Kim Kardashian provides an answer to the age-old question ‘Girl, where did you go and get dat ass?’

August 1st, 2008 // 87 Comments

I was just wondering if Kim Kardashian is getting enough dairy in her diet. Mostly because I’m concerned that Russian cosmonauts aren’t quite able to see her ass from space yet. What can I say? I’m a humanitarian.

Photos: Flynet

  1. britney's weave

    that first pic is the shit. thank you, fish.

  2. Derek

    Must be hot in LA this time of year…

  3. LMFAO

    yea im very jealous lol…. shes having a purple power ranger helmet (aka special ed) moment thanx for the pix as paris would say… thats hott

  4. PimpMammaM

    OMG how friggin funny is that pic!!!!!

  5. Barak Obama

    What’s up muffin-top? Do you come here often?

  6. katia

    dairy is addictive because it has dopamines to aid mother-child bonding
    everyone should stop thinking of it as a ‘food group’
    it has pus from the nipples too! nasty!

  7. rough daddy

    id love to burry my nose right between that crack

  8. Rami

    Shes such a fat fucking pig.

  9. ph7

    Kim Kadashian is always a good closer for the weekend.

  10. veggi

    Wow, what a hypocrite (hippo-crite, actually). Given her preferences that should be chocolate ice cream, with squirts of tapioca followed by lemon juice.

  11. lulu


  12. lulu

    OMG LMFAO—so true.

  13. jeramey

    i swear, this is the best laugh i’ve had all day

    good job

  14. antoine

    Picture #1 looks like she’s never had anything that big close to her mouth before. Suddenly, I feel sorry for Reggie Bush.

  15. Angus

    #6 – PETA troll – we’re worship a cow here, and most of the guys commenting are white so they’ll never get a chance to eat her. You should be happy.

  16. pewpewpew

    I would wreck her bad … she would be screaming HELL YES PEWPEWPEW!!!

  17. Wendy

    Her face is looking more and more like Cher’s.

  18. granada

    Kim, you shouldn’t be eating that ice cream–what happened to your sudden “work out plan”?

    I bet she gets her jeans custom made.

  19. Jim

    Poor Reggie. He told her “Look, Kim, you know I like the big booty – you know I do – but it’s getting out of hand now. You need to get in shape. I hate to say this, but it’s either me or the ice cream.” Well, Reg, here’s your answer…

  20. God people must be bored. Kim calles the paps for a photo op: “I’m going to be licking an ice cream cone at the corner of sunset and manchester at 12pm sharp. For an extra $100 I’ll lick your ice cream cone too…”

  21. Chris


  22. ha, she is killin that ice cream… I would love to stick that though.

  23. rough daddy

    that ice cream had no chance

  24. One

    Oh my gosh, that was fricken funny; thank you fish. After a day of pap schmears, dog farts, and general life aggravations, I needed that laugh. (…tmi anyone? ;)

  25. Fred

    What a disgusting individual.
    Can someone please remind me why she’s famous? She just kinda seemed to appear on the radar for no obvious reason.

  26. The Laughing G-D

    People are going to photoshop their penises in place of that ice cream cone in the first picture…

  27. eatherhole

    Her eyes are lit up like it’s a cock she’s about to eat. I should introduce her to my purple-headed yogurt slinger, she’d love him.

  28. Fred


    Holy crap, what frik do you do for a living?

  29. LA

    .i think shes hella pretty…and its mostly girls that say mean things about her…..cause im pretty sure if kim was to want any of the guys on here they’d be all for it…plus. who doesnt love ice cream!

  30. GinaRae

    It’s summer! This whole “summer” scarf thing is such a bogus fad. No one wears $%^&*#@ SCARVES in the SUMMER. That and the whole terrorist sympathy scarves is so bullshit. God Hollywood sucks. And here i continue to sit and read.

  31. cltsig


    Oh yeah. Mudshark.

  32. cltsig


    Oh yeah. Mudshark.

  33. cltsig

    Wouldn’t chocolate ice cream be more appropriate?? Vanilla just doesn’t look right on her mudshark lips.

  34. joe bloe

    id so eat ice cream out of that.

  35. Sid

    Wow, if this is it, it’ll be a boring weekend. Let me get things started…

    So at least now we know exactly how Kim got so FAT. At 40 lbs overweight, she shouldn’t be eating any ice cream at all.


  36. wanks

    haha that pic is so damn funny….hey Fish you should put that pic of her in the Superficial banner next week!

  37. sameshitdifferentyear

    Thanks Fish for one of the best pics on your site (ever).

    KIMZILLA about to swallow the city of Tokyo.

    #29 lol

  38. Lex Steele

    If she goes after Reggie Bush’s cock like she is that ice cream, brutha is one happy dude. Swallowed whole, yet creamy.

  39. Pid

    I eat ice cream but my butt is super flat :(

  40. hey funny youve got a porn star name lol


    first id like to state the coincidence of your name, dont ask but i luved him in black reign with carmen haze (now she shouldve gotten five mill) …. second did you see the tape? im so sorry but she cannot fuck or suck dick, (who does that 1978 double hand wrap around like milking a cow? or lay there taking it? no backing it up, fake orgasms, she cute but give me a break that was a porn tape from hell, hats off to ray j, that man blasted those cheeks.) its 2008, lollipop was an instructional song not a metaphor. my question is why make the tape? so the synopsis ladies and gents; less time in the mirror more time ACTUALLY learning HOW to FUCK thats if your gonna go there in the first place lol. i give her cred though she made five mill. not hatin but sweetie was just a pretty face to skeet on…. i jus cant watch people make that mistake of confusing the two of victim and a gangsta, im just keepin up with reality

  41. Randal

    Hey Kim, great to see you again for it’s been awhile since we spoke last.

    You continue to be a light in an otherwise darkened world. Not only do you inspire women but you also inspire the men.

    By far, you are the Godess we’ve been waiting for.


  42. its the age old combo of plastic, busted anus, and fried oreos...

    stick to that regimen kido, and youll have an ass that relies on girdles like a flatliner in the ER needs life support…..

    just being a bit salty. people love you for you, pancakes, dont be sad love your pancake ass

    fat bitches dont be mad love your fat ass

    women yall letting hollywood make you forget whats real and fake. love you for you. just be the best YOU can be. dont try to be the next chick. grab your ass flat or gigantic and just love it. the reality is being pretty or perfect does shit. look at kim. she s pretty rich… braindead and still manages to seem unhappy and vacant. begging the public to like her, people dress me, am i hot, am i relevant because you all feel im hot, lol wtf?. be a boss and own whatever you do have. the world will not only respect you for it but it wouldnt matter cause your too busy feeling yourself. whatever you do just do it to the fullest. thats why society is rapidly falling apart everyone is spineless, and too wrapped up in shit that doesnt matter. im 6.2 36c 27 37 somebody somewhere is like your to0 tall your too this, do i cry about it, seek approval from everybody? fuck no, i embrace the sexy and the not so sexy it is what it is, and i politely pull down my panties and i take a piss on their foreheads…. so stop letting these sillicone blow up dolls and photoshop to death uber sluts destroy the reminisce of what society has been eradicating for years, WOMENS SELF WORTH. dont be that girl who lets guys poke them to be liked and validated. be that girl whos is already SELF empowered and fuck to please HERSELF, plus it never hurts to a have a few sex slaves on deck ya dig?

  43. TruthHurts

    Randal get a fuckin clue, like you actually know her. come on!

  44. TruthHurts

    Randal get a fuckin clue, like you actually know her. come on!

  45. mimang

    i’m jealous. i’m getting my own ice cream right now.
    @ #43
    “be a boss and own whatever you do have”
    that’s sounds ok to me. :)

  46. maybe he does....

    @45 getting at 42

    its funny but sometimes on these threads some peoples responses seem as though there from reggie, somebody close to kim, or even kims lame ass pretending to be somebody else. so in a nut shell that sounds like some gay ass baby back bitch shit so say, so maybe it was reggie’s proposal to kim…..

    ps i really used to respect reggie till he got his dick stuck in the fucking pickle jar. i really hope this year goes well for him i do. the man has sooo much potential. he was raw since USC now he is fallin off. money wise he still has stacks, career wise, shit if he doesnt throw this bitch in the trash like he shoulda did last year, focus on his career his negotiations for the renewal of his contract will sound more like a keith sweat song. so please do new orleans and trojan fans a favor drop this ho at the nearest curb so the next trick can play his hand, and salvage your chances to be one of the greats, versus being a bust, and wifing the most glorified jumpoff in history. just because shes eager to suck dick doesnt actually mean its even worth it. QUALITY VERSUS QUANTITY…. right now her purchasing wedding magazines before you even asked the bitch is a penalty flag. she has bad form (that and the planet seen her bobbin on ray j dangle stick) and its a bad look . please learn from paul mc cartney if you do decide to attempt to flip a ho into a house wive… get a prenup and ask your self what REALLY happened with her EX HUSBAND. you 23 you need to cool it

  47. Yeah Nice

    That must be a Ben & Jerry’s Ray J Surprise flavored scoop.

  48. Damn, she's inhaling that ice cream.

    Everyone stop hatin’ on Kim. Hoes gotta eat too.

  49. She still has a nice booty if you ask me

    that is a funny face she is making though

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