Kim Kardashian & Olivia Wilde do Letterman

October 2nd, 2009 // 99 Comments

Because that Paul Shaffer song I made up creeped me out, here’s Kim Kardashian and Olivia Wilde showing off their respective asses outside of Ed Sullivan Theater last night. Keep in mind that both will kill you. One from sheer mass and volume, and the other from a heat not unlike the surface of the sun. Which is why I made a full body suit out of oven mitts. Olivia?

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Dread not

    Man, this chick is almost in, Paris Hilton territory, as far her usefulness, IMO. But Kim’s ass! It’s hypnotic. And she ain’t bad looking, either. Olivia Wilde and Kim Krashthatassin in the same post. Sweet!

    Kim gets back with, Reggie “a Kim in the hand is worth two in the” Bush, and the ass is on display again. What’s that about? F’n cock teaser. Oops! Here comes the bad language. And I just spit on the screen.

  2. boh

    KK looks gorgeous here way hotter than olivia face and body-wise.

  3. Angela

    I’m sorry I am starting to believe that many of the posts here come from the same person, obviously female – I’ve never met a straight man who even knows that a girdle means (or cares for that matter).

    Her ass is big, her body is curvy. Plastic or not – why is this person so very intent on saying over & over how disgusting and fake it is?

    You are obviously a woman by the way you describe her, and it sounds so much like a hater that its just plan weird, because I never knew that word described real people before. And what’s pathetic is you take away the reasons that are legit for not liking her. I.e., she’s famous for a sex tape, and also like Paris Hilton she’s famous for being famous, no talent except looking like an air-headed slut.

    I don’t like her but quit with the girdles, butt pads, cellulite, butt on the back of her legs, etc. There is nothing wrong with not being skinny, and you’re a fucking bitch for acting like it. Shame on you, because you’re as poor an example for womens’ sense of self worse as this stupid slut.

  4. Caltrans

    Anything that sticks out 4′ from the rear, requires a safety flag.

  5. Hugh Gentry

    I would love to mount that ass and play with her big tits from behind all night long. She is so fucking sexy. She makes me so fucking horny!!!

  6. leid-girl

    How is SHE is a SIZE TWO?????????? That’s what she claimed!!!!!

    LOL I’m a fricking size 4………and I’m 5’3″, 114 pounds, and HAVE NO ASS CUZ I”M PART ASIAN!! Lemme tell you……….that trunk of hers cannot defy gravity and it in anything size 2!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO

  7. saywha

    I’ve seen Kim Kardashian’s face on the net so many times but still I don’t who she is or what she does.
    That growth on her backside is just plain disgusting by the way.

    Olivia Wilde on the other hand…

  8. eatshit

    a rather large, invisible spatula smacked kim’s ass and seems to be stuck thereon now

  9. Lemmy Caution

    My gawd, I’m truly terrified. There’s gotta be some kinda gravity-devouring thing in there that’ll destroy entire galaxies.

  10. clpierced

    Okay i am 23 girl and i have no idea wtf a butt girdle old are you people? also, yes kim has a huge ass. she puts the ass in massive, but have you actually looked at her face? i think she is really pretty. how about some positive and negative comments on here people. im like getting bored from your lame comments. no creativity. no spark. stop commenting if its not original. the end. ps they are wearing similiar dresses, i love how they coordinated :)

  11. dude


  12. dude

    you idiots need to quit raggin on kim’s ass (jealous bitches), any guy would be thankin his stars if someone who looked like that offered him a face and body like that. btw olivia’s major fuckin hot too, just in a completely diff way

  13. EuropeanGirl

    olivia is wearing stilts, not heels. Look at pic #4, it seems like circus stuff.

  14. See Alice

    Dude come on dude . That ass suffers from major disfigurement .

  15. Nellie


    I’m the same height and shape as Kim except my breasts are real. I’m a size 6-8 on top and a size 14-16 pants because I have a big butt like Kim and I wear butt support garmetstoo. Most of the time I wear a loose skirt because I get tired of wearing the uncomfortable butt girdle and expecially when eating because it binds mye stomach too. Kim is cute but she should quit lying about the butt girdle because it’s very obvious.

  16. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Is this serious?!

  17. SharMac

    Fake ass as they get!!!!!!!!! If its real, where is the but septum? ahhaaaa

  18. Jimm

    Does that ass have its own zip code? That ass should come with a warning preventing anything from getting within 20′ of it… that is unless it’s some black ghetto ridden mack daddy.

  19. Cb

    Gee it must give a gal a whole lot of pride to know that she is known world wide simply for her big ass. At the end of her life she can look back and think that her contribution and her life was based on her big ass. How grand. And really what kind of slag likes to stick her ass out knowing that many men would like to stick something in it. Obvioulsy she has no respect for herself nor do the men who want to stick that butt-who rspects that. She is a sad case folks.

  20. she isn’t sexy, she has a huge butt, since when is that sexy?

  21. jojo

    I agree that her ass is big but the rest of her is perfect.. that big ass thing is not even a problem – its actually pretty hot on a girl … unfortunatly because of the stupidity of hollywood control (and we as people letting them control our mind) we are conditioned to believe that skinny pogo stick girls with big fake boobs are the epitome of beauty,, I disagree … cant stand kim as a person and if u watch her show she has an awful personality but she is in good shape .. her ass is the same in a bikini and here .. i dont think she is doing anything different to the rest of hollywood… wasnt that skinny eva longoria the one that got snapped stepping out of a limo with tight spanx underneath her dress !!! so why the big hang up over kim!!!

  22. See Alice

    Like methane from cows , the emissions from that mega huge ass are a leading cause of global warming .

  23. Trevor

    Unfortunately America has too much food and too many Americans overeat like fat saggy ass Kim. Pogo sticks and fat saggy butts like Kim are unattractive. A fit body is hot and sexy but unfortunately most Americans would rather overeat, not exercise, and wear girdles like Kim instead of exercising regularly and eating right. Most Americans are in denial about what is overweight and what is not because most Americans are overweight like Kim or obese. Most US health problems are due to fat related illness like diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart problems. Kim is cute but she has no muscle tone and relies on a butt girdle. She would have a pear shaped body if not for her breast implants. Eva Llongoria wore Spanx because she just had a baby and she is still smaller than Kim and Kim never had a baby and looks like she already had triplets with her big fat saggy ass and butt girdle. Kim looks like the average cute overweight butt girdle chick I see at the night clubs. Big deal.

  24. Kim Big Fat Saggy Girdle Butt Ha! Ha!


    You mean her big fat saggy cellulite ass from overeating and lack of exercise ha! ha!

  25. Darth

    You can get pretty lost between those giant ass cheeks.Any GPS available?

  26. Rhialto

    Did he got complaints yet from the guests after Kim Kardashian?! The chair didn’t sit comfortable at all?!

  27. Nero

    Guest who came after Kim Kardashian;”Is there something wrong with my microphone? I hear all the time an echo?!”

  28. Elle

    I’m a girl, not familiar with girdles but something unnatural is going on down there. She paid a lot of money to look that good so nothing wrong with that, I guess. There are a lot of people in the biz who are 50% plastic so she is not alone. Its nice to have curves, not this big but to each their own. I don’t think its worth getting this much plastic surgery to look good. She is a beautiful girl, but she must realize that this attention won’t last long unless she finds a talent that is more sustaining. There are plenty of girls who can purchase all kinds of plastic surgery to look beautiful but what can she offer besides looks. uhm yea

  29. Roxy

    Come on people,do you truly believe that Kim’s ass is real? That thing is just unnatural.

  30. I still do think those are butt pads from Fredericks.

  31. FACE

    Kim just keeps getting hotter. I just splooged so hard that it spurtted up on my chest.

  32. I wonder how much she has to pay to have her dresses altered to accommodate her ginormous ass! Jesus. That thing has it’s own gravitational pull!

  33. ??? ?????

    ???? ???? ??? ?? ?????

  34. Kim just keeps getting hotter. I just splooged so hard that it spurtted up on my chest.

  35. unk

    Wow. Now I know what you think about me when I (5’9″, 160lbs and verrry curvy like Kim) walk down the street…good thing I have excellent self esteem and a pair of spanx.

  36. WOW , Kim nice dress

  37. j

    she may be talentless, may have a trainwreck of a family(i feel bad for bruce) may have some strange fetishes…..and may have a fake butt, although if you can touch it, its real….i have but one word….word.

  38. buttrflyy

    white men love flat asses because it makes their little d*cks look bigger and black guys like big asses because it takes a big ass to handle all that c*ck. so those of you hatin on kim’s big ass would obviously be out of her league…go flip some pancakes on your viennas…

  39. SaX

    Uhm Trevor….Eva Longoria never had a baby.

  40. JD

    Wow, she is huge. Looks like she is wearing one of those adult diapers.

  41. Duke Steele

    They “do” Letterman. Thats funny.

  42. had never seen olivia wilde before this, impressive

  43. Don

    I love KIm’s ass. If I was Letterman, I’d hire Kim so I could do her.

  44. Don

    Sorry, Duke (#91), I totally stole your post idea.

  45. Sapphire

    She’s beautiful but her ASS is WAY too HUGE! It’s this big bubble butt. Either that or it’s the dress that’s making it stand out so big.

  46. Sapphire

    “Milk” Man (LOL) you have no stature at all, you’re just a dirty old man who’s bitter and angry. So you like big fat asses and big tits? Big Deal. I feel sorry for those women who have to walk past you, they’d be sickened to know someone like you is fantasizing about doing them, yuck you’re gross. I hate dirty old horny men, it’s disgusting and they’re usually on a sex-offender list like you are right now. lol.

  47. Sinamon

    FFS, someone tell Olivia to get some bangs, already. Her pretty face is constantly overshadowed by that huge, shiny eight-head of hers.

  48. Wow, she is looking so hot. I like all the pics..

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