Kim Kardashian might be engaged

January 2nd, 2008 // 86 Comments

Kim Kardashian is supposedly engaged to her boyfriend Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints. Sources close to Kim claim Reggie recently proposed to Kim, according to OK! Magazine:

While no diamonds were shining on Kim’s ring finger, she did admit to OK! that things are getting serious. However, she added, “One thing I did learn from ’07 was to try to keep it as private as possible so I’m trying to hold that close to my heart but I’m here with everybody that I love.”

I guess Kim Kardashian would be handy to have around as a wife. If you had company over, you could always use her ass as a buffet table. I heard Kim served her family Thanksgiving dinner using just her right cheek. As for the left, it held a full salad bar. This post is making me hungry. It’s also putting me in the mood to bake some bread. Mostly so I can knead a huge pile of dough for a while and imagine it’s a hairless version of Kim’s butt. I’m pretty sure I saw that on Martha Stewart once.

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  1. KillaQ


  2. Bigo

    Her boobs are sagging by the day!

  3. Anonymous

    Another no-talent.

  4. mer

    I care deeply about the personal life of this particular prostitute.

  5. Joe C

    She isn’t ugly, but I don’t get all the hype about this chick. Her younger sister is pretty hot looking. She seems like a better looking version of Kim without the monster ass.

  6. granada

    How long do you think this ‘marriage’ is going to last?

  7. Everytime I see her an odd thumping sound comes from under mydesk and I misplace one of my hands for about 45 seconds… weird…

  8. p0nk

    Reggie needs a place to poop?

  9. Ed

    Frightening. I wouldn’t touch that with someone else’s dick.

  10. nipolian

    Has the academic department at USC gone completely to shit? Did Reggie learn absolutely nothing…….What a moron……If he is that stupid, he gets what he deserves.

  11. p0nk

    i hear she has a profile on

  12. Fine James

    This doesn’t make sense. I thaut that Kim was against Bush?

  13. bad boy 4 ever

    wooooooooooooow seeeeeeeexy boooooobs

  14. Lady Zombie

    Damn! She needs a bra and a different dress.

  15. With all the men who lust after these sex symbols – it is alway fascinating to discover WHO managed to win their hearts.

    These woman have gotten dozens of proposals. But the men they end up with are not really hunks or studs in the macho sense.

    They seem to always be the creative, non threatening types

  16. I would totally love to titty fuck this girl and wear her pretty panties.

  17. kate

    OK A) this is another Paris type no-talent slut
    B) Why do these idiots think getting engaged and/or pregnant after being with a guy for a few months is a swell idea?

  18. D. Richards (Whore.)

    Kim’s like that retarded gypsies’ daughter that Armenian’s always try to force on to passing travelers. Sure she’s cute, well, in a Cheech Marin sort-of a way, but she’s just a ploy to drain your pockets. (And your balls.)

    See that snout? Twenty-five years from now Kim’s nose is going to look like my dead-alcoholic grandfather’s rosy gin-blossum, replete with lopsided pustules.

  19. Auntie Kryst

    “hairless version of Kim’s butt.” that was funny, so was #11!

    I’ve heard in other news upon hearing of that the Armenian Goat Shepherdess/gypsy whore is getting married, Bruce Jenner took a Kingsford briquette and squeezed it into a diamond.

  20. CC

    ~~~~~ K– who really gives a S@%T…… she’s an attention whore with an over used camel toe sHOe!~~~~~

  21. Friedrich Braun

    Well, at least she isn’t White.

  22. will

    I bet she still smells like crackhead rapper urine.

  23. Michael Vick must Die

    DAYUM bitch is lucky, Reggie Bush is so hot! It won’t last though then he’ll marry me!

  24. ipanema_girl

    boy in pretty panties, the panties on your site are NOT pretty. and elissa has a sagging, cellulite ass. the bras, stockings and skirts are nice, tho.

  25. paris

    that’s hott

  26. Starchasm

    #15 what in the hell are you talking about? He’s a pro-football running back and is 6′ and 203 lbs! He makes his living knocking the snot out of other gigantic muscular guys! How on earth is that “creative and non-threatening”?

    I find the headline to this article HILARIOUS. Down here we’re all saying, “Reggie Bush might be engaged!” Who gives a crap about the Human Urinal? (Other than to hope Reggie comes to his senses and starts running).

  27. I don’t care how she’ll look when she’s 50, I mean, who would marry this brainless bitch? I would hit that like a 20 car pile up on an icey highway. Those of you who say her ass is too big probably aren’t long enough to reach her clam from the back. Who the hell would wanna hold hands with this set of tits if it didn’t lead to some deep throatin’ on the car ride home?

  28. Geoff

    LOL! Drip, drip, drip. R-Kelly and her should do a duet. Maybe the video can have her doing a Flash Dance parody with a bucket of pee-pee.

    i hear she has a profile on

  29. The rep has not yet confirmed the story!

    Also… must wear a BRA ;)

  30. ipanema_girl

    I dont say she’s ugly by no means, but u just have to imagine the every day time she has to spend in waxing, shaving and depilation … just wow.

    Having said that, the only thing a white guy could do for Kim Kardashian is give her directions to a black guy’s house.

  31. Bigheadmike

    Hope they are happy….

  32. I’m so glad you think so #24 Ipanema girl

  33. Bigheadmike

    Hope they are happy….

  34. Stereotypes Save Time

    Black athlete (hardest working boy in the field) lusts after fat classless white socialite/skank, hoping now he’ll be allowed into the house.

  35. She should do a reality show w/ Karo Parisyan

  36. Nefarious Crotch Kicker

    Ha ha! You watch Martha Stewart. Queer!

  37. Good for her! I hope the marriage lasts. Kim has the world’s most perfect body.

  38. spaceyQ

    Ho ho ho, green giant!!

  39. norton

    Um….. large sagging tits with huge dark brown nipples and an ass that grows bigger by the month.

    I give her about 5 years before she “fills out” to a nice round 210lbs.

  40. Let’s hope Mr. Bush doesn’t need any of those “natrual male enhancement” pills. I imagine that having intercourse with Ms. Kardashian is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if 2X4s found their way onto her bridal registry (you know what I mean).

  41. aja

    Her butt is too huuuuge, must be why the dumb blacks go for her so much

  42. Ript1&0

    She’d let you wax that shit, I know it.

    But then all the food would slid right off. There’s plenty of ass bread left though. You’ll never go hungry!

  43. E!

    E! News just confirmed that Kim is NOT engaged.

  44. Racer X

    As if a million voices cried out “No!’ at once and then were suddenly silenced.

    /not a good way to start 2008

  45. A

    #34 are you stupid, she’s not white

  46. Superevil

    Thanks you 43, thats a load off of my mind and onto your face.

  47. kitty_kat

    Was anyone else creeped out by her slight resemblance to Madonna in that first pic? Iunno, maybe its just me. These are not the best pictures she’s ever taken.

  48. sharpeidude

    I dunno about this. She’s hot and everything, but I just can’t get that mental picture out of my head that shows her body going all to shit once she starts squeezing out kids. I just don’t get that; (“Honey, I’ll go hit the gym as soon as possible. Mommy’ll have her body back in no time…you’ll see!”) vibe from her
    at all. Hope Reggie likes it sloppy!

  49. Nopey

    I wouldn’t want a relationship with her, but I would definitely pound that like a chuck steak once or twice…or just once.

  50. Sam

    She doesn’t seem like the marrying kind. I mean, the golden showers are one thing, but I read that she loves to finger her ass then make the guy suck on her finger. BEFORE she takes a massive dump. I sure don’t like Hershey’s Kisses that much.

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