Kim Kardashian surprisingly confident about squeezing into a voting booth

November 5th, 2008 // 75 Comments

Kim Kardashian voted yesterday in Beverly Hills and performed her patriotic duty by combining ample cleavage and democracy. Your country salutes you, Kim! In the meantime, she really let Barack Obama down by not writing “Obama ’08: The Change We Need! (Note: Got Lots More Room For Words Just Sayin’)” across her ass. When you support a candidate, you should use every weapon in your arsenal to spread the word. Just like Heidi Montag should’ve ran around topless with “McCain/Palin” across her plastic rack. That’s just common courtesy, folks.


  1. Wow i can see that ass from the front!! how nice is that….

  2. It is quite wonderful Rough Daddy

  3. BEAM

    When will this site be funny again?

  4. e

    Oh man! I am cracking up so hard, Superficial Writer is on fire today, this one and the Jen/John, Katie/Tom posts are killing me! Awesome.

  5. Surfette

    She’s voting for a man who will appreciate that ass. Obama’s going to appoint her Secretary of Ass.


    I get it Fish — “arse” enal. Ha, ha, ha.

  7. TonyDogs

    What? No ass shot?

  8. FACE

    If I saw her in the voting booth I would have dropped my pants and got in there with her. Looking at those motherfucking jeans!!!!! Ah, man that puink Reggie Bush doesnt deserve it.

  9. Hilarious Sheiss

    Fish you are too much!!!!!!!!!!

  10. antoine

    What’s with the old mom jeans. That outfit adds 15 years and 4 kids to her figure. What a MILF!!!

  11. havoc

    Damn, looking good…..


  12. Nobody

    She’s a nobody with a fat ass. Who the phuck cares?

    That ass scares me…. could you imagine her sitting on your face? She’s probably killed a couple of guys like that.

    RUN AWAY! Quick, the freak with the giant ass is coming….

  13. yawn

    why wouldnt a paparazzi guy get pictures from behind.. like anyone cares what she looks like from the front.. but not one ass shot… begs the question whether these are all bargained agreements.. i’ll tell you where i go just dont shoot my ass..

    still think she’s hot.

  14. Simon

    She has big hips for such a short person and a huge square ass too. If Kim was 5 inches or more taller then it would not look so bad. Poor misguided worthless no talent media whore. She is only going to get fatter and older and desperate.

  15. Beth

    I have the same jeans because I am chunky like Kim and they have great built in stomach and butt support. I love the wide legs so my big thighs don’t feel squeezed.

  16. Ray



    The only reason I am interested in Kim is because I want to see what type of butt girdle she is wearing. Her big fat loose butt keeps on changing depending on the girdle she wears and it is very amusing. Post her big fat loose butt for a short chick or don’t post at all. Thanks.

  17. this ditz again huh?

    lol @ surfette yea i doubt obama would appoint her, since her ass is a combo of ass injections and severe anal traffick. besides it seems he is happy with michelle, a REAL woman with REAL intelligence integrity and most key: A REAL ASS THAT IS ALL NATURAL…. sorry tough break barbies, this guy isnt falling for the “BLACK MAN’S KRYPTONITE” . REAL WOMAN ARE WITH REAL MEN….. trust me kim picked the right man for her, easy to manipulate…. i just hope reggie gets a prenup

  18. veggi

    Smelly hairy gypsy whore..


    Fish, I think it’s time for change!!

  19. ph7

    She’s got a body made for fucking, that’s for sure.

  20. I love that ASS! Amazing.

    Check out my blog :

  21. TheJoker07

    Wow! She looks amazing.

  22. TS

    Are this dumb bitches 15 minutes almost up yet?

  23. TS, useless, talentless, waste of spaces never disappear. Only the good die young. It’s called IRONY..

  24. Livi

    Looking super foxy

  25. Deacon Jones

    @12 – Yes. And I’d force feed her Taco Bell beforehand…

  26. kagrez

    she’s hot.

    but i dont like those pants :(

  27. kop

    This is 100% woman, ladies and gentleman.

    Lots to grab hold onto and ride.

  28. Hefe

    I would eat that ass for hours.

  29. swteey

    I heard rumors from a quite reliable source that she is seeking hot guys
    @___ M a t c h R i c h.C o M___the wealthy and the beauty mingle. Is she looking for a serious relationship or just for fun? who knows!

  30. Kahlee

    Shes gorgeous. Like a 1950s pin up girl.

  31. jonny monstikio

    she looks good…..damn good. is full of viruses, stay away if you value your computer

  32. ass frontwards

    I liked her better before the butt implants. Now her ass is kind of scary.

  33. Ted from LA

    She’s getting a cunt gut.

  34. May


    The classic Marilyn Monroe natural figure without breast implants was 35-22-35 and Kim’s figure with breast implants are 36-28-40. There is no way a pear shaped body like Kim is considered classic pin up, but you are probably fat like Kim and it makes you feel better about yourself.

  35. CV

    Watch out honey Obama is coming for your money!

  36. yawn

    her ass isnt implanted lol.. just watch that video she made and you can see it all right there….

  37. Jamie's Uterus

    Yeah, she’ s a pin-up all right, a pin-up of a COW, but a pin-up nonetheless.

    When will this no talent piss skank just go away?

  38. Lola

    God I wish I had her body… Say what you want, the woman is freaking sexy. That being said, she’s still a talentless whore though

  39. Stanky

    Picture #5 shows what is called “daylight”. It’s the shine of light right at the crotch that indicates a good figure. Or, in Kim’s case, an incredible figure. DAMN!!!

    #38, agreed.

  40. Mandy

    I am short like Kim and I am relieved that I do not have Kim’s chunky body. I have a nice tight fit body because I eat in moderation and exercise regularly.

  41. Rog

    My grandma had a shape like Kim before she died, so everytime I see Kim I think about my beloved grandma. My grandma had 5 kids and loved to cook and eat too.

  42. video?

    her ass is implanted. but good for her to rock her shape out like she does.

  43. max

    That fat lard-ass will burst the seams of those jeans. I mean denim and thread can only hold back the weight of flapjack lard for so long. Those jeans are probably in the trash now unless she had a seamstress add numerous seams to strengthen them. That bitch is allergic to gymnasiums and anything that involves physical work and effort.

    Lazy, worthless, shiftless, no marketable skills, no talent, no initiative, can’t sing or dance, can’t tell jokes. She’s basically a future welfare recipient unless there is some need for urine drinkers in an Obama administration.

    Fuckin bitch is absolutely worthless because of her abject laziness, ignorance and stupidity.

  44. Ted Mosby

    She voted for Prop 5: Buttpads for all.

  45. Jon

    Damn she has big hips/big butt for a short chick.

  46. Christopher

    I think you look fab, Kim… but then I like T&A cause I like girls.

  47. vieve

    you know, you shallow pricks in LA are the reason for the twisted view about what is considered fat- she is NOT fat; she’s fucking gorgeous and i’m sick of retarded fucks like you deciding how women should look according to your pathetic little opinion.

    fuck off, superficial writers

  48. Jack

    I bet Kim is extremely delusional thinking people are jealous of her when she reads negative comments about herself. You would think all the free time she has that she would be able to exercise regularly and eat right, but instead she looks fat, dumpy, and soft.

  49. Doc


    I am tired of fat Americans like you trying to make excuses for other fat people like Kim. Being 30 pounds or more overweight like Kim is not healthy and can lead to health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Fat Americans like Kim need to start practicing a healthy life style by eating in moderation and exercising regularly. Being skinny is not healthy either and being fit is healthy. Keep up the great job Sperficial writers!

  50. Lou

    She may be dumb as a door and futile as hell, but so freaking hot…

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