Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush are back together

With one sister pregnant and the other sister married, Kim Kardashian had to act quickly before she became the lonely spinster housing 28 cats under her ass. So she’s back with Reggie Bush. People reports:

“They’re totally back together for real,” says a source close to the couple. “Kim and Reggie spent a few months apart getting their priorities together and figuring out who they were as individuals so they can make it work together.”

Honestly, I never believed these two were dating in the first place, so it makes me wonder what exactly Kim and/or her publicist have on Reggie Bush that makes him get in line and play the doting boyfriend again at the drop of the hat. Maybe she’s letting him have sex with her, but the guy’s in the NFL, so it’s not like he’s hurting for it. He could even have somebody build him a life-like, non-talking version of Kim’s ass out of two beanbag chairs and diamonds for God’s sake. I don’t get it.

Photos: Splash News