Kim Kardashian is ‘Wonder Woman with a Cellulite Problem’

October 31st, 2008 // 131 Comments

Kim Kardashian dressed up like Wonder Woman for Halloween and as an avid comic book geek I can’t sit idly by without making a few comments:

1. WONDER WOMAN DOESN’T WEAR BLACK PANTYHOSE. Jesus. That’s borderline blasphemy! It’s pretty sad when Lynda Carter can probably pull off the original outfit – and she’s almost 60.
2. Wonder Woman’s mother is Amazon Queen Hippolyta not “Nazi Kris Jenner?” Surprise! You’re never working in Hollywood again.
3. How much do you charge to do birthday parties? Let’s not pretend cake isn’t the preferred method of payment.
4. It’s the “LASSO of Truth” not “ASSO of Lies.” Star-spangled buttpad here, here and here. (Or is she smuggling the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?)


  1. skater

    This wonder woman’s too fat to fly.

  2. Carson

    Tits McGee

  3. Right Fury



  4. happyhalloween

    She looks like she’s wearing a diaper. Seriously, whose butt actually looks like that??? NOT NATURAL!!!

  5. Right Fury


  6. CaptainCack

    I’d still splooge all over her giant BOOBS and nose.

  7. hahaha

    She has so much makeup on…she looks liek a drag queen!

  8. Carson

    I’d still lick it

  9. llllllllll

    Her ass looks like a feces diaper filled to capacity!
    Make it look real next time Kim.

  10. umm... yeah

    The boots ar ehot but not the butt

  11. Dan

    Que culo tan más feo! HORRIBLE!

  12. That looks TERRIBLE–whats up with the black leggings? I will take Lynda Carter circa 1975 to 1979 (click on my name for picture of her) over that skank ANY DAY

  13. lk

    who cares about the ass: look at her back fat!

  14. lk

    who cares about the ass: look at her back fat!

  15. lk

    who cares about the ass: look at her back fat!

  16. lk

    who cares about the ass: look at her back fat!

  17. lk

    who cares about the ass: look at her back fat!

  18. lk

    who cares about the ass: look at her back fat!

  19. lk

    who cares about the ass: look at her back fat!

  20. Mick

    It’s true, wonder women never wore black tights. It’s pretty sad when you choose black tights instead of nude one because your thighs are so massive and dimpled. The black tights make this outfit look stupid.

  21. Kitahara Nanase

    Seriously, if this is your idea of fat, then you guys – the writer included – have a seriously FUCKED UP ideal of women. Kim’s body is perfect and proportioned. She’s not a stick. You can’t fuck a stick!

  22. D4P

    There’s gotta be WAY more than 50 stars on that flag…

  23. JohnnyUtah

    The second piece of this costume is her floating face down in the Potomac right?

  24. Master of The Obvious

    Although I love Kim’s butt…big white stars on a blue background are not something Kim should ever put on her butt and definitely not with boots that have long white lines on them that lead up to her butt, and BLACK stockings??? Who’s responsible for that??? Maybe she was trying to make her butt recede…..shouldn’t she have worn nude stockings like Linda Carter? The guy in pic 10 looks like he’s about to insert something into her butt, and the tip of it just startled her…hmmmm, not a bad pic at all.

  25. Master of The Obvious

    Pic 8 looks like a wax figure.

  26. Uncle Eccoli

    Fuck, I hate this filthy slag. That fucking Hottentot lump out back makes me gag!

  27. Tom

    Fuck her body, what’s up with the drag queen make-up? She’s like one of those girls you take home from the club and then find an imprint of their face on the pillow in the morning.

  28. All this hoopla around her is preventing my love muscle to be hypertrophied…

  29. NotSoMuch

    I usually agree w/ you a/b Kim Kardashian, but you may be reaching this time… Aside from the overdone-as-usual make-up (which is excusable b/c it IS Halloween), for once I think she looks great! Good costume, looks like she lost some weight and/or the corset is very flattering, and her ass DOES appear to be in it’s natural state (due the absence of clothing material that would usually be present to cover-up her butt pad). Well done, Kim!!!

  30. graphic


  31. Rocco

    Notice how the vast majority of KK haters are female? Can you spell J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y? Calling all you flat-chested, flat-assed, beauty-challenged mean girls out there: the fact of the matter is that this gal is a total stunner – don’t argue about it, just accept it, because that’s just the way it is.

    And as for the fruitcake who runs this blog: dude, are you sure you’re totally hetero? For all your macho bluster, I have to question your taste in women – because the ones you seem to like are all the same ones that the queers over at TMZ get excited about. Come out of the closet, already.

  32. Chip

    lol! Her ass looks weird as usual lol!

  33. I can picture her in a crouchless outfit like this in rough’s lair!!

  34. damian

    dude ur not funny bring back the old superficial writer!!

  35. Jack


    I’m a dude but perhaps any negative comments about Kim is because they wish they could be famous for doing porn, wearing butt girdles, being a worthless no talent reality show chick, and being a compulsive liar. Also they wish they got breast implants and a nose job like Kim too. Finally they wish they could eat a lot like Kim and be fat too. I suspect your girlfriend is fat like Kim and has to wear butt girdles too.

  36. True Story. I lived in Las Vegas long enough that they named a VIP booth after me at Jaguar’s. Not uncommon for me to bring home a stripper (or two…or four) afterhours, then have to blearily drag myself into the office still wired but drained, then have to take clients out after work to begin it all again.

    We were pitching clients once, and one of ‘em wanted it hardcore. You get a sense of it after the first few times, you know that someone is just away from the wife and looking to take it to the hole, big time. This guy’d already burned through half a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green, a week’s worth of white, and probably a grand of my cash getting his lap washed. But he kept saying he wanted “Wonder Woman.”

    So I called my favorite service, and had them send Wonder Woman over. Went back to his hotel room, and waited. Sure enough, Wonder Woman actually shows up. In costume. And she’s black! With a small dick bulge in his/her blue shorts! Uh, okay… She put on a so-so floorshow for us, then I watched my client get his four inch dick sucked for 20 minutes. I saw her look back at me, with my monster in my hands, and I could swear that I saw what “penis envy” looks like that night. I blasted, it was one of the hottest looks I’ve ever seen in my life!

    It comes flooding back to me when I look at KarDAT-ASSSSShian, I might have to book it to the Executive Washroom in a second to clear my brain!

  37. veggi

    hahahahahahahaha!!!! crouchless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, rough daddy, you never ever fail at, well, not failing!!!!! hahahahaha!! What a douche!!

    Oh, and Kims a hairy gypsy whore..

  38. just

    The whole aire of self importance really fucks me off with this bird.

    Big titties.. ok
    Big backside.. ok

    If she used a decent “homemade tape” to put her name out… fucking hell, what has the world come to when this is the way people get famous… then my skank-o-metre wouldn’t be permanently stuck on the “rotten oyster” reading. However, she released a fucking terrible video, just terrible. If you are literally going to sell yourself out, have some respect and do it in some style.

    The annoying thing is.. she always looks rather smashable so it’s tough to completely curse her out. HOWEVER… she is basically a terrible pornstar who has somehow forced herself onto the public. Is that fair?

  39. maeby

    what a hate filled post. no one like your joker costume today or something?

  40. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  41. Is this the real veggi or just another imbecile?


    You guys are all haters!! And jealous obviously. Hey Ik, how fat are you, you stupid fuck? You’re on your computer all day because you are too fat to go out in public, cause you know what we all do to fat people, we laugh at them and throw sticks, cause clearly you don’t deserve to live unless you are thin. Right? isn’t that what eveyone on here pretty much says? Hey Superficial writer, how about adding a space in comments for photos of commentators? Then we can really see who the fat piece of shit mother-fuckers are, now wouldn’t we? You are all so brave behind your monitors.

  43. mink

    ugh I hate when fat chicks wear spandex. why can’t there be someone actually sexy on this page for Halloween? Mariah, Kim and Heidi look like garbage compared to Marissa Miller. if fish won’t post someone pretty he could at least post somebody classy

  44. Rant

    PIc #8 – Looks like some guy’s hand is cramming something up her ass.

  45. wha--whooo?

    Not her mom, I think that’s her monster-sister Kourtney.

  46. veggi

    The one and only-

    and # 36, you’re weird..

    anyone talk to FRIST today??? Jimbo? p0nk? You guys heard from her??

  47. Sport

    The very definition of HIGH MAINTENANCE.


    There once was a “starlet” named Kim
    With a backside the size of Berlin
    She danced with such sass
    But got a boot in her ass
    From a foot never heard from again

  49. I thought kim is a gypsy whore, why do you care, if shes crouchless in my fantasies.? btw im not typing to you unless u hand over those pics…

  50. missy

    i hate this whore and cant wait for her to die

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