Kim Kardashian really knows how to tan

April 18th, 2009 // 127 Comments

Kim Kardashian posted the above photo on her Twitter yesterday, saying:

PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sunburned! I fell asleep with huge glasses on yesterday! This tan line is not ok!!!

At least she acknowledged how ridiculously large her sunglasses were. Although I don’t know what kind of help she’s expecting from random internet strangers. I guess I could email her some porn. That always cheers me up when I fall asleep with a giant slice of ham on my face.

Photo: Twitter

  1. heddie


  2. Dirk

    She looks like a coon…….hmmm maybe thats the look she was going for.

  3. me

    Jesus, she is ugly.

  4. Kiran


  5. Lisa


  6. nini

    karma police …

  7. jumpin_j

    Kim, I’ve got some moisturizer. Now just lay back and I’ll undo my pants… You’ve done this before, I’ve seen the tape. Now where was I?

  8. Randal

    Kim, what you need is a good bottle of sunburn Aloe, which you can purchase from a local drug store. This will ease any skin irritation you might be feeling at this time.

    Also, don’t worry so much about it. The sun has the power to make us relax, to the point of falling asleep. After a week or so, you’ll be back to your beautiful self.


  9. biteme

    put some pee on it you bitch

  10. SSJPabs

    Haha, I think she looks better this way.

  11. Eric

    That’s not a sunburn. She was wearing protective goggles when Reggie pissed on her face after eating asparagus.

  12. Sushi

    Go bitch to your eggplant boyfriend ya whore!

  13. lisa

    People that wear these retarded glasses ALL deserve for this to happen to them. Looking like a clown is not fashion is just you looking like a fool.

    Fuckin she reminds me of Kayne West. Go eat some FishDicks you ugly whore!

  14. PBQ

    Haha… What a fcukin’ Retard! You gotta love rich girls.. They’re so ditsy.

  15. josh

    id slap her on that burn while fucking her.

  16. I'm gonna barf

    Ha!!! This is a lesson not to wear those big ugly glasses.

  17. Fuck U

    Shut the fuck up Randal….Dam you’re such a fucking douche.
    That fucking skank needs to jump off a fucking cliff….soon.

  18. Joe

    I just cant stop laughing… ridiculous sunglasses……….


  19. jdisse

    How much is this woman paying the superficial to post stories about her all the time. Every friggin day! I mean who cares, you would think she was friggin
    Elvis back from the dead the way they promote this woman on this site.

  20. Pilatunes

    Ingoring the sunburn, this just shows you how plain she is without make up. You’d barely notice her (if not for her huge ass) if she went out without make up.

    Also, she’s an idiot.

  21. Pilatunes

    Ingoring the sunburn, this just shows you how plain she is without make up. You’d barely notice her (if not for her huge ass) if she went out without make up.

    Also, she’s an idiot.

  22. devilsrain

    #8. Hey Randal can you be more gay?

    BTW that photo is hilarious. Maybe now she wont wear those ridiculous glasses. What is it with girls these days wearing glasses the size of their heads ???

  23. Jamie's Uterus

    I thought she had some black guys big black balls on her eyes, as he pissed on her sloppy tits and hairy belly, in the sun at some resort. My bad.

  24. sala white

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    – S e e k i n g t a l l . c o m — just for sexy tall gals and guys to find their cupid. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your love.

  25. john

    #8 fuck off Randal you fag, this bitch is a talentless media whore whose only concern in life is how good she looks. Never had to work hard a day in her fucking life

  26. Ric

    She should stay out of the sun. She looks so much better pale. (as do almost all women.)

  27. Pancho Sanchez

    Kim was in her country of origin when this happened.


  28. Jigsaw

    I’d like to see a new Saw movie where Kim, Heidi, Paris, and Lindsay are locked in a tiny room together with no food, water, or toilet. All that’s in the room but these gals is a stove, a frying pan, cooking oil, knives and forks, and of course cameras so we can watch. I bet Kim would end up eating the other three, after drinking their piss.

  29. smarg

    Stinky Armenian fat negro loving vapid whore.

    Yeah, I’d hit that.

  30. timmy the dying boy

    She’s better appreciate this, it diverts attention from her ass.

  31. lmao

    her post on her blog was even more ridiculous, she put up even more pics of her sunburned face and body and then said “im going to have to stay away from the cameras for a few days !” ummmm then WHY is she posting pics of her sunburn on twitter and her blog, and then it was on perez hilton and now thesuperficial…lmao the girl is an attention seeker, she knew what she was doing when she posted those pics ! And we can all see how pale she really is, damn this is the first time ive seen her natural color, i really thought she had an olive/golden complexion, she even wrote “armenians are supposed to get brown” lol she forgot she’s also part dutch and part scottish duh ! And funny are we supposed to believe she was desperately trying to seek the help of random strangers on the net ??? Come on. The worst part is kim put up a blog about a month ago where she pledged to stay out of the sun (a part of the jerkgens campaign where anyone who made a pledge, jergens would donate a dollar to skin cancer research). She begged her fans to join the pledge and then the moron goes and sunbathes ! She is beyond fake.

  32. Donkey Dongey Dong

    Ugly skank. When will this lardass get a job?

  33. Delgo


  34. Chatham

    She’s going to blister, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Been there. Got the scars.

  35. mikeock

    I’m sorry, but who is this person? Is she famous for something? What am I missing? I mean, has she written a book, done a movie, invented something? What?

    Somebody should tell her that a bikini top is worn over your tits,not your eyes.

  36. Nero

    Another proof of her laziness folks.She falls asleep while sunbathing.

  37. Darth

    This is actually her real complexion.She didn’t had make up enough to mask the rest of her body.

  38. Percy Dovetonsils

    Kim, this is easy to cure. Swallow several dozen Nembutal and wash it down with a large bottle of Grey Goose (the douchebag drink of choice), then lay down and take a nap. Oh, when you wake up, ask your Dad what it’s like being sodomized with a golf club by Satan and the ghost of Nicole Brown.

  39. dc


    dumb bitch got what she deserved

  40. dagens24

    My semen will clear that up right away… Promise!

  41. SATAN

    i am sooooo fucking torn on this girl and i can’t stand it.

    on the one hand she’s honestly about as good a combination there is of classic beauty and superficial (no pun intended) hotness, but on the other hand there just seems to be a constant non-sexy vibe she gives off that is so annoying.

    and she also dresses like a dickhead. seriously, how many cheesy ways can somebody possibly come up with to hide their midsection?

  42. SATAN

    *obviously by non-sexy vibe, i mean shit like this where she takes a picture of herself looking as unattractive as she can possibly get.

    quit bein such a goofball ya goddamn albanian

  43. Valkyrja

    “I Watch Stuff “has Daisy

    “The Superficial” has Randal.

    I love Randal. He’s like Bob Ross in a sea of boring repetitive comments.

    Plus I know he’s three sheets to the wind. Or 7.

    <3 u Randal.

  44. lala

    Good god she is pathetic. What she needs is to get her fat ass off the t.v and get a real job.

  45. SOS

    HAHA everyone is SOOO jealous, saying she deserved this! She hasn’t done anything wrong! And then that one person who is pretending they don’t know who she is… lol!! So pathetic there’s so many jealous fat girls and gay men on here.

  46. nadine

    what an idiotic friggin fuckin fuck !!!

  47. bribios


  48. mikeock

    this is so…so…superficial.

  49. britney's weave

    @43, thank god one other person on here gets it. randal is the shit.

  50. cavy

    I think it’s really cute that she posted this pic before the haters did – it shows that she has a really good sense of humor and is self deprecating, which is a great and healthy trait to have (a hell of a lot better than most of the a-holes on this site).

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