Kim Kardashian loves that attention

Kim Kardashian went to lunch in Beverly Hills yesterday and got some love from the paparazzi. She didn’t even have to fake an engagement or jewel theft. In the meantime, I wonder how often this exchange happens when the paps are taking Kim’s picture. Probably a lot:

Pap #1: Wow, great day. Didn’t think I’d see any celebs.

Pap #2: Me too. This worked out well. Say, what is this chick famous for again?

Pap #1: Some dude peed on her.

Pap #2: Stops shooting. Opens up his camera. Lets the film spill out.

Pap #1: What’re you doing?

Pap #2: I’m going back to shooting midget porn. At least I’ll feel a sense of pride and dignity so I can look my kid in the eye at the dinner table.

Pap #1: Stares at his camera. My God, man, you’re right. Do you think I can get a job in midget porn, too?

Pap #2: Only if you can dream big enough. Only if you can dream… Also you need your own midget. Union rules. Don’t worry, I know a guy. Now let’s go be heroes – friend.

Based on a true story. The End.

Photos: Splash News