Kim Kardashian milks Jessica Simpson for more free press

January 30th, 2009 // 121 Comments

Kim Kardashian continues her defense of Jessica Simpson, but this time taking it to a venue that’s pretty much the mecca of insight and empowerment. Ha, just kidding. She wrote on her blog:

I was doing Super Bowl interviews for my Leather & Laces party I’m hosting down here in Tampa, Florida, and EVERYONE seems to be asking me about Jessica Simpson’s alleged weight gain.
I think it’s absolutely ridiculous!!! She is not fat at all and I am actually offended that people are giving her such a hard time over this! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!
First of all, her outfit was FABULOUS! I loved that Fendi leopard belt with those high waisted jeans!
She is so drop dead gorgeous and the fact that the media is sending this message out to young girls is mind blowing!
I am probably twice Jessica’s size, so what do you guys think of me then???

Folks, never ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to. Because chances are it’ll have something to do with you only being famous for hanging out with Paris Hilton before hawking your own sex tape which garnered you just enough spotlight to exploit your bulbous ass that by all laws of physics should have its own orbit, moon and why the hell not? An Arby’s.

Words to live by.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Timmy

    Why has no one asked Superficial to clarify whether the moon orbiting Kim’s ass has an Arby’s on it, or is actually an Arby’s orbiting Kim’s ass? Important distinction! Any moon can have a fast food joint on it, but to have such an establishment orbiting one’s ass along with other satellites is pretty damn impressive.

  2. @84 – This is a great idea.

    @91 – What are the rewards for those risks?

  3. goodwolf

    Once again, The Superficial steps up and reminds us of Kim MegaAss Kardashian’s historic climb to her current level of fame whoredom. Entertainment news these days is full of pictures and stories of women famous for nothing; Kim, Paris, Heidi, Lauren, Ali, etc, etc…..they can’t sing, can’t act, aren’t even that hot, and mostly just take up space. And they are an insult to those women who can actually sing and/or act !

  4. @ #10 we love you too. Signed the nigs.

  5. I look hotter than her ;) pics of me in my link :)

  6. Mexican Master Race

    What’s the difference between Kim Kardashian and a urinal? The urinal is smarter and more attractive

  7. Pathetic Worm


  8. Yo


    A urinal has a purpose in life

  9. meh kim is hot, jessica looks better than you

    106- you think you are funny – but not really because Kim K is a borderline goddess. Maybe if she wore a blonde wig? Maybe the urinal you are talking about was wearing a blonde wig. A Mexican would fuck a dog if it was wearing a blonde wig…

  10. Nothing’s worse than a fat woman who tells you there’s nothing wrong with her being fat.

    Being fat is a problem. Ask any doctor. Ask any sane person.

    There’s no reason to be fat. BEING FAT MEANS YOU ARE LAZY. There is virtually nobody alive who is fat because of genetics or because of some disorder they cannot control.

  11. eecummings


    you crack me up

  12. need those shoes

    does anyone know what shoes reggie bush is wearing in that picture? i need to know

  13. sin

    I will milk them both, as long as they “milk” me too.

  14. Kim is just fine the way she is, thick and curvy is what a woman needs to be. She is really beautiful…..

  15. ex-nigger-lover

    Kim Kardashian is a whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ex-nigger-lover

    Kim Kardashian is a whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Cool.. Seems like she is getting better after the divorce.

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  19. Why you guys are care about Kardashian? Doesn’t she just Armenian girl? Just regular! But Jessica is really cool, she is not a good actress but she is sweet and looks much beautiful than Kim.

  20. Kim is just fine the way she is, thick and curvy is what a woman needs to be. i love women with love handles.

  21. Thanks for your good topic. Good done.

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