Kim Kardashian sex tape is real and very very wet

January 17th, 2007 // 189 Comments

  1. Danner

    Mmmm she looks niiice! :)

  2. Dcrew220

    When did being Paris Hilton’s friend make you a celebrity? Who is she? Has she done anything other than get peed on?
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  3. Devilish Tenshi

    Don’t people who pee on each other like to take shits on each other too?

    I wonder if thats on this sex tape.

  4. RussianMafia

    Wow she is amazing. She needs to be more famous. Meow.

  5. Ms. Scarlet

    What the hell is she wearing? Someone needs to tell her that supportive undergarments go UNDER your clothes.

  6. I hear men in the Navy do a lot of “Wetwork” if you know what I mean…

  7. allgravybaby

    ewwwwww thats gross

  8. Fawlty

    I’m with #3 here. Other than being Paris’s friend, what makes her interesting enough that we should want to see her sex tape, and not just watch the regular porn?

  9. Fawlty

    By the way, I bet she waxes her arms.

  10. nicole

    i’d buy it if she’s wearing some of the bloody clothing her dad ditched for O.J.

  11. Don Boogie

    I’d put it in her pooper.

  12. ponk

    if she wants to be a freak, why can’t she just show us her cooter like Paris’ other friends?

  13. megathy

    Why is she trying to point out her necklace in every single picture? Ooo… it’s a spider web in the shape of a dog tag. It doesn’t look particularly trendy or expensive, so what’s the deal?

  14. cheatedhearts

    Ewww nice armpits!

    You can tell that shes so incredibly hairy. Full body waxing must be quite painful.

    Just because she has big boobs doesn’t make her hot. Or any less fat.

  15. Cherokee Chocolate

    Does she do anything else besides bathe in pee and kiss Paris Hitlon’s flat butt? From these pictures I can definitely see why Parasite doesn’t want Kim to sell her sex tape. It would further reveal how ugly and overrated Parasite is, and this Kim girl might become more famous and popular than the Wonk-Eyed Wonder herself.

    P.S. Getting peed on or peeing on someone is disgusting and weird. I don’t get how people can be into that. *gags*

  16. El Greco

    I’ll watch-but only if she’s peeing on “JOE FRANCIS”.

    Now that’s a Girls Gone Wild I’d like to see.

  17. diarrhea riot

    Singin’ in the rain
    Just singin’ in the rain
    What a glorious feeling
    When I’m peeing on Kim…….

  18. RichPort

    I would nail her to the wall like a fucking carpenter on a cocaine and speed cocktail… back fat and all.

  19. ResidentX

    Do you call those “Giant boobs?”

  20. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Well this just goes to show, money can buy you a giant set of boobies, but it cannot buy you class or self-esteem. Daddy Kardashian must be so proud of her. Seriously…

  21. Pointandlaugh

    holy SHIT is she HOT! WOW.

  22. Why can’t the press follow her around instead of the flat chested & nasty lookin Paris?

  23. Danner

    After a closer look I would like to scrub some of that crap off her face.

  24. black sunshine

    shit, i’ve been wantin to see this chick nekkie for a LONG time. i can ffwd past the pee, f*ck it!!

  25. poppet

    If she didn’t wax her face daily, she’d have one MASSIVE unibrow.

  26. Lowlands

    In the second pic she’s showing something.Lookslike something they shove inside the vagina just before having sex.

  27. Anika

    For those asking what she did, well, she did absolutely nothing. She’s the daughter of Robert Kardashian, lawyer in the O.J. Simpson trial.

    Her younger sister went to my high school and always seemed like a bit of a spoiled brat.

  28. jrzmommy

    Her mother’s shining moment!

  29. acatnamedfrank

    To pee, or not to pee… THAT is the question!

  30. shankyouverymuch

    That Kardashian slug has the face of pickled pigs feet! YUCK what a FUGLY ARMO bitch, I can smell the amenian garlic and dried sweat through my computer screen… real GROSS out, man…

    Peace Out Niggas

  31. annabella

    What the fuck is wrong with flat(ter) chests . And YES I do have size 34-A boobs. I understand the appeal with huge tits. Honestly, I hated my boobs for a long time but i think the fucking rock now. They won’t sag as much in the future and they are pretty perky. Imagine the perkiness of Kim’s boobs. Anyway- not bitchin’ just want some commentary.

    • sid

      all boobs sag in old age and if you have kids smaller titties look the worst deflated. Do all small chested females have to comfort themselves with ” at least they won’t sag” bullshit cause they are jealous. Is it so hard to admit that large breasts can stay nice and full for a long time without sagging as some imagine.

  32. What’s with black guys loving to pee on chicks? First R. Kelly and now Ray J. Sorry, but pissing on someone I care about just doesn’t do it for me. Now tossing their salad, well, that’s another matter entirely. And you know Kimmy would look down her nose at we posters were we to ever bump into her – and she lets someone urinate on her AND film the dirty deed! Moms must be so proud, her little sweetcakes is BFF with Paris Hilton, brings home dark meat and makes homegrown porn. Oh, the life.

  33. sirap

    #14 – Do you really want to see the Hairy Hatchet Wound?

  34. gatorbates

    Screw pissing on her …. get ready for the CHILI DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a babe!

  35. crunt

    dunno…golden showers are pretty sick, but wearing a pendant that depicts your own hairy asshole is even weirder.

  36. I just really wanna see that nice round ass of hers.

  37. jc

    LMAO #14

    I’m sure she doesn’t wax….w/money like she has, she probably got laser hair removal on her entire body.

  38. Binky

    My sources tell me she’s pissed off her boyfriend leaked.

  39. cheatedhearts

    #33 Amen Sistah!!

  40. cheatedhearts

    Ps. Shes Armenian? Gross.

  41. 86

    Is all she is known for is being Paris’ friend and pee-pee porn…or does she like, work?? I’ve heard the name before but I am not familiar with her.

  42. baby jesus

    I’d hit that round hairy pooper with a fury that bordered on the insane.

  43. bigponie

    Well that explains it, her fetish with the golden showers is what gives her the nice tan.

  44. 86

    40 LOLOL

  45. 86

    40 LOLOL

  46. MrSemprini

    I would pee on her. And, by ‘pee on her’ I mean tie her up, wrap her in duct tape and seal her in saran wrap. Then put her in the back of the fridge and forget about her until she molds. Hey, its what happens with most of the stuff I put in the fridge.


    • disgusted

      You sound like a F*CKING deranged, perverted, Psychopath! Your so stupid and think you’re being clever but being Peed on has what exactly to do with being wrapped up in duct tape and saran wrap? Zero you sick PERVERT!

    • sid

      fucked in the head, get help now!

  47. scarlett138

    Umm…she looks like Sex.

  48. scarlett138

    @”cheatedhearts” ….honey, get a life.

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