Kim Kardashian is still, I dunno, doing stuff

March 28th, 2009 // 105 Comments

Hey, look, it’s Kim Kardashian picking up her dry cleaning. Exciting, huh? Seriously, do I even need to explain why I’m posting these? It’s Saturday, nothing’s happening, and Kim Kardashian has an ass I would expect to belong to a medium sized rhinoceros. Mystery solved.

Photos: WENN

  1. SOS


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  3. Savvy

    She shouldn’t pick up her clothes. She should just go around naked.

  4. ALI

    How? Just how in the world does her ass not disturb her balance?

    Seriously! how?

  5. Moe

    She’s not fat, she’s “curvy.” Just like killing one of your own soldiers by accident is “friendly fire,” killing innocent civilians during a military operation is “collateral damage,” and a guy who mops bathroom floors in a high school is not a janitor but a “custodial engineer.”

  6. Monkey Hunter

    I see she still bravely carries that sixty pounds of Yard Ape bait in her panties.

    It’s mudsharks like her that keep the gorillas from raping more white women than they already do.

  7. deja vu

    Fish, didn’t you post a picture almost exactly like this when she was on Dancing with the Stars? Either it’s the same one, or they’ve got paps posted at her dry cleaners.

  8. ok

    im surprised she gets any of her clothes dry cleaned when she’s always bragging how she NEVER wears an outfit more than once.

    And we all know she calls the paps to let them know where to show up at lol. She also hires fake paps when she’s doing her usual pr stunts.

    and we all know “thesuperficial” is owned by celebuzz, and celebuzz also owns kim’s website, they want you to promote her, stop lying ! why is it that no matter how much weight this girl loses her breats and butt never get smaller? That’s not normal. Just sayin’.

  9. That butt need its own webcam, and im not joking! and im ready to swipe my credit card right between those cheeks…

  10. Rhialto

    Where’s my Babe!?

  11. Darth

    It must be a really slow day to post this!

  12. Gando

    Doesn’t she dry clean herself!?? *Gasp* Lazy bum!

  13. Galtacticus

    No wonder she has a giant ass!

  14. Smarg

    That ass is being pounded by a diseased black sausage. Eew. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  15. Fake

    ITS FAKE. Just like Lola’s. Her legs are too skinny for an ass like that. ITs called a brazilian butt lift ppl in South America would laugh at all the attention she gets for this. Brazilians get this kind of thing all the time. The procedure gives you “high” booty. If you notice in pics before there is not NEARLY as much crack showing…. when you get the procedure ure crack gets bigger cause they put the fat at the top of your ass. IT also looks very natural.
    This was kim before the procedure.

    These days she cant wear a bikini without showing crack. LOL

    This chick really shouldnt be fooling anybody.

  16. Hey 16? would you accept the Nobel Prize for jealousy? while your theory is out of wack, how do you explain the other 2 sisters with huge asses but not as nicer as kims…

  17. Monkey Hunter

    #17- There is not a normal person on the face of the planet who is jealous of this scottage cheese assed monstrosity of an ape f*cker.If you think this mudshark has a nice ass,you’re either a yard ape or a frigging idiot.

  18. jesus

    who cares about so ho that sleeps with porch monkeys? what a friggin beast!

  19. I think the problem is she bangs black dude, is that it? and 17 I can assure you girls hold on to their man when this girl walk in a room, translation envious!

  20. Obama is a socialist pig. Oh, and a nigger

    Just another nigger lover with ass implants so she could be more like the N American Street Ape Ho’s

  21. Thats really a fixable flaw you guys are carrying around, at least on the internet. do you realize each time women in your families get pissed off at you, theyll get gapped by the nearest black dude around…

  22. Brandon

    We can trash her all we want, but that ass is simply incredible.

  23. fake


    I have enough myself not be jelous of anything. I am Brazlian so I have seen this before. I have friends that have had it done, and there is nothing wrong with it. Its not just real…. thats all. IDIOTA.

  24. Monkey Hunter

    22 is just another nigger who needs to be shown his place.

  25. Tina

    Brandon #23 you are right. We can trash her all we want and her ass is incredible, which is to say incredibly gross, incredibly out of proportion to the rest of her body, incredibly flabby when it is unsupported by a girdle (see the unretouched photos of her on the beach that are easy find via Google), and incredibly disgusting to look at in unretouched photos that reveal that her ass is exactly as Paris Hilton described when she said that “It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

    Absolutely incredible!

  26. coru

    why does her butt not stick out like that inher nude photo”s?

  27. The Truth

    She has nigger stink on her. That will never wash off. No big loss – she is a fat goat who only looks attractive to minorities anyway.

  28. Tina

    Chanel purse paired with rubber flip flops…only in America, folks.

  29. Fabian


    Hey you flimsy fat fetish fanny freak; enjoy your girdle butt Kim lol! I like mine tight and not fat, wide and loose like Kim’s sorry looking ass.

  30. Cute Chubby Chick


    Kim did not get a butt lift because I recently saw a pic of her on top of Reggie in a bikini and her big fat butt looked flat and wide. She definitely did not get a butt lift or perhaps they tried but failed but she still wears a butt girdle. Her butt does not stick out unless she is wearing her butt girdle. I am short and chubby like Kim but I have a sexy bubble butt because I love biking, hiking, skiing, surfing, and swimming so my my butt stays perky. Kim said all curvy females have cellulite but this is not true. I have no cellulite but I do have little stretch marks on the sides of my hips but people never notice because they are looking at my sexy bubble butt and I love knowing I don’t have to wear a girdle like Kim. I am not dumb like Kim because I have common sense and higher education. I think most people feel superior over Kim unless one has low self esteem.

  31. Avatar

    We never see Kim doing anything worthy with her time. It is always about self indulgent KK. All we ever see of Kim are her airbrushed pictures, eating, drinking, shopping, talking on her cell phone, eating, trying on clothes, appearing at some low life event like Girls Gone Wild, and Kim never ever leaves home without her famous freaky fat fanny shaper (inspired by #30 lol!) She is a spoiled selfish lazy fake fat full of herself mess that never amounted to anything and got famous for doing porn with her self proclaimed fat fetish brother of a famous sitcom star Moheshia never amounted to anything either want to be ganster thug.

  32. Adri

    #29 Tina “Chanel purse paired with rubber flip flops…only in America, folks.”

    so true!

  33. jonny

    great story……can I pee on her now?

  34. kellie

    i love that keeping up with the kardashians is advertised on this site and all you do is talk shit about their irrelevancy. now that’s good business.

  35. Jamie's Uterus

    Ummm…you post them because you are on that fat assed human urinal’s payroll. Aren’t you her publicist?

    We all know its true!

  36. Why is it that;

    7 out of 10 african americans are criminals.
    2 out of 10 european americans are criminals.
    4 out of 10 hispanic americans are criminals.
    1 out of 10 asian americans are criminals.

    Yet the african americans claim to be the most advanced culture?

    Is there something we need to correct here, do you want to read the truth?

  37. Oxymoron


    Kim dresses like ghetto with her butt girdle, stretch pants, plastic flip flops and Channel purse lol. The only difference is ghetto people use government money to buy their Chanel purse and Kim uses her porn royalties.

  38. Steve

    Nice car, the World thanks you.

  39. Steve

    Nice car, the World thanks you.

    P.S. You ego can probably fit in a smaller car.

  40. El Borito

    Look at how many comments are posted about this woman! I personally think she’s gorgeous, and I am jealous of her. It’s not just her butt; her face is gorgeously symmetrical and her features exotic. My butt could never get that big without the rest of me looking like crap. So if so many of us take the time to post about her, whether to rag on her or not, it shows that the public cares. Which is why she still has a career, whatever that may be.

  41. meisaidit

    if she isn’t wearing a herve leger dress she is wearing spandex…lol she can’t fit into jeans

  42. AJ

    Kim is an infamous amature porn star media whore. If you are into short fat chicks that require her entire body to get airbrushed for all her pictures in an attmept to slim her down. If you want your butt to look as big as Kim’s then just over eat like Kim, get a big wide saggy butt like Kimfrom lack of exercise and overeating, and wear a butt girdle like Kim to reshape her saggy butt into a big fake looking girlde butt.

  43. meagain

    lol you guys are right only in America and only would kim wear a 2k-4k purse with a tshirt spandex yoga pants and flip flops

  44. morenfo

    look at the so freakin hot section to the right and then look at her to the left at the top of this screen HUMmmmm gee she looks like a different person . She is tanner photoshopped, hair with more’s not just a little airbrushing on your cellulite delusion girl …lol notice she didn’t say oh so what they also took off 4 inches from my waist and also took off two from my chest to make me skinner she just talked about the cellulite……oh and she is making a fitness video who is she to dispense fitness advice anything for a buck this family…..

  45. TJ

    How sad that Kim use to have a petite body until she ate too much like the typical fat American and has to wear a butt girdle to make her butt look perky and a body shaper to push the rest of her fat in. I hope Americans realize that only hard work and discipline truly pay off and living within your means too.

  46. SATAN

    this chick has the hottest eyes in the world and the body is definitely nothing to sneeze at, but she has not once given me a boner.

  47. sin

    How much is that fat assed bitch paying this site to constantly put her here?
    She has no talent, no redeeming qualities and a fucked up family. This site has sold out to the freaks who want to be celebrities but really aren’t.

  48. Different Storkes 4 Different Folks!

    Damn Kim has some big wide hips for a short chick. I bet Reggie wishes Kim’s girdle butt was real. Reggie must not be very bright to be with airhead Kim so they probably make a good couple. Reggie obviously has a short fat chick fetish lol!

  49. Tyson

    There is nothing wrong with a fat no talent short butt girdle wearing chick getting praise from men that have a fat fetish but Kim parading around wearing a butt girdle and claiming it is the real thing is very sad and pathetic which leads me to believe Kim is dellusional.

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