Kim Kardashian jumping on a trampoline. In a bikini.

July 17th, 2009 // 225 Comments

There’s really no definitive explanation for this latest Kim Kardashian photo shoot that popped up online in the past 24 hours, but does anybody really need one? It’s Kim Kardashian in a bikini on a trampoline. That’d be like asking why beer is so delicious. Obviously, the answer’s because magical elves make it in your fridge when the light’s off, but you don’t need to know that to drink 24 of them before going to work and telling everyone you’re Green Lantern. I will power ring you in the face, Ted!


  1. Dylan

    her butts soooo weeeird

  2. Hollard

    Yo, Im sorry but shes fire and if you say you wouldn’t hit it you are a damn liar.

  3. Chinese


  4. fearsarewishes

    This one is a moron.

  5. Dylan

    her butts so weeeird

  6. Dave ain't here, man

    What a useless excuse for a human being.

  7. Moi

    She is looking beyond orange in that last pic…………….hot bod though!

  8. Janice

    Amazing figure.

  9. e-rock

    why are you subjecting us to this fake wanna be celeb again??? really Fish?? YOUR KILLING US SLOWLY, one KK pic at a time.

  10. Mac

    I could care less about bikini pics of Kim Kardashian. She never takes pictures of her butt so who cares.

  11. Magui

    She’s in love with herself.
    Give us a break…

  12. Angus

    In the first (banner) picture, her butt looks incredibly out of proportion, like it’s traveling halfway down the back of her thigh. Butts are like boobs – medium is the best size, not XXL.

  13. megan

    weird her butt goes down to her midthigh

  14. The Jerk

    Seriously WTF is with all these photo shoots with Kim K? Ive already had my fill of her last Bullrun sponser pics that I couldnt give two shits less about and now just random pics again. Oh wow she has an ass… much longer can you take pics of that ass from every angle and realize its been there and done that, esp by Ray Jay and Reggie Bush.

  15. axeman

    SOMEBODY just shoot this skank and save us from having to deal with this shit for the rest of our lives.

  16. Venom

    “…her butt looks weird”

    If you can’t tell these pics have been airbrushed to death, you’ve got sight issues. And yes, the first two trampoline pics have been photoshoped to make her ass look bigger (why, don’t ask… cuz it’s big enough as is.)

    What she needs to do is get rid of whoever is retouching her “candid” pics ASAP cuz this shit ended up looking downright wrong.

  17. she looking hot!!!!!
    Have amazing figure!!

  18. ames

    nice abs, but i can see why she didnt want any butt shots lol

  19. Of course, it was just called an “oline” before she bought one…

  20. Joe

    The guys fawning all over her better be typing on a stolen computer, otherwise they’re white and have zero chance with her.

  21. lizzy

    wow, who ever thought it would be time well spent to take pictures of this fucking loser posing, holding up a pool tube? god… this is so pathetic. she needs to go away!

  22. FACE

    Man, if they dont stop putting up new pics of Kim, I will run out of shorts that I havent splooged in.

  23. Mary

    To bad she fcouldn’t keep going “up up and away” with that hot air balloon she packs

  24. No more douches please

    #20-Another good one

  25. FACE

    Even her feet are hot. If you arent diggng this and you are a dude, you are gay.

  26. Champ

    Always posing for the camera, always staging her photo ops.
    Disgusting human being, a waste of space who is only famous for being famous.

  27. #21 – Funny, but OUCH…

  28. Pat

    Where’s the video Superficial Writer?

  29. Nizmo

    Anyone who thinks her butt is weird is weird. Her butt looks great.

  30. Hammertime

    @16: You’re wrong. There’s not way these pictures are extremely Photoshopped…

  31. cait

    the shape of her body is amazing! what a perfect hourglass! pretty face, too. but the fake tits, not so much. and that ass is just WAY too much.

  32. spicy

    She is so gorgeous, such a diva, I would pay to hang out with her for one day. How could you hate on her? Im a girl and I am WEAK for kim. this site has turned me bisexuallllllll.

  33. That is all woman she’s gorgeous! Compare her to say Linsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, this woman has all the curves a man could want. such a shame about Vivid Entertainment though!

  34. Deacon Jones

    What are these photographers fucking thinking when they do these shoots?

    “OK Kimmie, get in the pool. Perfect sweetheart, no hold this pink inner tube above your..that’s right…(click)oh that’s perfect Kim! (click click)You’re beautiful! (click) One more…now poke your head thru OH THATS IT (click click click).”

  35. I think it’s unfair to call her unkind names she’s not half as bad as Linsay Lohan or Paris Hilton at least she’s all woman with curves in all the right places. Seen her as a vampire

  36. gotmilk?

    34, no one here is saying that lindsay and paris are hot. is this your first time here?

  37. gotmilk?

    34, no one here is saying that lindsay and paris are hot. is this your first time here?

  38. Yoda

    Oh yipee, a piss-guzzling pig on a trampoline. Whoopty-fucking-do.

  39. Venom


    Dude, just look at pics 1 and 5. Look at her ass. Sorry, but asses aren’t shaped like that. If you need more proof… go look at pic #8. See the difference?

    Besides her ass being enhanced in those, her skin has been airbrushed to death as well. Look at pics 4 and 12. Not a blemish/wrinkle in sight… and I believe she’s at least 30 years old!

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Kim is gorgeous. I just don’t see the point in having your pictures retouched so damn much when you’re already good-looking.

  40. robert

    Kim needs to make/release another sex video if she wants to stay relevant. Otherwise, I’m really just not interested.

  41. Jeff

    There needs to be a slow motion video of her jumping, you know, for Science and Physics.

  42. Dave

    Hey Fish, how much are you getting paid to post these stupid fucking pictures of this no-talent hack? Can a day go by without a Kim Dumbasshian photo shoot plastered all over the place?

  43. Venom

    I rather have more bikini-clad Kim pictures than Kate and Jon Gosselin posts…

    Hell, I’ll throw you one better, ‘Fish… Gimme more Kim and no more Twilight queer posts! :-p

  44. #41 – They airbrushed her pits too…. you KNOW those Persian chicks are naturally as hairy as llamas.

  45. Pic #5 is some sloppy photoshop work.

  46. Hefe

    I wanna have sex with Kim & the chick who typed message #33.

    In that order.

  47. Pete

    Are we suppose to be impressed by posed photoshopped pics and her infamous butt girdle? Her big saggy butt looks like it is melting in her legs in the trampoline pic. I suppose one can only do so much with airbrushing and they need to slim down her wide hips more.

  48. Wayne

    She looks like a full on airbrushed orange ooompa loompa! Her ass is looking saggy in the first pic. She continues to wear her signature industrial bytt girdle. Her implants are very obvious in these pics.

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