Kim Kardashian milks Jessica Simpson for more free press

January 30th, 2009 // 121 Comments

Kim Kardashian continues her defense of Jessica Simpson, but this time taking it to a venue that’s pretty much the mecca of insight and empowerment. Ha, just kidding. She wrote on her blog:

I was doing Super Bowl interviews for my Leather & Laces party I’m hosting down here in Tampa, Florida, and EVERYONE seems to be asking me about Jessica Simpson’s alleged weight gain.
I think it’s absolutely ridiculous!!! She is not fat at all and I am actually offended that people are giving her such a hard time over this! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!
First of all, her outfit was FABULOUS! I loved that Fendi leopard belt with those high waisted jeans!
She is so drop dead gorgeous and the fact that the media is sending this message out to young girls is mind blowing!
I am probably twice Jessica’s size, so what do you guys think of me then???

Folks, never ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to. Because chances are it’ll have something to do with you only being famous for hanging out with Paris Hilton before hawking your own sex tape which garnered you just enough spotlight to exploit your bulbous ass that by all laws of physics should have its own orbit, moon and why the hell not? An Arby’s.

Words to live by.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ipa

    hey #49, go away you stupid german nazi fuck

  2. fred

    “what do you guys think of me then” ??????????? I’m not sure what I think of you then.

  3. be sure: SOME COWS GO TO THE SLAUGHTER, folks!!

  4. Jessica in October

    I meant #49

  5. ipa-still-looking-for-the-history-channel...

    Stupid is as stupid does, superficial and ipa… thanks to Forrests like You!

    -The Nazi-History Channel is located at #x on your remote, #51
    -The Health Channel is located on channel whatever targeting overweight staff.

    You guys have excellent resources online to get rid of that excess weight that generally accumulates while taking pictures of celbs and not doing a thing for yourselves but trying to rake in a measly buck.

    It’s a very sad world, these days, and you still can’t be proud of true accomplishments.


  6. Joe

    31. If white people are dumb, black people are really dumb, as in just climbed down from the trees dumb. And for every white person that didnt respond to that you are fucking sheep faggots.

  7. Lisa Turtle

    “I think its sad that we all feed into this strange weight obsession over female celebrities, including myself- because when I saw her I thought she looked fat. Its a like a wreck I can’t look away from because I know photos distort these women- I saw Vanessa Marcil at the airport a few weeks ago and was shocked at how skinny skinny she is and suddenly realized the women we think are thin are really alarmingly so…”

    Uh, yeah, the camera adds 15 pounds at least. It’s not just something people say… I can always tell the people who live in some trailer in the middle of nowhere because they’ll comment about a celeb that I’ve met in person being “fat.” Trust me, if you guys saw Kim Kardashian, for example, anyplace other than your computer screen, you would not think she is fat.

  8. dersuperficial-ist-langweilig-und-primitiv

    So, what is the overall obsession about? Just let her do her do her thing, gain another 100 LB if she pleases, what’s it to any of you but her PR department, duh?

    I don’t get the mayhem. It’s silly carp while true political shit is hitting the fan. Duh.

  9. Wild One

    oh come on people! These girls aren’t fat , they are healthy.

    Jesus #48 Go fuck yourself! No one wants to read your fucking health concerns for peoples weight!!!!

    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. sghbd

    “I am probably twice Jessica’s size, so what do you guys think of me then???”

    We think you’re a disgusting sack of shit, OK Kim? Now why don’t you and your loathsome retarded shitskin go flush yourselves down the toilet, you revolting mudshark.


    To me, it’s a dumb-shi*t PULL. Period.!I’m with # 55 (ipa-still-looking-for-the-history-channel.)

    The rest can piggy on celeb carp, that’s not going to have anywhatsoever effect on our well-being.



  13. Neither weight gain nor loss is permanent. Why is this a big story? She’ll be thin again in a year. Who cares?

  14. jokekim

    I’d like to lick kimk’s asswhole then pee on her plump ass

  15. jokekim

    I’d like to pour gravy on kim’s asswhole and lick it up …. then i’d pee on her tits

  16. jokekim

    I’d like to pour gravy on kim’s asswhole and lick it up …. then i’d pee on her tits

  17. jokekim

    I’d like to pour gravy on kim’s asswhole and lick it up …. then i’d pee on her tits

  18. Shut yer yapper

    @ 48 (and your ilk)

    I’m with # 59…

    STFU ALREADY WITH THE GODDAMNED DISSERTATIONS ON OBESITY !!! Nobody gives a deep-fried FUCK about this shit– or what size your jeans are, your measurements, your height, BMI, or how unhealthy it is to be fat, blah blah fucking BLAH. (Are you listening FCS?) Let me repeat that again for emphasis, just in case it didn’t sink in the first time: NOBODY CARES TO READ YOUR SERMONS ON THE EVILS OF OBESITY. It’s tedious, irritating, and completely self-indulgent– kind of like the celebs bashed on this very site.

    So the next time you feel the need to spout your half-cocked verbal diarrhea every other post– go grab a paper bag and start breathing into it slowly. This is The Superficial– a celeb bashing site– where the point is to eviscerate self-absorbed Hollywood A-holes for entertainment, not to write a motherfucking term paper for health class.

    To sum up:

    UNACCEPTABLE: “If Jessica Simpson doesn’t lose weight, she will likely have health problems down the road like many overweight Americans. Obesity is a real issue in America and needs to be taken seriously.”

    ACCEPTABLE: “Rumor has it Jessica Simpson lost 20 pounds last week. Apparently, the ham she was eating slipped out of her hands and rolled under the sofa.”

    Hope this helps.

  19. Jessica is hot

    Jessica’s ass looks really hot in that picture. It’s the perfect shape and everything. Any male who would deny that is gay or screwed in the head…

  20. Fati

    # 68 you need to relax dude! go jerk off a little, maybe you’ll lose some of the anger.

    btw, jessica does still look hot. i’d still go lesbian with her.

  21. 2fuf

    I like the first 5 words of the title isolated…

  22. Anonymous

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  23. joe

    the human urinal speaks again

  24. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    They are both fat, Kim just carries it all in her ass.

  25. i think it’s so awesome that kim kardashian is standing up for jessica! someone needs to because she’s not fat!

  26. If your not famous for having a specific talent then why not be thin? It’s like your one job.

  27. Amy

    Yes, Kim, to a fat person, Jessica doesn’t look “fat”.

  28. andrea

    Girls with “eating disorders” are never honest with themselves or other people. Their real problem is that they’re hopelessly neurotic. The food and body image stuff deflects from the real problem. If you fix their “disordered eating” you know what happens? THEY’RE STILL HOPELESSLY NEUROTIC. It has nothing to do with “unhealthy beauty ideals enforced by the media.” If they had been born in some fattie-worshiping culture, like Samoa, they’d be whining about “the constant pressure to be fat.” Any time spent on their “food issssssssues” is wasted time.

  29. HELLO

    #48. Listed the risk for being OVERWEIGHT, the risks for obesity are far worse and far more intense. So wake up and smell the reality, not the cheeseburgers. Even being 10 pounds overweight carries serious health risks and anyone getting pissed about the list of dangers for being overweight is overweight themselves and in denial. Sorry if we are sick of paying taxes to care for people who are only in hospital because they couldn’t put down the burger and go for a walk.

  30. I can’t believe someone used the camera adds 15 pounds excuse.

    How many fucking camera’s are on her then???
    Or if camera’s add 15 pounds then she should stop eating camera’s.

    Now how the fuck is it that a few months ago she didn’t have these extra 15 pounds, is she being captured with new fat enhancing camera’s? Nope methinks not. She gained a very unecessary amount of weight in a very short period of time. Wake up dumbasses it’s called “that’s fucking unhealthy”. THE END.

    Here she is back in october 2007: That’s just a few fucking months ago.

  31. just me

    “ALLEGED” weight gain????

    Note to Kim: just because your father was an attorney, doesn’t mean you have to use big words that you don’t know the meanings of!

  32. beep beep

    So, Kim says she’s “probably twice the size Jessica is,” yet she said at one point that she’s a size two? Somehow, the math just doesn’t add up. Jessica sure ain’t a size zero, that’s for sure!!

  33. I think Kim must be twice the urine soaked fatty. I also think the media should tell young girls not to wear Mom Jeans or ANYTHING with leopard print on it.

    Obama to Ashlee Simpson: “Any news channel who’s worrying about Jessica getting fat probably needs to spend time focusing on real stories out there.

    “Having said that, Jessica should lay off the donuts and fried chicken. You’re walking by your fans, your supporters and your fat rolls are boiling out of your Mom Jeans, what’s going on with that? Walking around the stage showing your fat rolls.”

  34. PostmortemG

    “Enough talk. Kim and Jessica should strip down, oil up, and wrestle. Call it “The Battle of Sweet (Jessica) and Sour (Kim) Pork”.”


    As for what the world thinks of K.K.? Well, others have stated it well enough already. =D

  35. bekah

    jessica simpson is not fat. if you think about it its style of the jeans and the high belt. i think she looks great, she just chose an outfit that was not great for her. get over it and leave her alone.

  36. TheJoker07

    Kim is super hot.

  37. Schadenfreudelicious

    I agree the outfit is gawd awful and completely unflattering on most body types…but..its not the style of jeans that is causing that flabby face, hefty arms and the fact that it looks like her muffin top is being pushed out somewhere near her armpit due to the double belting required to hold in that gut….

  38. Eric

    When do we get to see Kim in her own video blog, behind a curtain, tearfully exclaiming, “Leave Jessica alone!” ‘Cause when that happens, the internet will have gone full circle and implode on itself. Also, the terrorists will have won. (too soon? Is it still too soon?)

  39. Eh, I’m not seeing it.

    Those jeans are awful, and make her lower body look huge. I don’t think she’s actually gained any weight, I think it’s just the clothes.

    (And for the record, I’m of an average and healthy weight. Pics of me are not hard to find.)

  40. Shut yer yapper


    Apparently my post hit a little too close to home. Sensitive much?

    # 79 Please read post #68. then STFU. Repeat as needed.

  41. We Todd Did

    And now I think I’ll drive my ass to the tanning bed, speed on the way there, have a shitload of beers at the bar, smoke my face off, snort a couple lines, and have some condomless sex with some anonymous random fuck and then drive my drunk ass home.


  42. Beer Baron

    As an SC alum, I am ashamed that Reggie Bush is tied to this publicity whore. You sold out for the booty, Reggie, you sold out.

  43. josie

    @ 68 & 90: THANKYOU, finally some sense prevails.

  44. Jessica

    Seriously..the high waisted pants on someone that is 5 foot 3 is a terrible idea. Mom jeans on anyone’s body make it look much worse. ALSO – what is making her look large? The arms? She has short arms because she’s short – even when she was in incredible shape for dukes of hazzard she had big arms. I think she’s probably 5 pounds heavier than usual. Definitely not as huge as they’re making her out to be.



  46. machinegunetiquette

    who cares, she now has back titties.
    and as we all know, 4 titties are better than two.
    NOW, if Kim can get in there, then 3 asses and 6 titties could be the greatest fucktopuss ever made!

  47. sghdagadf

    @ #92: Oh for fuck’s sake, RB is just a dumb stupid nigger. WTF did you expect? Did you honestly think the stupid groid wouldn’t fall in love with his own urinal?


  48. grace


  49. Scrotal Contusion


    Please don’t summon those fucktards. They’re probably busy poking each other’s dirt-holes with replicas of the world trade center, whispering sweet conspiracy theories into each other’s ears, and exchanging “inside (knob) jobs”.

  50. lucy

    she is always very hot, no matter here or on b l a c k w h i t e friends . c o m. i read many news about her, also her hot pics and videos

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