Kim Kardashian performs with Pussycat Dolls

August 18th, 2008 // 104 Comments

Dear Mr. President,

It is with the deepest regret that I must inform you of grave news: The terrorists have won. Attached is photographic evidence that is not for the weak at heart. (Now, would be a good time to eat a cookie and give the photos to Dick Cheney. Everyone likes a helper!)
During this darkest hour, I can’t help but think, had you provided me with a jetpack, we could’ve turned this thing around. Sure, I only wanted to wear it while having sex with models, but if you know another way to win the war on terror, I’m all ears.

Didn’t think so,

The Superficial Writer

NOTE: Video after the jump. It’s the only one I could get my hands on, and it, uh, might try to sell you porn. So, no need to thank me. I love my peoples!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Eric

    I’d hit it

  2. Vaynika


  3. mimi



  4. metalman

    gettin better with age…..and a few less pounds

  5. wattznext

    Mmmmm…Thick and juicy…I’d hit it hard like a hammer!

  6. Sam

    She should just work in a strip club. It seems that’s the only thing she is good at.

  7. dude

    Do you have any idea how bad a Kardashian smells?

  8. fake butt

    I dare you to look at that last Kim picture and tell me her @ss is not fake.
    That last pic is the ultimate proof her @ss is cosmetically enhanced. The shape is not natural. Time to go back for more filling Kim, or perhaps you need to change the implant for a different size.

  9. bakinmycake

    paging Mrs. Huge Ass……

  10. Joe C

    That tranny looking thing that runs the Pussycat Dolls has to be one of the scariest looking creatures I’ve seen in a long time. I was flipping channels and saw some Pussycat Doll contest , but had to turn away because they kept showing that plastic surgery nightmare. When standing next to that thing, Kim K actually looks halfway decent.

  11. Rose

    Hot model with a huge ass. Kim is always sexy and gorgeous. She gets many views at super model site per day. One of the hottest lady over there

  12. sixpack

    @ 10 – isn’t that Jonathan Anton’s sister? Saw her on his TV show and was appalled at how much nippin’, tuckin’ and collagen that grill has seen!

  13. the truth

    I love a nice round ass, but hers is deformed looking

  14. Kukore

    Her ass is like a flat blow-up-doll (deflated) compared to Mulher Melancia. In fact Kim´s ass is so flat it cant even hold 2 beers and some nuts.

  15. JimmyBachaFungool

    I want to see her in jeans and a tee shirt..hardly any makeup…not saying she wouldn’t look good, I think she would look better.

  16. netstarman

    Jeez that ass is bigger than the Super Bowl!! Talk about a End Zone aaa the jokes keep coming. At least the Oompa-Loompas have some shade under the chocolate falls.

  17. rough daddy

    whats a pussycat doll? is it singing group? an act in vegas? and why are these 3rd rate celebrities performing with them?

  18. sevenandaswitchblade

    Take a look at the last pic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ass in the shape of a right angle.

  19. Workoutaholic

    WTF? why is her @ss shaped like an OCTAGON in the last pic?
    I hate fake bitches!

  20. Deacon Jones

    Wow, she really know how to hold that microphone, eh fellas? (wink, elbow to ribs)

  21. truth

    she has a big ass, not a shapely ass.

  22. domerom

    she has the typical transvesti’s ass…gross

  23. Rick

    Jennifer Biel’s ass >>>>>>>>>>> Kim’s ass

  24. Andy

    Not a fan of the “full diaper” look that she has now.

  25. yum

    i want her to sit on my face and suffocate me with her perfect ass

  26. .

    she´s sooo gross

  27. .

    she´s sooo gross

  28. dew

    I hope her voice is as fake as her butt, cuz ewwww!

    I always imagined her voice would be slightly husky; never did I think she’d talk like a 50s cartoon.

  29. dude

    pic #2 looks like the backside of my 62 year old Aunt Judy.

  30. literarycritic

    @#28: I had the same reaction. She has the body of a grown woman & about fifteen pounds of makeup on. So why does she talk like a 12-year-old girl? It’s incredibly jarring. And it breaks the illusion she puts out by how she dresses & makes herself up.

    Just goes to show that there’s more to being truly sexy than T&A and fake eyelashes.

  31. Curtis

    Poor Kim’s ass looks fat and loose when she was wearing her fishnet stockings but her ass looked fat and bigger and perkier when she was wearing her girdle in the other pics where she is wearing the white outfit. Kim is just the typical fat chick that needs girdles to improve her big fat loose ass.

  32. Wow, not surprising that you throw political potshots on a topic that has nothing to do with politics. Shouldnt you be back working at the korean grocer?..or at your local chinese restaurant? Or maybe blowing barack osama, explaining to him that as a potential presidential candidate, NOTHING is above his paygrade.

    You sir, are an idiot. Im guessing you make a meager wage and like every other non-working shitbag, just want someone that will provide you with money from those of us that do work.

    Keep up the good work! Its good to see the typical liberal slant on everything. You are like cnn, nbc, cbs, abc & E! all rolled in one, but with a little more truth in your posts than them on their broadcasts. Just be ready to head north after the next terror attack, as we will be hunting your kind down and forcing a mass exodus of stupid, whiney, lazy, bleeding heart, take from the rich/give to the poor liberals. Either that or internment camps…I prefer the the camps personally…because nothing looks better through a scope than a crying liberal.

  33. gotmilk?

    what that fuck are those, swimmies on her arms? she’s going to need more than one pair to keep her fat ass from drowning in the pool.

  34. havoc

    There is a God…..

    Hot stuff…


  35. S.A.D.

    honestly kim you need to tell your doctors to make it look more real or you need to be careful of what you put on cause certain things you wear makes you look fake….im not hatin but this pic looks like you need a redo or something or the outfit just doesnt flatter your body!!!!!!!!

  36. literarycritic

    @#33: I’m assuming you’re referring to the “terrorists have won” comment…

    Newsflash: it was a JOKE, and not even a very political one, at that. Where the fuck do you get “liberal” from that? And what is this shit about internment camps for liberals? Take your stupid fascist ass to North Korea — your craziness will blend right in.

  37. Also, Id love to see everyones girlfriends/wives that are on here knocking Kim.

    While her propensity for dark meat is sad and disturbing, she is absolutely beautiful and Id be willing to bet that none of your wives/gf’s are as beautiful.

    If you think so, go to & upload a picture of her and post the link in a comment for all of us to see. tinypic is freehosting and you dont need a login or anything.

    Oh, and not you fish. Blow up black male dolls dont count, even with a wig on.

  38. abby normal

    Look at the last picture her ass looks like its sliding down her legs

  39. rough daddy

    whats with the “fake” talk these jealous bitches are refering to? anyone seens Ice T’s wife backside?

  40. Ken


    You must be fat like Kim and take these remarks personally. Only fat chicks get senstive about the negative fat comments about Kim.


    Just because Ice T has a fat wife with a fat ass does not mean people are jealous; we simply are not into fat chicks no matter where the fat is at.

  41. @38 – wow, your stupidity is…normal for a liberal. The comment Im referring to was the “its ok for liberals to wish death on someone political, but no one dare do it to them” of :

    “Attached is photographic evidence that is not for the weak at heart. (Now, would be a good time to eat a cookie and give the photos to Dick Cheney. Everyone likes a helper!)”

    Its of no surprise that you couldnt spot it…and perfect evidence as to why barack osama is even being talked about. You cant even see the obvious.

    Stay home with your Wii on November 2nd, 2008 kid.

  42. kat

    kim is NOT fat. this country is so weird. we have this obsession for women to be thin…um…did you know women need extra fat to bare children? women are innately made to have more body fat!! that’s what makes them sexy. CURVES

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  44. Cat

    She reminds me of Brittney, when Britney was have her breakdown episodes.

    Does this woman have no shame? It looks like she needs a caretaker like Brittney, too.

  45. why cant she dance or fuck? id respect her if she could at least do that much.... why so stiff Kimmi

    no she aint fat but she cant fuck or dance jesus this chic is just useless and all plastic looks. honestly all she has to offer anyone is her ass and yeah it certaintly not looking so great lately ….. and no im not hating, she has no rhythm, she is stiff and deformed and starting to look like a tranny

  46. Andrea

    Her looks and “talent” would go over much better at the state fair.

  47. Trick or Treat

    Is it Halloween already.

  48. The Princess and the Pee

    Spongekim Squareass.

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