Kim Kardashian & Robert Shapiro invest that sweet O.J. money

November 23rd, 2008 // 28 Comments

Kim Kardashian and Robert Shapiro debuted their online shoe service Shoe Dazzle at the Rohn Padmore Red Carpet Suite this weekend. Because nothing sells women’s footwear like the guy who helped O.J. beat a murder rap. I’m guessing after every 10th purchase you’re allowed to stab somebody, and Bob Shapiro will talk it down to a parking ticket. *click click click click* What’s the fastest way to Heidi and Spencer’s house?

NOTE: Video after the jump depicts a cameraman’s epic struggle between filming shoes or zooming in on Kim Kardashian’s cleavage. Think Spartacus but without all that acting and plot crap.

Photos: Splash News

  1. With Van damn looking worse than jean paul belmondo, now robert shapiro? I need to freeze my age now…

  2. mel


  3. Randal

    There isn’t anyone better in the fashion industry to be the face of Shoe Dazzle than Kim Kardashian. Since her debut, Kim has been a concrete staple hold on all that’s glamorous and glitzy today, from the bounce in her hair right down to her shoes that dazzle.

    Here’s to your new business and success, Kim!


  4. Randal

    Oops, meant to copy and paste this instead:

    There isn’t anyone worse in the fashion industry to be the face of Shoe Dazzle than Kim Kardashian.Since her debut, Kim has a butt squeeze hold on all that’s sleazy and crusty today, from her earth shaking walk right down to her hairy giant asscrack.

    Here’s to your new temporary business and more non-success, Kim!


  5. MaryBelle

    She should sell urinals that resemble her. Stupid, vapid, worthless pile of human garbage. If she weren’t so god damned stupid she could get an education and make it on her own. Giant hairy ass, nasty stinking cunt, what good is she? Oh yea, she’s a urinal. What a disgusting person!

  6. bnihi

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  7. Randal

    Hey, stop crackin’ on me you hater.

    Sorry, Kim. They don’t know what a precious, wonderful woman you are.

    And, MaryBelle, she does not have a stinky cunt. I picked her used panties out of her trash and it is the most flowery, fragrant odor that I have ever known. Kim is a wonderfully, precious gift that I am honored to stalk.


  8. dork

    Hey, I wonder if they have a pair of size 12 Bruno Magli shoes that I can pick up for cheap?

  9. Pathetic Worm

    $40 for a piss boot seems a little extortionate. Unless there’s 40 guys drinking from it of course; then it works out at a buck each. That’s VALUE FOR MONEY, you slag heaps! BUY PISS BOOTS!!! BUY PISS BOOTS!!!

  10. missy

    nice #5, someone kill her please?

  11. lardassian

    Wow, I never realized she talks. She needs to quit while she is ahead and just keep the body thing going.

  12. Doggy Style

    FUCK YOU BITCHES, this hot sexually active female could be selling terrorism and I’d buy……

  13. Danklin24

    Robert Shapiro is such a stud. He goes from getting murderers off to selling hooker heels, does this guy have no end to his talents?

  14. Ralph

    Kim’s girdle holds in her big hips nicely unlike the last bikini pic where Kim is not wearing a girdle and we can see her big wide hips for a short chick in her bikini.

  15. megan

    i can’t believe she wants you to pay for someone to pick out shoes for you? fuck off kim, who do you think you are?

  16. Balls McCoy

    What a bargain! They’ve already slashed prices on all bloody Bruno Magli shoes!

  17. TheJoker07

    Damn she’s looking good.

  18. Rosa

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  19. your landlord

    She’s such a fuggin loser! And her desperation is showing, loud and clear! Perhaps her inheritance is running dry and this is a last ditch effort to gain a steady income of her own.


  20. habbib

    Nasty slag!!!

    Also, David Beckham Loves The Cock

  21. ummm...yeah

    Her voice is so fuckin annoying, I want to punch her in the fuckin mouth!
    What i wouldn’t give to see all her holes filled at the same time…

  22. She is so beautiful

  23. manny

    She is thoroughly disgusting! Fucking Whore!!!

  24. Jamie's Uterus

    #5, as David Cassidy once sang, “I think I love you’”!

  25. Fuck her.

    Her hairy forehead looks like the skin of a nutsack.

  26. Kahlee

    Shes beautiful. I like that shes not just another blonde skinny girl. I know she is white but she has a face like a bollywood princess.

  27. mimi

    i want to laugh out so loud .. so far what i see on her shoe site are low end shoes like michael antonio brand their company is in industrial city ca, fortune dynamic that is …….and these shoes are wholesale for 7.99 up to $30 esp she will be ordering in high volume she’d probably get them even cheaper and all these shoes are man made material poor quality….u dont need to sign up on her site to get the sneak peek or the deal. u can get michael antonio shoes any where for less.

  28. Blitz

    If I’m not mistaken & I’m sure I’m not!

    It’s heavily rumored (suspected) that it was O.J SIMPSON’S good friend and also Kim Kardashian’s DAD that is strongly suspected of getting rid of the actual murder weapon (The knife)!

    I was just watching some really interesting stuff about that.

    OH by the way! RANDAL do me a favor and slam yourself in your testicles TWICE with a hammer just to make sure you hit both of your balls, that’s if you have any any!

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