Kim Kardashian makes a funny

Music producer J.R. Rotem (pictured above) decided to act like a diva at the 7th Annual Breakthrough of the Year Awards. Kim Kardashian was supposed to present him with an award, but got pissed when J.R. started being a douche, according to a spy for Page Six:

“J.R. began making tons of crazy demands. He wanted more seats and event producers had to bring in extra chairs for him.” By the time Kardashian went up to present his prize, she was so agitated that she snarked, “I can’t wait to meet the baby of J.R. and Britney [Spears]. He’s going to be so talented.”

Let me make sure I have this straight: J.R. “I Put a Baby in Britney” Rotem got owned by Kim “I’m Famous for Getting Peed On” Kardashian. Fascinating. I’ve got an award I’d like to present J.R. Rotem. It’s the coveted “You’re an Ass-Clown Supreme” award. Though I won’t exactly be presenting it to him as much as I’ll be whipping a bowling trophy at his nads. Some might say that’s a bit light considering he tried to knock up Britney Spears, but did I mention the trophy will be on fire?

Photos: Getty Images