Kim Kardashian rocks the butt pads

April 15th, 2008 // 130 Comments

These are pics of Kim Kardashian at some event over the weekend that I didn’t get around to posting yesterday thanks to Ashlee Simpson’s uterus and Adnan getting stabbed. I know you guys are probably thinking “Damn, he must really love us to post pics of Kim’s ass this early in the day.” Well, actually, I’m just trying to distract you so I can finish filing my taxes. I’m almost done though. Let’s see: multiply by the current tax rate plus five years of back taxes, carry the one and that equals I’m going to federal prison. Super duper. Okay, change of plans, everybody. Look forward to my next post coming to you live from the Canadian wilderness. They’ve got Wi-Fi out there, right? No, just grizzly bears? Close enough.

Photos: Splash News

  1. QuavisQuavis


    Fat ass!!

  2. Kim

    Hi, I’m famous for my hairy anus! Wanna see it?

  3. mimi

    Look at fish-gutz scrambling to catch up with all the news he doesn’t post over the weekend while he’s out drinking.


  4. Uncle Eccoli

    There are no words to describe my contempt for that filthy slag.

  5. Jumpin_J

    “I like big butts and I cannot lie”. Beedonkeedonk!

  6. veggi

    Ahahahaha! That sign!!!

    Welcome to: Hairy whoreville..

    The Valet Parking is in my fat ass..

  7. AnthonyCaines

    seriously, my mouth started to water….

  8. Calling All Gays and Bitter Chicks!!! Please Report for Duty!!!

    There’s a new Kim story – quick, call her fat!

  9. Will

    The circus is back in town!

    Kim’s got on her industrial strength girdle with butt pads!

    Kim’s girdle with butt pads make her huge ass look unnatural like a super freak!

    Kim’s really freaky!

  10. noneyobeezwax

    maybe she’s fat, maybe not. point being, there’s a warm hatchet wound down there somewhere and i’m goin in after it.

  11. Kimberly Clark


    I may not be famous but I am grateful for not having a huge butt and huge thighs like Kim.

    I am also grateful for having the will power to push myself away from my plate and maintain my shape while Kim eats and eats and eats and eats and gets fatter and fatter and fatter….

  12. havoc

    So damned hot……


  13. Silvia

    I’m not bitter but I do enjoy making fun of Kim’s huge ass and freaky looking butt because of her girdle with butt pads lol!

    All day long I am nice to people at work and I watch all the people at work eating bad food all day long getting fatter like Kim. I want to tell them to stop the madness and eat better because fat is gross and unhealthy, but then I would make a lot of enemies, so my only outlet is to make fun of humongous butt Kim lol!

    I stay in shape by basically pushing myself from my plate and exercising regularly. Kim must consume 3,000 calories a day!

  14. mike

    Kim is fat and unattractive..I don’t get how some people think she’s hot. I like nice butts but that is disgusting.

  15. LA ViBE

    LOL in a prevous post I said how much cellulite Kim had and I wondered what her ass looked like.. wel I gues I was right check out what Paris said:

    “In an interview with a Vegas radio station on Monday, Paris talked smack about Kim’s ass. She said, “I would not want [Kim's butt] — it’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

  16. #14, you owe #8 a six pack of I’m-a-fucking-predictable-idiot.

  17. steve

    Kim is an Armenian-German-Irish GODDESS. No wonder there is so much envy and resentment.


    #17 u don’t owe us anything, we know your always going to be an idiot.

  19. Ben


    I agree. Why can’t people accept the fact that some of us like cute fat chicks.

    Kim is a hot fat chick with a huge ass and I like it a lot!

  20. idiot from idiotville

    19- you’re not your

    pot/ kettle

  21. Kim’s agent : As we story boarded a few links ago ‘Kim’s Kitchens’ is the the way to go hun. You’d be bigger than that English ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Gord Whoever.
    And let’s face it – the potential will be there to bring out your ‘inner bitch’.

  22. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    Parking In The Rear

  23. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    …with apologies to Veggi for the original idea.

  24. Kimba

    I hope you realize that you don’t have to be bitter or gay to make a comment that you dislike someone, or that they’re fat. Guess what? I think she’s fat. And guess what? It really doesn’t matter whether you think she is or isn’t because it’s someone’s opinion. So grow a brain, the day I’m jealous of that hag is the day I shoot myself.

  25. Jaffo

    Her hairy anus is large and in charge. It looks like a plain donut with a goatee…

  26. veggi

    Indeed Sambo…. but there will be a service charge!!

  27. Tim

    lmao@all the angry chicks criticizing Kim, trying to deflate the straight guys’ instant hardons! It’ll never work, fuglies. And when you sign in with a guy’s name, it just makes you look even more desperate. (My apologies to the gays who criticize her. Those are your real names, obviously, although you’re not real men, so it becomes a technicality).

    Kim, we (the heteros) want you to know that our penises only have eye for you.

  28. IKE

    #11 suppose that you DID want to have her butt and thighs. What would you do? Eat more? Would that work? Would you still have a waist like that?
    I don’t think that it’s a matter of “i’m gonna eat and get a fat ass.”

    my 2 cents

  29. Andy

    #25 – “guess what?” That day is obviously today. Good luck and aim well.

  30. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    Veggi, i’m afraid after IRS is finished with me, you’d have better luck getting blood from a stone.

  31. AJ

    I use Kim’s huge hideous butt as a distraction for what is really bothering me.

    The Iraq war troubles me and I hope we get a Democrat in office so US can end the war.

    4,000+ Americans have already died in Iraq. Please do not wait until we have 50,000 Americans die like in Vietnam before US decides to end the war that cannot be won.

  32. Kimba

    No, obviously you’re just a dumbass. Fuck off, you’re not going to tell me when I’m jealous of a normal human being. Wow, guys want to fuck her, like that’s a fucking shock? Most guys will fuck anything warm and with a hole, so no, I’m still not jealous of her. All you fuckers can have her for all I care. Again, still don’t want to look like that, whether you like it or not, I’d prefer not to have cellulite everywhere, thanks.

  33. rachel

    #32 – welcome, surrender monkey!

  34. Anonymous

    Can’t you do anything about this dating website spammer? It’s gotten beyond ridiculous. Fucking do something about it.

  35. Donkey Ass

    That’s fat. Not PHAT. She’s gross and make my weiner sad.

  36. Andy

    #33 – clearly you get by on your personality.

  37. Twiggy


  38. IKE

    R.I.P. Kimba.

  39. Jaffo

    If this site is going to continue to post pics of fat chicks, could we get some of those nudes of Kathy Bates in the hottub with Nicholson? Roowwrrrr!!!!

  40. Kimba

    Obviously I do. Seriously though, why can’t a person comment about how they don’t like someone/think they are fat? She’s a beautiful woman, I’ll give you that and I never denied that. I just don’t personally like her body and wouldn’t want it for myself, regardless of whether men would like it or not. It’s more important to be comfortable with yourself than have what other people want. So why do I have to be bitter or jealous to comment? It’s a website dedicated to gossip and I’m expressing an opinion, heaven forbid!

  41. havoc

    LMAO #28…that was greatness.


  42. Rick

    “Most guys will fuck anything warm and with a hole”

    That’s an accusation that’s more bitter than true. But sure, we’re willing to fuck the pigs, too. That doesn’t mean we don’t highly value girls who are hot. In fact, we value hotness much more than girls do, since we’re not distracted by meaningless things like who the girl is. Whoever this girl is, she’s incredibly hot.

  43. Beej

    I would love to go balls-deep in that ass.

  44. Jake


    lol! Makes your penis sad lol!

    Donkey is what Janet Jackson’s family use to call her when she was fat and had a huge ass like Kim; they called her Donk for short.

    Kim definitely has a big donkey ass and is an ass!

  45. Jaffo

    @44…an ass like that makes a man ‘balls deep’ before actual penetration has even occured…

  46. Bigheadmike

    Again I ask….
    What is her purpose? Why is she famous?

  47. IKE

    #46!!! …..shorty. lol

  48. dog fart

    post op tranny, mud shark with huge gaping wound

  49. thejoker

    your ass is so fat when u sat down u were 1 foot bigger

  50. Jaffo

    Aw come on, Mike–it’s like 8, 9 inches from start of cheek to her furry donut and you know it! Lol…

    (This is the part where you fire back and say: ‘I know–SHORTY!)

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