Kim Kardashian is the reason for the season

October 30th, 2007 // 175 Comments

I debated whether or not to look at these photos of Kim Kardashian’s Playboy shoot. I was kind of hoping to see them for the first time on Christmas morning. You know, the snow is falling outside. The tree is sparkling and lit up. The whole family is abuzz with holiday cheer. I’ll take a seat near the fireplace and open up to Kim Kardashian’s photos. “Look, Grandma, a nipple! Can you believe it?” As I sip from my mug I’ll call for the children because only their innocent eyes can tell me if Kim Kardashian’s ass truly is a portal to the magical world of Narnia. Sure their parents might call the police and Aunt Sarah’s Nativity scene gets broken in the scuffle. But, darn it, that’s what the holidays are all about. Family. Oh yeah, and also sweet, heavenly asses surrounded by white fur. That too.

The photos below are totally NSFW. Unless your boss is super cool, or perhaps he’s, I dunno, Jesus. Then click away.

EDIT: Sorry guys, had to take it down.


  1. Jrod

    108- She is Armenian, not Spanish.

  2. blah

    Playboy is to sexy women what Kraft macaroni & cheese is to food.

  3. Jathro

    “blah” wins this comment thread.

  4. Jrodd

    108 said LOOKS LIKE.

  5. Cuppity Unt

    It’s WRONG because a beautiful woman’s body is to be saved for their soulmate, not the whole world, to see.

  6. KayteeDid

    There actually is a word for over-photoshopped images. Can’t recall it offhand but it’s starting to get used in the professional publishing world. I believe it should be REQUIRED with all the faking that goes on in ALL publications, from people, to lawn and garden, to indoor decorating, etc., etc. Fake, fake, FAKE!

  7. dmagickal

    shes pretty she has a good body shes still an idiot. boys like idiots. remember that :) makes it easier on their kind. she looks white!

  8. peachesdainty

    # 20. i love your comment haha black women and their digusting asses that like freaking stick out and look like two cannons. IT LOOKS DEFORMED! damn i hate all those fucken black ppl that come on here and say stupid shit about white ppl when that wasnt even being talked about. idiots. by the way.
    all of your asses are disgusting, dont be fooled by videos. the rest of the world is laughing at your deformaties or genetically retarded asses.

  9. 21st century digital boy

    Dear Erin (# 146)

    This whole thread is probably over and done and adding anything more irrelevant, but… You sound pretty smart yourself, but also a tad bit idealistic and perhaps a bit naive about the realities of the male mind (no offense intended).

    Again, I’d say to you that men are not like women. Men aren’t on the whole going to develop this innocent, uplifting, platonic, disinterested admiration for the natural beauty of a naked woman the way another straight woman might, or the way you might admire a sunset. Call it erotic desire, call it lust, call it whatever you want, but that’s what men are going to feel. Men are also not going to overcome their instincts and need for competition and dominance over each other and over women. If you don’t like that, blame the fact that despite our clothes and our veneer of civilization, homo sapiens are still basically animals.

    But, concerning dominance, what makes you think that a woman’s sexuality isn’t one of her most potent weapons in her struggle to dominate the male of the species? Who’s really in control and which sex really dominates? It’s never been clear cut.

    Bottom line – I have no illusions that men or women are going to change to fit some new kind of ethical standard of behavior approved by the tenets of feminist theory anytime within our lifetimes or beyond. I also don’t buy that all women are sisters. Kardashian represents Kardashian, not you, just like Federline represents Federline and not me. Her grasping, slutty hijinks aren’t going to bring you down anymore than the stupidity of Federline or Tom Cruise is going to bring me down.

    If you really want to be empowered, uplifted, and undominated, take your future into your own hands and refuse to be so. I believe in indivdual not the collective. You have more opportunity and power as a woman to shape your own destiny today than ever before.

  10. Ron

    What happened Why were the pix removed?????????? Kim is outstandingly HOT!!!!

  11. emerald

    Did anyone notice in last nights episode when Bruce was driving with the two younger girls fighting in the back seat , and he was talking to the mother on the cell phone that neither of the children where wearing seat belts? He was wearing his though! You would think email would have noticed that.

  12. blizzy

    #158 needs to get hooked on phonics quick.

  13. Erin

    @#160: Thanks for your post. I understand fully everything that you say and appreciate your ability to respond to my posts with reason. It’s a rarity in these forums.

    Like you, I believe in the individual. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t steadfastly hold to my convictions despite living in a sea of hypocrisy and ignorance. I wouldn’t even be able to put together a (perhaps somewhat) cohesive argument because I would’ve fofeited my education long ago for an aspiring “trophy wife” status. I would’ve sold my soul to the collective a long time ago, and it would’ve been obvious.

    Still, I sometimes wish that I didn’t have the intelligence to recognize how seriously disappointing it is to be a part of a collective that rampantly does its best to defy its more “redeemable” (subjective, I know) constituents. It’s like being mistreated by foreigners because your president is George Bush. As an individual, I hate being represented by this collective. My posts here are just an extremely feeble attempt to break the fruitless stream of comments about this girl’s photoshopped privates, and spark a conversation on an important point sparked by #24. Anyways, maybe it is ideological to wish for people to wake the fuck up — not just about women effacing their own integrity, but on things that span from healthcare to consumerism to environmentalism and religion, etc. But honestly, if people just believed in themselves a little more, this world would be such a better place.

    Thanks for your feedback. Happy Wednesday (or Halloween).

  14. Erin

    Last post I swear:

    @#148: “The way these kind of people hookup makes it easy to weed out the idiots from the rest of productive society. Unfortunately these people can still reproduce.”

    My thoughts exactly. You ever see that movie, “Idiocracy”? Not a superb film, but the first 20 minutes scares the shit out of me.

  15. DW

    Is anyone going to pee their name in all the white stuff surrounding her massive bubble buttocks??

  16. 21st century digital boy

    Erin @164: It’s been a fun conversation. I wish I could be less cynical sometimes, but eh… what are you going to do? The world is full of fools, and always has been. Unfortunately, at this point, I don’t know what to do except find some solace in laughter as I watch Rome burn.

    Don’t give in to apathy like me. Stay strong, intelligent, and (relatively) idealistic. But, whatever you believe in, I do think that your best bet is not to wait around until all men or women decide to change to fit some impossible standard or construct of behavior. Academic theory holds little sway outside of certain small circles. You’ve got to lead the way through your own life and actions.

    Intelligent dialogue on a Hollywood gossip site, and in reference to Kim Kardashian, no less? Who would have imagined that were even possible?

    Ciao and Happy Halloween!

  17. JumBo

    This is pure garbage…she’s covering up her boobs on almost all the pictures. What’s up with that?!

  18. elle

    I am not hating but this girl is head to toe fake to begin with and to add photo shop etc., you might as well have built her from scratch. She wears extensions to make her hair fuller, she has false eyelashes and pounds of makeup- I’ve seen a pic of her without all the above and she still is attractive however add on fake boobs which there’s a pic floating around where you can see the scar and of course the ass implants. That’s a lot of work for a 27 year old and in these pics she looks like she’s hitting 40. That pic where she is bent over it is clear as day they did some work on her butt because its cropped and the line in her ass is crooked. Girls like her do all this work to themselves and they want a return on their investment. So that’s why she is basically prostituting herself. I wonder if her exhusband has any pics of her post-op. Anyway, as someone who has no reason to be jealous I think she is pretty all things considering but its really a shame that she has to put herself out there like that, I mean really! She did a sex tape with RJ! Yuck- that sh!t looked nasty as hell, he is gross. I mean someone that “Hott” couldn’t find a better partner? WTF Who really wants to see tape 2 of that nasty sh!t and did he pee on her or was that the other way around? What is wrong with this girl? I’ll tell you NO SELF ESTEEM!

  19. JT


  20. selina

    pretty girl with good figure, someone saw she is on a dating site called why she goes there?

  21. Yong

    I LOVE her big eyes. So perfect!

  22. honesty

    how can this woman walk around not horribly embarrased to be herself? she was made famous by being FUCKED by a some thug in a fucking video? what is the world coming to when thats your claim to fame?

    what a fucking white trash nasty piece of shit bitch. we need more women who pursue intellegent things.

  23. Is anyone going to pee their name in all the white stuff surrounding her massive bubble buttocks

  24. Hey kim is looking so hot and sexy in this pic. I don;t care what people think about her . I like her very much.

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