Kim Kardashian is the reason for the season

October 30th, 2007 // 175 Comments

I debated whether or not to look at these photos of Kim Kardashian’s Playboy shoot. I was kind of hoping to see them for the first time on Christmas morning. You know, the snow is falling outside. The tree is sparkling and lit up. The whole family is abuzz with holiday cheer. I’ll take a seat near the fireplace and open up to Kim Kardashian’s photos. “Look, Grandma, a nipple! Can you believe it?” As I sip from my mug I’ll call for the children because only their innocent eyes can tell me if Kim Kardashian’s ass truly is a portal to the magical world of Narnia. Sure their parents might call the police and Aunt Sarah’s Nativity scene gets broken in the scuffle. But, darn it, that’s what the holidays are all about. Family. Oh yeah, and also sweet, heavenly asses surrounded by white fur. That too.

The photos below are totally NSFW. Unless your boss is super cool, or perhaps he’s, I dunno, Jesus. Then click away.

EDIT: Sorry guys, had to take it down.


  1. D. Richards

    Man, fuck Kardashian. Oh, yeah. If first? Go fuck yourselves..

  2. steve

    Now I will never get rid of my boner

  3. marme

    yawn…compaired to everything on the internet these days this is nothing.

  4. kix

    Wow- someone did a good job airbrushing out this Frankenstein’s surgery scars


    IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY: you can see the photoshoped lines. They shrank her azz, breasts, stomach, face and everything else.

    She is a curvy women why would they do that to her?

    And P.S, ALL WHITE MEN like anorexic chicks.

  6. Brianna

    She’s disgusting. Someone needs to clean up this trashpile of a human being. Got STDS?

  7. Lexoka

    It’s nothing new… I mean the girl made a sex tape, why would anyone be waiting for these shots?

  8. my comment

    I’m disappointed in her. It’s not like she needed the money or the fame.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

  9. Steven L Braun

    Bring back that little bitch from HiSchoolMusicale….

  10. scooby can say: “She’s gotta sex tape, been there done that,” and “Eh, seen better.” those are both true. but that doesn’t change one simple fact: i like hot naked chicks (even if they are airbrushed).

  11. Miss Random

    Wow! I remember her (in a previous post on Superfish) recalling this shoot as professional & classy! WAY TO GO KIM! “Carefully” showing off your ham wallet while molesting an innocent pair of beads and a sheet set!… thats genuine class right there!

  12. jerryo

    Didn’t take her long to skank out, did it? Sellout, I mean.

  13. my comment

    Her lower extremities in photo 4 seriously look like a horse’s ass and vag.

  14. Jumpin_J

    Thanks for providing this as public service so I don’t have to waste my money on a mag that’s way past its prime.

  15. One whole boob and a few side ass shots. What a fucking prude. I bet she wanted the photographer to do all the work, too.

  16. ph7

    Photoshopped to the max – they stretched her body to make her look thinner and taller – but the end product looks good – although you can still see t hat hair on her ass in pic #2.

  17. FirstTimeLongTime

    God bless you, guy who runs Superficial. God bless you.

  18. Dick Richards

    #6? How the fuck would you know what a “white” man likes? I’m white and I fancy a really nice ass. You’re right, though. There is a major difference between nice asses, and an ass that’s just huge. Black women? Just because you have a gigantic gravity inducing ass, does not necessarily mean that it’s a good ass.

  19. I concurr with 6. I wanna see the pics the way they were PRIOR to PhotoShop and airbrush.

  20. f'd up photoshopping

    um, what the hell is her right cheek doing in pic 6? that can’t be natural.

  21. my comment

    They didn’t even bother to soften the photoshop lines in her ass in pic #7.

  22. K

    She (and every other woman in playboy) makes me sick. “Empowering”? If reducing yourself to nothing more than T&A is empowering, then fine. Thanks for doing your part to take away what my mother faught for, Kimmy.

  23. Fumus

    Superfical rocks!!! YES!

  24. Hollywood 360

    Wow, having what she thinks is a classy spread doesnt help with the fact she still is a whore who did porno and made money off of it. I mean, her partner in crime was a white trash whore with a famous last name and tons of money. Wait, she was also a porn star too!

    I am just waiting for her ghetto Armenian ass to get fat. Did you see her on Tyra banks or whatever that show was she was on? She tried to wear a conservative shirt that covered all her body parts and only showed a little leg and her hands. She might as well have worn a burka and traditional gowns worn by islamists. Either way, she still a porn star-whore. Covering up doesnt change the fact.


  25. saggytitsaresick

    Disgusting sloppy tits and a man face.

  26. RENEE Z....

    Her parents must be so proud. I mean really, with all the money daddys got, did she really have to do this? Usually its just desperate white trash poor chicks that do this. Pathetic. Oh yeh, and lets play the guessing game…whats real and what isn’t on her? She’s probably 75% plastic. And with photoshopping you never know what you’re really seeing anymore anyways; its aggravating. Damn photoshop!

  27. Crotch Kicker

    Yeah right, I’m sure this wookie really looks like this naked. Who ever had shaving detail must have needed a really big drink when they were through.

  28. hetta

    where is her lady hair?

  29. Ally

    Ehh. Looks tranny-ish. And can you say AIRBRUSHING?

  30. furrykiss 321

    Shit. This skanky whore’s nasty ass has NOTHING on Nicole Kidman’s PERFECT BOTTOM!

  31. Huge Ass hater

    I just don’t get the whole, ” I love a huge ass” thing. Time will not help it, that thing is only going to get bigger and bigger!!!

  32. schack

    eh… silicone. that breast looks as springy as a rock.

  33. Stinkypoo

    Where is her giner? Photo number seven pretty clearly reveals that shit’s been spackled up or something.

  34. Kiwi

    Remind me why we care about her again? Did she ever really do anything that gave us reason to care about a reality show about her?

  35. A

    finally the sexiest women in the world takes it all off and shows why she’s the baddest bitch out today. The complete package

  36. Loose-meat sandwich.

    I’d still poke her pooper, though.

  37. Doomhammer

    All I see when I see her is a white-trash whore sucking off a filthy black crackhead rapper. Disgusting!

  38. Leticia

    I am in aw that her mother as her agent would allow this.

    Yes, they may need all the money that they get a hold of, but to pose nude for a few bucks, is so sad.

    I feel bad for her and her family!

  39. gross

    what a fucking dog.

  40. Rick James

    Guys with no money and no taste will think this urinal is sexy. So, all black guys, and some pathetic wiggas.

  41. ch474

    Hmm. Good looking woman. Better looking if she hadn’t spent quite so long with the razor. Being Armenian I expected that she’d need a little trim here and there. I didn’t quite expect THAT though (shudder). Could do with a little less Photoshop too.

  42. antoine

    Kim KarDAMN-she’s-hot

  43. Could it be – she is replacing Pam Anderson as the sex symbol.

    One of the rare dark brunettes to get this status

    Pam seems to have dropped out of the news since turning 40

  44. your psychiatrist

    she’s pretty, but, i am sick and tired of all these celebrities getting air-brushed and half of these people are too stupid to believe it! listen, the woman never let anyone see her mushy, cellulite ass when she was on the beach, she always kept it covered up. and if you look at the 3rd picture on the top row, you can kind of see her cellulite lines. 90% of woman have cellulite, especially women with large butts…so… not only that, but she has very sloppy, sloopy tits for someone so young and that doesn’t have children…not to mention the fact that her nipples are stretched…she actually looks like someone who has had children to me. there…have i picked her apart enough? it just ticks me off, cuz i know that if most (and i say most, not all) of us were to go and have hours of primp time with these top people and all this air-brushing and top photographers…well, we could look that good, too…

  45. tulip

    where is her lady hair?


    Temme about it!

  46. freakwad

    wow, she’s hot.

  47. misha

    she doesn’t have a vagina. looks like a mannequin!

  48. im impressed

    easily one of the best looking women
    almost non-human
    it’s like she is just made for sex.

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