Kim Kardashian NOT Dancing with the Stars again

Sad news, America. Kim Kardashian won’t be sashaying across your TV screens again. While it was rumored she’d be replacing recently injured Misty May-Treanor on Dancing with the Stars, producers opted to go another route, according to E! News:

As it turns out, no one will be returning to fill Misty’s prematurely empty dancing shoes, vacated this week after the beach-volleyball champ became the first contestant to have to withdraw from Dancing With the Stars midseason due to injury.
Instead, no elimination occurred in light of Misty’s injury and this week’s scores and votes will be added to next week’s totals.

And once again executives at ABC have wisely determined viewers prefer the pruned maneuverings of Cloris Leachman over Kim Kardashian’s attempt to defy physics by forcing her Mack truck ass to do the Charleston. I swear, it’s like they’re reading my mind!