Kim Kardashian on Miss California

Okay, everybody, we can all relax now. Kim Kardashian is finally giving her two cents on the Miss California gay marriage debacle. Phew. For a minute there, I thought a national scandal would go by without the insight of a woman whose ass should be overseas protecting our troops from roadside bombs. Anyway, here’s what Kim told People:

“I don’t agree with her narrow mindedness and neither do a lot of people,” Kardashian, 28, tells PEOPLE of Prejean’s much-discussed response to judge Perez Hilton’s query of her opinion the civil rights issue. “I’m not so narrow-minded so I definitely think a lot broader. Everyone has the right to be happy and be treated equally and I think not allowing gay marriage just kind of puts us back.”
Adds Kardashian, “I believe you’re in love with who you’re in love with, and you should be able to marry them. No one should tell someone else how to think or how to feel.”
Kardashian says she appreciates that Prejean was merely saying what she believed, but that may not have been the most tolerant of opinions. “I obviously have a completely different opinion but I think her answer was true to her,” Kardashian says. “That answer represented her and how she felt. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She stood up for what she believes in so she should be happy with that backlash.”

For those of you with short attention spans, allow me to provide a condensed version of what Kim’s trying to say: