Kim Kardashian stopping second sex tape release

October 23rd, 2007 // 76 Comments

Kim Kardashian will sue Vivid Entertainment if they release another sex tape that continues her escapades with Ray J. The only way you’re going to see more of Kim is in the December issue of Playboy, according to FOX News:

However, the voluptuous vixen is now actually getting paid to strip. Kim will appear in the upcoming edition of Playboy, but Pop Tarts has heard that no nether regions will be revealed in the 12-page spread.
“I’m really happy with how the pictures turned out,” she told Pop Tarts. “It looks really classy and professional.”

I believe my penis and I will be the judges of what is classy and professional, Kim. You stick to what you do best: Showing off that superhuman butt of yours. In fact, if you could just not talk, or do anything but shake your monster ass, I think America, nay, the world, would be a better place. Shh! Less talking, more jiggling. There you go. I can almost feel the world peace. Oh, wait, it’s my wiener. My bad! I always get those two confused.

NOTE: I’m reposting the pics from her birthday because, well, they’re awesome.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. veggi

    FIRST you oozing anal cysts

  2. havoc

    I would so stick it in her pooper….

  3. Bincko

    “Stopping the release”? I thought it was bad for you to try to stop peeing in mid-stream…

  4. Shit4Brains

    Speaking of poopers…………….what a buttwad!

  5. just sayin

    Come to think of it, Armenians have huge noses too.

  6. p911gt10c

    With any luck, the production will be better than the first vid.

  7. Rachel

    So before all the be-pimpled 15 year old neverlaids start in with their lisping about her being “gorgeous” and a “goddess” take a good look at picture 2. Implant scar visible under one boob, stretch marks visible all over the other boob (from stuffing the chemical ball in there). Yeah, perfect.

  8. She just doesn’t want people to remember what she USED to look like…

  9. #8 Yeesh, you’re right! Thanks a lot for making me click on that.

    However, it did give me a better view of the dress. I love the gemstones…

  10. PunkA

    another sex tape? this chick is stupid. No way she blocks the release. She will make too much coin off it as she has no other talents. I mean, it takes alot to be pissed on for the sake of art. But to do it twice, well, ya know, a girl has bills to pay. ass implants, fake boobies. nose job, etc. and don;t even ask about the wardrobe bills.

  11. Loepprich

    You can see her breast implant scar in in the second picture under the right breast. I bet you’d see the same thing under her ass cheeks.

  12. Nelson Mandela

    Perfect post for today. She’s hairy like an Armenian, she loves money like a Jew, and she freeloads like a Black. The total package.

  13. jenkins

    Yeah….who are the other girls in pic number 5? They are like ten times hotter than she is….good god. oh, and nice catch rachel, you deserve a cookie. Looks like somebody didn’t get their morning airbrush done.

  14. Loepprich

    You can see her breast implant scar in in the second picture under the right breast. I bet you’d see the same thing under her ass cheeks. I don’t know her did her implants; they cut under the whole bottom of the breast. Like a porn star implant. They should have gone in through the armpit. Less scarring that way.

  15. waxer

    No, you can’t see her implant scars under her ass cheeks. They’re covered by bits of soiled TP that collect over days, because she’s not strong enough to get it all the way out after she wipes. Not her fault, really, it’s like trying to lift two bowling balls with one hand.

  16. I’ve already shagged her.

    Her vajayjay looks like a loose-meat sandwich.

  17. Rick

    Fuck – I can’t remember what I wrote the first time this crap was posted. Could somebody go over to that thread and cut&paste it in here? Thanks!

  18. mrbuckles

    He should really get his eyebrows plucked. Most women don’t have caterpillars on their foreheads. You’d think a tranny would know this!

  19. sportsdvl

    Nothing worse than some loser appearing in Playboy and not showing the goods.

    Besides, who really wants to see this no-talent fake anyways?

    Oh, #1 Veggi – you are still lame for being happy about posting first.

  20. nipolian

    Scar or no scar….She makes me hornier than a three peckered billy goat.

  21. moobs

    Same pics as yesterday? Really?

    “Its a maan baby! yeah!”

  22. Fumus

    I love Kim, Kim, Kim….

    Ass Implants?!?! No way, I still don’t believe it. I watched the Ray Jay video…the first one I didn’t see any marks…only a big black cock in her butt.

    The second video will be released, the website will make too much money not to…so of course they will. Even if they sued, they will walk away with Millions…millions!

  23. Susan

    #20 (and others) – It’s impossibly lame to go onto somebody else’s blog and try to enforce what you think the rules of etiquette should be.

  24. kurt

    Rachel – before the ugly anorexics in the clinic talk about how ugly this raven haired jessic rabbit with the most gorgeous eyes i’ve ever seen is, just know that i have 20/20 vision so i don’t care what you say.
    shes not someone i want to grow old with, or talk on the phone with, i don’t want to know about all the black guys that have peed on her, i just want to look at her. i like to look at girls with hour glass figures and beautiful faces.

    sorry if you only think little boys with pimples would hit this. you are wrong.

  25. did you hear her interview with Detroit radio… they SMASHED kim up!!!

  26. jadask

    This site is so boring. With the same old jokes. Pictures. And everything else. Yawn.

  27. G'Fabulous

    hey i love her! she is sooooo gorgeous! Thanks for posting pics of her, its the only place I can see them. So huge! I like to study her makeup. thanks for these, she is amazing! I only wish she is smart and worldly and not snobby, but probably not….

  28. jeepers

    wait, i thought she felt bad about her sex tape? now she’s posing for PB? hypocrite!

  29. D. Richards (Holy-Ghost)

    The only porno magazine worth “reading” is Buttman. All those fabulous asses. The errant tranny every once in a while. Nothing says “porno” without a tranny in there somewhere.

  30. Samantha

    #25 – Rachel (#8) didn’t say only “little boys with pimples would hit this” she said little boys will pimples droll over Kim’s pictures. As to who DOES “hit this” – well it’s pretty clear by now, isn’t it? N-I-G-G-E-R-S

  31. moobs

    Wow, a naked woman doing porno? Haven’t seen that one before!

    /really, who cares about this idiot cunt?

  32. moobs

    @ 23. Fumus – October 23, 2007 4:32 PM

    I love Kim, Kim, Kim….

    Ass Implants?!?! No way, I still don’t believe it. I watched the Ray Jay video…the first one I didn’t see any marks…only a big black cock in her butt.


    Yeah, we know which part you were staring at *wink*

  33. @32 Moobs – I would mind seeing the video, but I would not spen any money on it.

  34. euker

    This reminds me, I gotta take out my recycling tonight…

  35. Kurt's Mom

    @25 “Kurt…Kurt…Dinner time ‘hon turn off your computer. Then after dinner finish up your homework before karate class sweetie.”

  36. Wildrose

    Nice “Coldstone” logo predominately displayed on the three cakes! Jesus, I bet everyone’s checking out her tits, but being a hetro-man-lovin’ chick, that’s the sort of thing I notice in these cheesey party-pics that pop up all over the Internet. Cheap sons-of-bitches couldn’t even afford to BUY the FUCKING cakes–they went for a corporate sponser? CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Ricard0

    Who is Kim Kardashian and do we even care?

  38. Kloe is hotter

    Her younger sister Kloe is much better looking

  39. Zippy1

    Fake or not, I’d still do her twice a day and four times on Sunday.

  40. Nick

    Can Dexter do something about this bitch? Please!!!!

  41. what is this girl famous for?

  42. TS

    Anyone who gets famous for absolutely nothing annoys the fuck out of me.
    I hate this chick.
    But I can no longer deny that she is smoking hot in these pics. I can’t believe I just said that.

  43. Feckless

    Hey Fish – you can get one made just like her at RealDolls for about $7000 with tax. The only problem is the RealDoll has a personality and you have to remember her birthday.

  44. Lady

    @34: Here is a link, it is a preview but at least you see something lol :–)

  45. Armenian Grandmama

    Vhat eess Keem doing? Dressed like dressed like the village whore she is? Keem haf you forgotten your chores? Time to milk the goats and…Oh no the Turks are cahming! Keem make with the sexy time with the Turks so vee can run and hide in the mountains.

  46. Ript1&0

    Right the fuck ON! I take back what I said earlier about being jealous of Gisselle. I love monstrous jiggly asses, including mine!!! I was joking before, but I probably shouldn’t leave myself open like that.

    Anything to never hear about mayonaise covered french fries again. Gross, man. We don’t do that barbaric shit here.

  47. Vernita Green

    Every single one of you who has something disparaging to say about anyone based on their race and/or heritage should be ashamed of yourself. It is comments like the ones above that take this website from harmless poking fun at celebrities to bigoted, baseless slander.
    Everyone here, let’s take a step back and think for a minute before posting a prejudiced, ignorant comment: would we want our mother/child/favourite teacher/religious leader/neighbor or even a stranger to judge us solely on this comment?
    I know the Internet is a nameless, faceless world, and that is why I’m sure many people make comments like these; however, think a minute about if people you knew you saw these words. Think of what your comments say about you as a person.

  48. raggatt

    #13 – She’s a hypocritical liar like a Christian, and she’s a brainless, idiotic twat like whatever you are. Fuck off and die.

  49. A

    I don’t think I ever wanted to have a women sit on my face more than I want her too

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