Kim Kardashian’s family knows who drives the gravy train

September 15th, 2008 // 48 Comments

While filming an episode of their TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians, the family all wore shirts encouraging Dancing with the Stars viewers to vote for Kim Kardashian who’s competing on the upcoming season. Shameless, sure, but what I’m more disappointed about is these people missed a huge advertising opportunity. I’m, of course, talking about the mountainous ledge above that could provide shade for an entire city. C’mon, does anyone really look at anything else when watching the Kardashian’s show? I mean, I just found out the other day Khloe has a face. Ha ha, who saw that coming?


  1. Whats juicy, round and taste like candy? hey wheres the ass shot?


    Fat pig.

  3. How could anything that BIG and makes poop be sexy?

  4. ColMustard

    Does Panama Jack know you stole his hat?

  5. pistolita

    i thought she was supposed to be LOSING weight…

  6. damn can this bitch even dance?

    dude i swear i hope this fat bitch loses, i really wish she snaps her neck in halve …..

  7. Mia

    It’s Kim wearing her standard butt girdle. Kim should really start her own butt girdle line, since there are a lot of chicks with big butts like Kim who would probably buy them.

  8. Shes so fucking hot. Too bad she has such a propensity for dark meat.

    Thats the only thing gross about her.

  9. Maurice

    I wish Kim would not wear a girdle because I love natural looking big butts whether they sag without a girdle like Kim’s big butt or not. Fat chicks like Kim are sexy and have a lot of soft meat to squeeze.

  10. CaptainMorgan

    Other than having a GIANT badonkadonk, what is the deal with her? All I can imagine is the ‘ripple effect’ after she eats a bean burrito (or four). Gas Mask! What a waste of space…why does the media even bother?

  11. Joe

    She’s Ass-alicious.

  12. alisa

    her waist is still a little thick but how the hell is she fat? she look really good

  13. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    Stunning woman, but really famous for what? Nothing.

  14. havoc

    Besides being ass-alicious, she’s got some serious blowjob lips…

    You would think even the homos could appreciate that….


  15. Brandy

    I don’t know why everyone keeps saying the woman is fat. I think she is very pretty and not fat at all. Everyone is probably jealous of her. I am much smaller than her but wouldn’t mind having a body like hers at all.

  16. yeah, i have yet to see a bad pic of this chick!!!

  17. JIMBO

    Pretty little donkeys all in a row.

  18. google

    lol what idiots.

  19. vg902

    #15 , she is famous her big butt and sex tape…

  20. Peter Griffin

    “Besides being ass-alicious, she’s got some serious blowjob lips…

    You would think even the homos could appreciate that….”

    Gays don’t like monkey urine. They’re very clean people. And they have been ever since they came to this country from France.

  21. Kardashian sounds expensive..

  22. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    “JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Republican presidential nominee John McCain held his first rally without running mate Sarah Palin today, and let’s just say there were seats available.

    The McCain “Road to Victory” rally was originally scheduled to be a pancake breakfast, but the campaign said there was such an outpouring of enthusiasm the event was shifted to the 15,000-seat Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

    That might not have been the best idea: There were almost no supporters in any of the cavernous arena’s 24 upper-level seating sections, and only eight of the 21 sections downstairs held fans. Only four of those were filled, though some supporters crowded around the stage on the arena floor.”

    ***lmao@ the doddering old man trying to hide behind a woman’s skirt. He’s “red-meat” all right – if you’re referring to a middle-aged woman’s labia.

  23. is it wrong for me to pray somebody puts out a hit on kim's ass?

    lol @ peter griffin thats actually hilarious.
    neways jealous, holy shit you stans seriously got to create a new category i swear, yes there are alot of twigs pissed at kimmy, not everybody else who wants to headbutt this hoe are ugly broke, fat, or bulimic ? why? ive got ass cheeks always had it, got baby pictures on mine. Kim, this is seriously funny you cant dance for shit so your going to advertise the hell out yourself to get votes, and hustle money off your stans for some cheap ass tees charging 30 a pop…. America, please please let this trick get voted off. Sad thing is im knowin america will keep her on either for a joke or to to see her saggy ass in leotards and strips of fabric. sigh…. hopefully just hopefully somebody can shoot a scud missile at her and her lame ass family and hit her smooth in the plastic ass cheeks…. now that id pay to see….

  24. KimIsNotFatButt

    Kim isn’t fat but her ass is not attractive. Instead of a beautiful mound of female butt cheek she has a butt that looks like a baby’s when it is in diapers and has taken a dump in them. Someone should change her.

  25. Kims Ass is Nasty

    LardAss Mudshark that smells like urine.

  26. 1 MILF Hunter

    Gravy train? Kim’s ass spent too much time lapping at the gravy boat.

  27. Im no fan of Kim’s by any stretch, but too many people think women are fat unless they are skeletal.

  28. Keithypoo

    Maybe the should steer that gravy train a little further away from Kim, at least for the rest of the dancing season. But I can understand. Gravy is pretty dee-lish.
    I love Kim’s behind and wish it was naked…..underneath me……but NOT on top…..I don’t think my skeletal structure could handle that. “Was that the bed?” Kim would ask. Meanwhile, I’m going in to shock while reaching for my phone, trying to call mother and ask her why God hates me so, and why he finds it necessary to give African children AIDS instead of aid. A slight misunderstanding when he handed down the order to St. Peter. Goddamn it. This is my brain. Sorry folks, it’s where I live 24/7

  29. CJ

    She’ll be second voted out…right behind Cloris….she has no talent.

  30. K lee

    I know what drives that gravy train:
    I hope you all enjoy my professional-level photoshop skills. I am master of the clipping mask!!

  31. Team Buttpads

    Kim is shopping again, spending O.J.’s money. Useless slag.

  32. SB

    She’s selling these t-shirts for 30 bucks a pop to her retarded “fans”. By fans, I mean the bigfoot, the cute one, and the two little skanks-in-training.

  33. HorribleJudgment

    I don’t find her fat or unattractive. What annoyed me about her was when she had a slight fucking useless injury to her toe and went all over the news about it acting like she maimed herself. What annoyed me more than her was the fucking news that covered it like it was actual news.

  34. anonymous

    Another dancing show I won’t be watching tired of these reality people!!

  35. I think she’s one of the most beautiful celebs ever. Honestly, I’ve never seen a face any more beautiful than Kim’s. I also can’t imagine why anyone would call her fat. She just has a butt – a lot of people think that’s a damn good thing.

  36. Asscrack

    #3 you mean cotton candy, my face would be buried up in that soft plump boody mmmm!!!

  37. karkar

    her body is like a in the front, party in the back

  38. KK = Lard Ass

    pics 3, 10 & 12…

    another Bigfoot sighting.

    No, technically and clinically,, KK is not fat. But her ass is HUGE in proportion to her overall size.

    plus she is untalented, should be first voted off in reality, lets nasty filthy untalented rapper piss on her, she’s a mudshark on a feeding frenzy, is desperate to be important and celebrated (but for what? urine on her ass?),

    Poetic justice here would be for her to fall and have that giant ass save her from injury but crack the floor and register on the richter scale.

    She’s a sleeze

  39. trish

    i dont care i LOVE her shoes

  40. Realist

    Understandable being confused about Khloe having a face. For the longest time, I just thought it racy that the networks would show someone’s bare ass for the entire episode.

  41. ishi-san

    How many of those identical girls did that family produce?

  42. You wanl to look SLIM…………………………………………FAST?
    secret: DRESS UP TOTAL BLACK!!

  43. josh

    “Gays don’t like monkey urine. They’re very clean people”

    but they stick their dicks up each others asses no trouble.

  44. rach

    @ 39- DUMBASS, that saying refers to MULLETS, not mohawks…

  45. CSTAR


  46. just me

    i think kim kardashian is a very beautiful woman, certainly there are a lot of people wishing to be like her and thats why they keep saying shes fat, i mean isnt enough to have a flat belly and a big boot as she does?… i dont know if as a human been shes eigther nice or just a fool, but if u dont really know her stop critizicing her and care about your own business… or do you consider yourself perfect?

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