Kim Kardashian might be engaged

Kim Kardashian is supposedly engaged to her boyfriend Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints. Sources close to Kim claim Reggie recently proposed to Kim, according to OK! Magazine:

While no diamonds were shining on Kim’s ring finger, she did admit to OK! that things are getting serious. However, she added, “One thing I did learn from ’07 was to try to keep it as private as possible so I’m trying to hold that close to my heart but I’m here with everybody that I love.”

I guess Kim Kardashian would be handy to have around as a wife. If you had company over, you could always use her ass as a buffet table. I heard Kim served her family Thanksgiving dinner using just her right cheek. As for the left, it held a full salad bar. This post is making me hungry. It’s also putting me in the mood to bake some bread. Mostly so I can knead a huge pile of dough for a while and imagine it’s a hairless version of Kim’s butt. I’m pretty sure I saw that on Martha Stewart once.

Photos: Getty Images