engine oil with the teflon beads in it. That stuff will ruin your engine but it’s just the right thing for buttfucking Kim. Don’t spare the stuff either. Pour some into her crack too. Then just step in behind her and shove your cock in her ass. Due to the depths involved you will not be able to get the entire shaft inside but you should be able to penetrate far enough to enjoy yourself. Encourage her not to talk by telling her you’ve got a few old birthday cakes in the kitchen and don’t know what to do with them. This will get her drooling and her mouth will get too wet to speak. After you blow your load in her ass, make sure to remove your cock slowy. Exiting too rapidly after long exposure to such crushing depths can create nitrogen bubbles in your blood that can cause crippling pain and even death. After you’re done and before you leave you should release her asscheeks. The process is slightly dangerous though so take care and do it right. Standing well to one side and at arms length, use a sharp knife to cut the duct tape at the point where it approaches the hip. You will not have to make the entire cut. Eventually the cut you make will shred apart and the tape will let go with a furious snap. Watch out for the live end of it or you’ll be going home with a good bruise. Wait till the first cheek stops moving before walking around to the other side. Now you want to cut this side the same way you did the other but be ready to clap your hands over your ears. What’s going to happen is once released this cheek is going to slap into the other and create a pressure wave capable of rupturing your eardrums. After both cheeks are free so are you. Congratulations, you fucked Kim Kardashian in the ass and lived to tell the tale!

  20. Joe Bill Jim Bob Billy Jack

    I Wouldn’t Touch it With a Ten Foot Pole.

  21. CAA

    WHO F’ING CARES about ANY Kardashian???????

  22. F-Obama

    I take my comment back about “I’d rather see Obama in the White House than see another picture of this fat bitch”

  23. azzman

    damn she is a fine ass woman.

    but seriously.

    she is a fine ASS woman.

  24. bmose

    Kim K?–I thought that was Chyna.

  25. erin


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