Kim Kardashian stopping second sex tape release


Kim Kardashian will sue Vivid Entertainment if they release another sex tape that continues her escapades with Ray J. The only way you’re going to see more of Kim is in the December issue of Playboy, according to FOX News:

However, the voluptuous vixen is now actually getting paid to strip. Kim will appear in the upcoming edition of Playboy, but Pop Tarts has heard that no nether regions will be revealed in the 12-page spread.
“I’m really happy with how the pictures turned out,” she told Pop Tarts. “It looks really classy and professional.”

I believe my penis and I will be the judges of what is classy and professional, Kim. You stick to what you do best: Showing off that superhuman butt of yours. In fact, if you could just not talk, or do anything but shake your monster ass, I think America, nay, the world, would be a better place. Shh! Less talking, more jiggling. There you go. I can almost feel the world peace. Oh, wait, it’s my wiener. My bad! I always get those two confused.

NOTE: I’m reposting the pics from her birthday because, well, they’re awesome.

Photos: Getty Images