Barbara Walters to Kim Kardashian: Why are you famous?

March 13th, 2008 // 80 Comments

Here’s a clip of Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner’s appearance on The View this morning. It’s kind of funny to see Barbara Walters animated corpse cut right through the bullshit and ask Kim why she’s famous. Barbara even asked about the sex tape which is always a great conversation to have with an elderly woman. All in all, this interview could’ve been better. Namely by having Elisabeth Hasselbeck get her conservative freak on with Kim Kardashian. Just have her pretend George Bush is stuck in Kim’s dress and Elisabeth has to get him out using a variety of massage oils or else a gay couple will marry. You know, something classy for the daytime audience.

Thanks to Rockers94 who’s man enough to wear leather pants and listen to Whitesnake.


  1. Hamper Lint

    where is his nose ?

  2. absolute2

    Kim looks so beautiful. She is dating online now and she is in relationship with a young billionaire she met on millionaire&celeb dating “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m”, according to the officials of that site.

  3. mairanne

    Umm Why is Elisabeth Hasselbeck Famous? We should be asking that Conservative Skank the same thing…

  4. m

    Huh… first time I hear Kim actually speaking. I don’t know what to think of this. She’s very pretty, and step-dad looks like a weirdo…

  5. colt13

    Elizabeth didnt pick on her because they are the same person. She was famous for being on a reality show(Survivor) and marrying an NFL QB.

  6. D. Richards

    Those ridiculous gypsies and their chickens.

    Gypsies, the chickens are supposed to live outside. Not inside. Oh, you wacky gypsies. What will you do next?

    Also: Under normal circumstances gypsies drizzle hen shit on their meats.

  7. really, Barbara. asking the obvious questions is not how you became renowned.

    or is it?

  8. Arguman

    #32: “The reason she is famous is because she enjoys exploiting herself. ”
    exactly. This is hilarious how she desperately tries to sell her pre-scripted excuses for her egotistical behavior.

  9. IKE

    What’s with CRUSTY Walters being a pain in the ass??

  10. Jammy

    I’m still mad because of the time the Kardashians tortured Captain Picard.

  11. ..

    Kim is the hottest woman in the world.

  12. Samuel

    Kim is cute and looks like the whore that did the Gov. of New York; except Kim is fat and the whore is fit; oh sorry Kim fans; Kim is curvy tee hee. The whore and Kim both have something in common; they are famous for having sex, nothing more, nothing less.

  13. Chuck B

    It’s interesting how they all seem so devastated that her “private” movie came out. Vivid released this movie and although the subject matter this company puts out is up for debate, their adherence to the legal requirements to do so isn’t.

    All publishers of pornographic content (web, dvd, etc.) must have proof of age (usually a copy of a drivers license) and a signed release. Without this, the publisher face jail time. Just look at the gentlemen from Girls Gone Wild.

    So since the proof of this comes up at the beginning of the movie (its called the 2257) the only conclusion is that Kim approved it’s release. Oh, and the same goes for Paris and all other celebrities

  14. Drew


    Yes I agree. All these no talent self absorbed superficial females selling their porn tape to get famous. Once they get old they will be lost. And old for them means 30. They will get the botox and Kim looks like she already has botox. This is a good example of the importance of a good higer education to always have to fall back on.

  15. Fernando


    I’m sure this is what you chant over and over as you beat off to Kim’s porn tape. She’s a worthless porn star.

  16. Kevin Marshall

    Hey when Kim gets fatter or the novelty of her porn flick wears thin; she can always try to be another Hedi Fleiss! Certainly her reality show can not continue much longer. How much of a dysfunctional and self absorbed family; especially Kim, can a person take!

  17. Jeremy

    Kim is a fat whore like all the other porn stars. Only easy skanky dumb shits and whores let men video tape them having sex.

  18. Barabara Walters

    What a useless piece of trash! I live in LA, and there are MANY more truly beautiful women that this site could be wasting our time with.

    Please stop the insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And if Bruce Jenner gets one more nose job, he is going to look like Michael Jackson.

    This is crap!

  19. noyb

    we’re into FASHION! o plz!

    Bruce Jenner trying to be funny? it aint working… he looks so plastic and fake. and that KIM, there are plenty of ppl who are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay prettier than her so why is she famous??? cuz she does stupid things and lies to get attention….

  20. noyb

    o & every ‘girl’ that tries to be famous in hollywood and cant (like KIM) bring out a sex tape! & its so true what #12 said… it these stupid journalists and sites that make them famous in the first place and these ‘celebs’ know it!

  21. Yeah, we don’t agree with everything that she has done yet we all waste our precious moments to read and comment on this chick. And personally, I think Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a good show. Kim and her family seems very down to earth. With that said, I’ll be tuning onto E! this Sunday. Don’t act like you will not watch it because you will.

  22. yum

    She’s soooooo hot

  23. Mike

    God she’s the hottest woman in the world.
    Sooooooooooooooooooooooo stunning, sooooooooooooooooooooo HOT.

  24. trixie jones

    she’s okay looking… until she opens her mouth. that fake little voice she does is so annoying

  25. josh lee

    Not one of the ladies in that family have their original noses.

  26. streetsideguitarman

    LAST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jessica

    Barbara Wawas is such a douche. She named Paris Hilton most interesting person, and here’s she’s actually giving Kim a hard time. Get a clue.

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  29. BARB


  30. BARB

    kim is a whore all of them..hahahaha

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