Kim Kardashian is ‘Wonder Woman with a Cellulite Problem’

Kim Kardashian dressed up like Wonder Woman for Halloween and as an avid comic book geek I can’t sit idly by without making a few comments:

1. WONDER WOMAN DOESN’T WEAR BLACK PANTYHOSE. Jesus. That’s borderline blasphemy! It’s pretty sad when Lynda Carter can probably pull off the original outfit – and she’s almost 60.
2. Wonder Woman’s mother is Amazon Queen Hippolyta not “Nazi Kris Jenner?” Surprise! You’re never working in Hollywood again.
3. How much do you charge to do birthday parties? Let’s not pretend cake isn’t the preferred method of payment.
4. It’s the “LASSO of Truth” not “ASSO of Lies.” Star-spangled buttpad here, here and here. (Or is she smuggling the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?)