Kim Kardashian sex tape is real and very very wet

January 17th, 2007 // 189 Comments

  1. djmaryjane

    Please put more pictures of Kim on the site! I can look at that ass alllllll day! Enough with Lohan and Hilton. At least Lohan is in rehab for awhile(48 hours).

  2. BarbadoSlim

    Oh, you’re losing your cool there counselor, if anything this thread has stirred my thirst for knowledge on peaceful non-terrorist Armenia:

    there you go Scalia:

  3. Robert Dobolina, Esq.

    “Oh, you’re losing your cool there counselor…” says the simp who just ran off to dig up a link about Armenian terrorists, because he thinks it proves something.

    Later Slim. Love you, love yr lifestyle.

  4. BarbadoSlim

    Oh my, oh my, they sure love teh peace, these Armenians:

  5. BarbadoSlim

    Whatever chump.

  6. cheatedhearts

    BarbadoSlim is my hero!

  7. fame is funny

    sorry, after looking at lohan, spears, hilton, and co., this girl is at least easy on the eyes and thick in the right places. she can pee on me anyday, hell, R Kelly can watch.

  8. fame is funny

    bit torrent searches show nothing for her name, must not be too available yet.

  9. kathleen170

    She’s hot, but she needs to do something about her hairline; she has all this hair just growing on her forehead. And her eyebrows could be filled in a bit more, they look like they have spots missing.

  10. anchower

    No way those are real.

  11. fame is funny

    she boned nick lachey

  12. irapback

    djmarijane or dickmarijuana or whatever the fuck. damn. What the fuck is wrong with you comparing armenians to south americans? Have some fucking pride in yourself.

  13. FecalPellets

    Holy shit I’d turn lezzie for her, DAMN she’s fine. Actually no, I just want to look like her. The girls are in such an uproar, Kim really is beautiful. Paris should realize how ugly(uglier) Kim makes her look. As soon as Paris discovers this, the friendship is over;) I also want KK’s gold Vuitton Alma bag, the lucky rich bitch :P

    P.S. Her necklace is actually a shoehorn for her puss. (No post would be complete without a cunty comment & I almost forgot mine.)

  14. Michael1

    Yeah, she’s at least as pretty as some girls I saw walking in the Mall last Saturday.

    Bitch is really desperate to get Paris-style fame. She tried hooking up with Nick Lachey, she’s been Paris’ butt-wiper for a while, now she’s got a “sex tape”. If that doesn’t work, I guess she’ll start stalking she’ll have to try to shag a married politician or get arrested for cocaine possession and go into rehab.

  15. Well,whynot?

    You know, Kim Kardashian is a really beautiful girl. AND rich. She should do more with her life than get known because she made a sex tape. Why don’t you go save some Benghalese kids or something? Oh right, Angelina’s already done that. Well, hun, making a sex tape isn’t all that original either. Ask Paris. She’s “experienced”.

    MAN this girl is beautiful.

  16. Well,whynot?

    Oh, and one more thing. Sorry to disappoint y’all with the “Middle East/hairy” theory, but Armenia is in the Caucasus, which is DEFINITELY in Europe. Sorry guys!

    the Caucasus mountains is where the word “caucasian” comes from. Some guy had this great idea that the “pure race” of white people came from there, hence the name for the ethnicity. Hm, i wonder who that might have been.

    Oh, and it was the first country to adopt Christianity as the official religion is the 300s AD.

    Proof: knowledge-osmosis during in-class REM sleep does work!

  17. kaiser

    Who pissed on who? Kim or the dude? Kim is way hotter than Paris Hilton. I would piss on her anytime and cum all over her face.

    I wouldn’t even shit on that cunt Paris!

  18. Lowlands

    Can she cook and doing grocery shopping too?

  19. Lowlands

    How much camels,sheeps and goats does she cost?

  20. Lowlands

    Allright then,i won’t make jokes about her for now because she’s standing with her legs cross.

  21. Lowlands

    (120)It is crossed.This is mami-troll.

  22. bacixx

    Well, she’s a shoe in for one of R Kelly’s pee tape escapades. Of course, she would have to convince him that she is half her age, won’t go to the media about the story, and that she doesn’t want to screw him because of a nasty bout of jungle fever.

    By the way, Ray-J is Brandy Norwood’s brother, in case you didn’t know. Wasn’t he on her self-titled, allegedly wholesome show in the 1990s? What great career mobility, Ray-J. This is sure a substitute for your less than illustrious rapping “talent.” Maybe you and Dustin Diamond (Screech from “Saved by the Bell”) can start your own porn company as you both have such healthy fascinations with bodily functions. I guess being involved in family oriented entertainment is an excuse to be amoral after all.

  23. BarbadoSlim

    I’ve read all the arguments on behalf of the caucasoid (there, ya happy?) possibly christian (happy again?)Ms. Kardashian here and I’m willing to retract calling her a terrorist.

    To be a terrorist she’d have to at least care and give a shit about a something, a terrorist at least leaves a mark on the world (George Washington was a terrorist once). Nah, Kim is just a silly ho,’ who likes to get peed on, and that’s all she’ll ever be. I’m sure she’s a source of pride to Armenians everywhere.

  24. hermione_q

    Explains why she’s wearing a waterproof corset in those pictures…

  25. cayana

    That girl has some eyebrows on her. Looks like two caterpillars trying to mate on her forehead. I can understand how you fellas wouldn’t notice the eyebrows though, seeing as how she has those mammoth bazongas hanging out.

  26. RoseColoredGlasses

    At some pictures, she looks kinda like eva longoria…also…she’s just another WHORE! What’s new in Hollywood?! And, usually women who are that dark are pretty fucking hairy and even have hair on their backs…..

  27. jrzmommy

    Hey, Rich–it seems as though Santa left you one last Christmas present this year………

  28. jrzmommy

    PS–What’s that she’s showing us on the chain around her neck? A drop of semen in a locket? A glass-encased pube? I mean, she’s so classy, it has to be something like that.

  29. kingnoony

    great, what’s next: lohan eats a turd?

    and by the way #33: i like your boobs too.

  30. flamarkel

    If she really wanted to get back at her father, she would make a sex tape with O.J. Then when her father confronts her, she could say, “Hey, you got him off, why can’t I?”

  31. RichPort

    Jrz, that’s a splooge target… of course I’d aim for her forehead, but that’s just me.

  32. RichPort

    … gay, retarded, cock whore, me.

  33. normella

    @djmaryjane :

    Yeah, I don’t know about being similar to us South Americans. Maybe they’re similar to Argentines because many Armenians migrate there, but I wouldn’t it speaks for all of us Southies. lol

    and @Well,why not?

    Armenia is in Asia, not Europe. This doesn’t mean they’re not of the Caucasian race, but the country itself is not in Europe. (I’m not one of the people who insisted all Armenians were hairy, either)

    I don’t even know why I was defending them in the first place. I’m not even remotely from around there. I guess I’m just an awesomely fair person or something.

  34. miyol

    It is really sad to know we live in a country that is so ignorant and stupid.Her porn video put aside “not a big fan of that” she is a beautiful Armenian woman, why so much hate, u slizzy fuckin men are mad because you can’t have her and women, its because your jealous of her. For those ignorant people, Armenians are not Middle Eastern, gosh the illiteracy rate in this country is really sad and yet they make fun of other people. The average American doesn’t know about their own history and they think they have the right to make fun of other races…

  35. julema

    its sad to see how desesperate are young pretty women without talent to get famous… a sex tape is not enough to get attention…whats next? they will eat their own shit!!?

  36. miyol

    #135 Indeed very sad

  37. normella


    I have to agree with you. I know this site’s about clowning left and right, but some of these comments weren’t really funny at all – just ignorant. And, before anyone jumps down my throat, I have a pretty good sense of humor. Calling a whole people “terrorists” didn’t strike me as a joke, though. Lame.

    Famous or not, I still think she’s an attractive woman.

    ::jumps off soapbox again::

  38. BarbadoSlim

    Oh fucking jeeesus christ bunch of politically correct pussies, just let it go already.

    I called her a fucking terrorist so just fucking deal with it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

    I’M NOT SORRY not even a little bit. So you can take your little soap box and cram it up your butt.

    AND FUCK THIS TERRORIST BITCH, and fuck Armenians.

  39. normella

    LMFAO @ the outburst.

    Damn! You got me.

    All right, we get it. You hate Armenians and terrorists. Point taken. I’ll personally try to never bring up this sensitive issue to you again…anything to keep you from abusing the caps lock key.

  40. normella



    I’d drink her pee any time, it probably tastes like champagne. I’d pee on her, too, if that’s what she wanted. Hey, it’s not my THING, but for HER I’d make an exception. I’m a guy, what can I say?


    I’d drink her pee any time, it probably tastes like champagne. I’d pee on her, too, if that’s what she wanted. Hey, it’s not my THING, but for HER I’d make an exception. I’m a guy, what can I say?

  43. umakemelaugh

    Would she let me take a crap in her mouth or do a dirty sanchez to her

    that would be cool and I would sell it for $50

  44. you're/soaking/in/it

    Kim’s father passed away in 2003, kiddies,
    taking many secrets to the grave.

    Mr. K was not paid member of OJ dream team, but a groupie and “business” partner for years. Mr. K had to have his lawyer’s license reinstated to sit in the trial, cuz he’d long since given up earning clean money. He was a sleazeball and a hustler who was involved in lots of shady dealings, which is why he hung out with a pig like OJ. Not that that Nicole was a saint or anything. [R.I.P.] They all did lots of coke and partied like it was 1999 — even though it all blew up in 1994.

    Rumors are that Mr. K. and OJ were involved in porno, gampling, prostitution and sports point shaving. Anything to make a buck.

    Rumor also has it that Kardashian was involved in Nicole’s death. There is a fascinating theory that forensic evidence proves that OJ was definitely present at the scene of the murders [blood splashes], but he watched someone else kill Ron and Nicole.

    A coke dealer who knew them all swears Mr. K.
    hired him to kill Nicole Simpson, but he took the 50% deposit, then changed his mind about doing it. That coke dealer was also murdered
    in an unsolved mystery.

    I am sure Mr. K would understand the karmic comeuppance of his daughter seeing nothing wrong with making a few million bucks off a video of a sex/urine romp with a cheesy rapper. Like father like daughter.

  45. Kill inc.

    Well say what you want you all. But she looks nice. Not beutiful. But nice.
    But the goldenshower… Well thats just sick.

  46. soaking wet

    i like my women wet.

  47. RichPort

    106. I’d fuck him.

  48. 138. And FUCK ME!

  49. kaiser

    Kim Kardashian must look lovely with dick in her mouth, pussy and ass. And after she gets fucked in her ass pull the dick out and put it in her mouth (ATM) make her suck and lick it clean and then piss into her mouth and all over her face and make her drink it.

    Now Paris Hilton is only worthy taking a shit in her mouth.

    Kim is much hotter!

  50. kaiser

    Kim has some rack but you know those tits are fake!

    Paris is all fake. I wouldn’t even shit on Paris. Why waste good shit

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