Kim Kardashian & Olivia Wilde do Letterman

October 2nd, 2009 // 99 Comments

Because that Paul Shaffer song I made up creeped me out, here’s Kim Kardashian and Olivia Wilde showing off their respective asses outside of Ed Sullivan Theater last night. Keep in mind that both will kill you. One from sheer mass and volume, and the other from a heat not unlike the surface of the sun. Which is why I made a full body suit out of oven mitts. Olivia?

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Milk Man

    Now these are REAL women with nice big asses and tits. God I hate skinny flat chested females. They should just wear sacks and stay home and let their men go out and hook up with the real deal like these two!
    Nice looking and way to go girls.

  2. antediluvian

    Man! That Kardahsin one has one fucking amazing arse. As they say “Im gonna need myself a set of stirrups to mount that ass!|

    …and she as beautiful eyes too. Really.

    Im a sucker of brown eyes….hmmmmm

  3. The Rough report

    Only in letterman’s wet dreamz Fish…

    Wonder if he sniffed the seats after they left, I would’ve…

  4. Peter Pumpkin Eater


  5. Her ass is expanding faster than the universe. She is the least interesting woman in the world.

  6. Me

    I wonder how much she has to pay to have her dresses altered to accommodate her ginormous ass! Jesus. That thing has it’s own gravitational pull!

  7. Bah

    Milk Man – Olivia Wilde has a big ass? Wtf? She has a great, proportional ass. Definitely not BIG, though.

  8. KK


  9. Kim Kardashian gives a whole new name to ghetto bootay.

    check out our blog-

  10. I’ve never really believed that her ASS was fake. But these pictures of Kim are convincing me otherwise. Yes, I’ve seen some big asses. But the…’s just off..and it sits REALLLY, REALLLLY high. It doesn’t make sense lol. Either way, 2 beautiful women.

  11. sharon H

    I just want to know what Kim Assdash looks like without make-up on including her false eyelashes. OH and how long does it take to put that face on every day?????? Can anyone say high maintenance?

  12. you know, its really a shame that kim kardashian is such a nasty f’ing skank, bc she really does have an amazing body. unfortunately, she may as well be Kathy Bates for all the good it does.

  13. Milk Man

    #7 How dare you even speak to me much less challenge my personal assessment of beauty – which should be a standard for this millenium.
    I implied that these were robust and healthy women – being sick and wasting away i.e. losing breasts due to illness are not excusable and are highly offensive to healthy rugged men who need their daily dose of sensual medicine.
    Think things our before you adress one with my stature, son.

  14. Reg

    It just goes to show you how gullible some of you folks are. Kim wears a butt girdle and airbrushes her posed bikini photos. Remember the photo of Kim on a trampoline and her ass is melting into her legs? They forgot to airbrush it lol! Kim is a great fantasy for those who like short fat chicks that rely on butt girdles, she’s not obese but she is fat and has no muscle tone due to lack of exercise

  15. Liz

    I’d feel like a complete fool walking around in a tight dress with a butt girdle like Kim. I’m short and fat like Kim, but luckily for me I do not have to wear a butt girdle because I do the stair master regularly and butt crunches.

  16. mike

    that butt is soo unnattractive and strange-looking. EWWWW.

  17. butt girdle rebutter

    anyone who has seen her sextape would know she doesnt need no damned girdle. you guys are retarded. she doesnt wear one. furthermore, there have been photos of her ass head-on, and you can clearly see she has no support. some women are just blessed with a huge ass. im sure itll sag eventually, but shes good right now.

  18. Greta

    Yes, her bottom may look nice in this dress, but she never ever shows it in a bikini from the back. Olivia on the other hand has a tight little body that anyone would be proud of. I am a woman and I think she has the goods, and she does it all without butt girdles and implants.

  19. Norm


    I saw Kim’s sex tape and it was done years ago before she got too fat and now her ass sags. I love chuncky chicks like Kim, but now her ass is saggy and it is a major turn off. Too bad Kim did not maintain her chunkiness. She should have worked out regularly too to help prevent her ass from sagging. The pic of Kim on a trampoline in her bikini was a major turn off because they forgot to airbrush her saggy ass! Now Kim just walks around with her girdle butt yikes!

  20. F*ck you back dude

    Holly shit, look at Kim Kardashian on that ASS!!!!!!! That is an ass only chubby chasers like ghetto black men and Milk Man could like. Fucking nasty that is. Olivia Wilde on the other hand is just perfect, beautiful face and a nice slim elegant body.

  21. Girdle Wordle

    If she were proud of that fat thing, she would show it in a bikini. Now Olivia showed us everything and it was hot. Kim, your girdle is fooling people like #18. Money well spent.

  22. AJ


    Here’s a pic of Kim in a bikini on a trampoline and her ass is sagging and melting into her legs! They forgot to airbrush it lol!

  23. tom

    21 yeah olivia knows when to push herself away from the plate unlike fried oreo eating loose butt Kim.

  24. Pilatunes

    Kim K’s ass is gross. A mass of flesh and flab held together by a braided steel girdle. God I hate her.

    Olivia Wilde looks nice, but is she tiny or something? Those heels must be at least 6 inches.

  25. Pilatunes

    BTW, would it sound wierd if I say I’d like to play ‘Wipe Out’ by the Surfaris on Kim K’s bare ass just to see what would happen?

  26. Sport

    My watch must be fucked up as it shows her 15 minutes are lone gone. So tired of this attention whore. Go the fuck away you no talent ass clown.

  27. M

    Olivia > Kim

  28. Allison

    The one shoulder look is over.

  29. Allison

    The one shoulder look is over.

  30. Max Planck

    Isn’t she supposed to have outrigger running lights on that thing to be street legal?

  31. kim is so terrible. after seeing her ass sagging deep into her thigh in those trampoline pics posted here, i have come to the conclusion that her ass is the only rease that she is famous… and its not even a nice ass. nice after its all airbrushed and minus the droopy cellulite maybe, but not on it’s own.

  32. Porsha

    Kim does NOT wear a butt girdle– as you can see here:

    Honestly, I have a problem with people calling her FAT. She has a big ass, yes, but the rest of her is sooo tiny! I think in the United States we’re not used to seeing big butts— but HUGE fake double D implants on the other hand on a skinny body– most guys don’t have a problem with that now, do they? You’re just substituing one unproportionate body area for another….

    Using your own logic (which is illogical), Katy Perry, Jordan, and Pam Anderson should all hence forth be referred to as FAT.

    Anyone else see the point I just made?

  33. Nameless

    @#1 Although I agree with the sentiment, there is nothing real about Kim K. She’s full of plastic and has been nip/tucked many times I bet.

  34. Rubber band ball

    You people are really gullible if you think anything on Kim Assian is factory original. She has been wrecked and rebuilt.

  35. Christopher

    Now if only they had done EACH OTHER on Letterman…

  36. disgusting & FAT

    kim FATASSian
    kim LARDASSian
    kim HUGEASSian

    Yup, they pretty much all fit. She’s absolutely disgusting looking.

  37. hacksaw

    Asstastic and yes I’d hit it.

  38. HRH Adam

    Apparently Don Vito had a kid with Viggo Mortensen, as evidenced by the perverted Kim K gawker in the black sweatshirt

  39. TheJoker07


  40. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I thought she lost all this weight taking that trimspa shit? How come it didn’t impact her disgustingly huge ass? Because she has on her trademark butt girdle in these photos.

    What did the pee whore talk about anyway?

  41. pasteve

    Kudos to Kim for trying to bring the bustle back to women’s fashion!

  42. Vicki Gizzle

    It’s like feast and famine here

  43. Ect O'Plasm

    I’m just average penis sized, is it even be possible for me to have anal sex with KK?
    Ordinarily I would think not, but if she were face down, maybe the sag factor would let that ass just flop open like a book, and bulls eye!

  44. chris

    Kim ass looks weird

  45. mike

    Olivia’s got a jaw that gives Ice-T’s wife Coco a run for her money.

  46. 1derwoman

    I don’t understand why anyone would say Kim is fat. She does have a big butt, (and that dress makes it look really bad) but she isn’t fat, that’s what you call average. Olivia on the other hand looks like she has anorexia, especially in that potato sack dress she’s wearing that does absolutely nothing for her figure. Kim is beautiful, but I don’t understand why she is a celebrity, I mean, what does she DO besides appear at places? Does she even have any talent? Not that you need that these days to be a celebrity.

  47. Angie

    her ass isnt actually THAT big.. shes admitted to wearing shapers to give it more of a pronounced look.

  48. Angie

    her ass isnt actually THAT big.. shes admitted to wearing shapers to give it more of a pronounced look.

  49. See Alice

    KK is grotesqly deformed and Olivia Munn is way hotter than Olivia Wilde

  50. sid90

    If you combine Kim’s enormous ass with Olivia’s comic superhero jaw, they would maybe balance each other out.

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