Kim Kardashian stopping second sex tape release

October 23rd, 2007 // 76 Comments

Kim Kardashian will sue Vivid Entertainment if they release another sex tape that continues her escapades with Ray J. The only way you’re going to see more of Kim is in the December issue of Playboy, according to FOX News:

However, the voluptuous vixen is now actually getting paid to strip. Kim will appear in the upcoming edition of Playboy, but Pop Tarts has heard that no nether regions will be revealed in the 12-page spread.
“I’m really happy with how the pictures turned out,” she told Pop Tarts. “It looks really classy and professional.”

I believe my penis and I will be the judges of what is classy and professional, Kim. You stick to what you do best: Showing off that superhuman butt of yours. In fact, if you could just not talk, or do anything but shake your monster ass, I think America, nay, the world, would be a better place. Shh! Less talking, more jiggling. There you go. I can almost feel the world peace. Oh, wait, it’s my wiener. My bad! I always get those two confused.

NOTE: I’m reposting the pics from her birthday because, well, they’re awesome.

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  1. T

    She is SO hot!

  2. moobs

    48. Vernita Green says: Everyone here, let’s take a step back and think for a minute before posting a prejudiced, ignorant comment: would we want our mother/child/favourite teacher/religious leader/neighbor or even a stranger to judge us solely on this comment?
    I know the Internet is a nameless, faceless world, and that is why I’m sure many people make comments like these; however, think a minute about if people you knew you saw these words. Think of what your comments say about you as a person.

    You’re Stupid, GTFO

  3. Vernita Green

    And I’m sure everyone here is very proud of you for using your words. Almost words. Letters. But, good effort.

  4. Tavern Guy

    Two words:

    Fat Pig.

    Two more words:

    With Herpes.

  5. lponag

    Why? A friend on just told that you will. Strange.

  6. RobGraves

    Jesus Christ, her first sex tape is like watching a video taped accountants seminar. How the fuck be that boring? I stopped it halfway through because I came to the conclusion that watching the paint in the background of the shot had more action. This useless bitch’s hot factor just plummeted.

  7. Peggy L

    Butt ugly all else probably phony as she is…All you meat hounds can have your way and then dispose of propery PLEASE…

  8. MrSemprini

    Can we get some pictures of Kim sinking in quicksand? Or having some jello poured s l o w l y over her? If I get enough notice, I can have a small pool filled with buttered spaghetti noodles. That would be good. And slick. I would also like pictures of Kim sitting on pies. Whipped cream is optional, of course. If you can find some where she is being hit in the face with a pie, please show those, too. I really don’t think its too much to ask. Some guy peed in her face so this should be a cakewalk, so to speak.

  9. shosho


  10. SHOSHO


  11. Sheva

    Preview 45? Fat ass is munching on Big Black cock and being nailed in full lighting.

  12. IKE

    GO KURT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good job, #25!

    Women….stop hating! You hate on Brit, you hate on Kim, you hate on……
    The list keeps going.
    Just cuz Kim is hotter than YOU doesn’t mean you need to down her every chance you get.

    IKE out!

  13. Radar

    Dude, that’s not a superhuman ass…. that’s called LARD.

    Fetish for the fat girls, eh?

  14. Anonymous

    Obviously… since no one has said it… I must…


  15. blizzy

    @ #6 – You won’t think Megan Fox is so hot when you find out she’s being fucked by the K-Fed of the 90′s, Bryan Austin Green. That’s just gross.

    Kim’s porn tape was probably the most staged, rediculous, craptastically crappy piece of crapalicious crap i’ve ever seen…crap.

    And Ray Jay should be ashamed…everyone knows you gotta fuck em reverse cowboy when being filmed in order to receive “stud” rankings.

  16. blizzy

    @31 – Wow how did i miss that?

    You’re so e-brave slinging unecessary racist comments. I bet you’re e-skinny and e-attractive too eh. Eat another cupcake fatty. But don’t eat the chocolate…you might enjoy yourself.

    If you can realize, this day in age, that we’re all the same then you should move to a country where people won’t treat you like a POS for your handed-down views of ignorance. Ask daddy why he hates black people. I bet your mom is still in ecstacy.

  17. Kim's huge hole

    Funny how Kim’s concerned about her ‘classy’ playboy pictures but has no problem being a nasty, foul, mud shark on film and selling it to a porn distributor for cash. Why not just be a professional whooer and be done with it. By the way, is this jerk off before me the biggest posturing jackass ever? maybe superficial is not for you, what do you think? (spell check too, jerkoff).

  18. Brinkman

    Yes, Kim should stop the 2nd tape’s release. Because the first one didn’t make her famous for being famous like her twat of a “friend” Paris. Her dad’s corpse is spinning in his grave. And his soul is spinning in Hell.

  19. theredsnapper

    i bet she has to get waxed on a daily basis.. she seems like one of those extremely hairy people… gorilla-ish.. ew..

  20. Emily Nelson

    Um, Mr. Superficial? I mostly always think you are amusing, and sometimes downright hilarious. Make that USED TO. Now, I kinda skim….because it’s Britney and Lindsay and Kim and Heidi…yes, this IS the Superficial, I get it….
    but is it always the Superficial OVERDONE remarks about your rock hard pecs and laser penis? That WAS funny. WAS. I kinds wish you would take another direction, with other hideous or gorgeous or idiotic “stars”, or MAWS (Model/Actress/Whatever, y’know.)
    It’s like the same stuff over and over! And I’m not a guy, and I’m not old or ugly, H-honest! I just….appreciate the fact that you love boobs and butts, but hey, women who aren’t gay read your stuff too. Give us that clever stuff you used to.
    Please. And don’t be angry, or I will be forced to use my gigantic perfect and supernatural boobs tosquirt acid out of them into your face…if I ever find you.
    Which I won’t. I’m just sayin………….

  21. Emmyem

    Oh wow, I saw the racist comments about Kim. That’s totally creepy that someone would write that, and I am totally serious. I mean, WHATEVER. Big Kim is pretty useless any way you shake it…or whatever it is you shake, but please. Writing that stuff, number 31? You’re a bigger idiot than anyone Mr. Superficial has ever mocked. Just, go stick needles in your eyes. You’ll like it, I promise. Really! Doofus Jerk.

  22. ebeth

    She is hot and all…but she is nothing more than a stupid slut – a glorified prostitute. our culture is so gross. First Paris, now this whore. At least this one has a hot body…

  23. Her eyebrows scare me.

  24. Jose Chacon

    dam u r the hottest gurl i have ever seen

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