Kim Kardashian is single

July 27th, 2009 // 71 Comments

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have called it quits, according to Us Magazine:

“Nobody cheated,” a source close to the couple says. “This is just a case of conflicting schedules and their lives going in different directions.
“It was a totally mutual decision,” continues the source.

If nobody cheated, how do you explain all that sex Kim and I had? In my mind. Sorry, Kim, I can’t live a lie anymore. Which reminds me: You know when I said I’d marry you while we were making love in the Batcave? About that…

Photos: Splash News

  1. richard

    I’d hit it.

  2. Grant

    That shot reminds me of that famous “big foot” shot.

  3. Pablo

    Awesome news! Hands off, Fish, she’s all mine… I’m on duty for that booty!!

  4. wooo hoooo! I would like to use my 401k to take Kimmy to dinner!

  5. Galtacticus

    Is this real?

  6. Richard McBeef

    Somewhere in Iraq a soldier is jumping out of an airplane with no parachute, just so KK could prance around the beach with her ass covered.

  7. Taz

    phat ass

  8. @4 I think she wants to go somewhere nicer than McDonald’s..

  9. Christina

    Dumb Ass bitch.

  10. NEXT!! I’m calling that out right now. It might be a worse promo than that WNBA “We got next” garbage, but I still want next. Only need it for a night…hit it, don’t baby sit it.
    The Rake

  11. I might need a loan! its the tought that counts Jimbo…

  12. Dirk the Impailer

    I guess Reggie got tired of the same old milk from the same old cow. When you are a rich stud, the pasture is pretty darn big and tempting.

  13. Harold@Sick

    Kim became jealous that her ass was seeing Mr. Bush more than she was.

  14. xxWPxx

    She should go after a young small business owner in the Orange County area now. Find herself a real man with real problems.

  15. Derek

    Wow. I kinda got excited when I read this – that is fucking pathetic.

  16. Jamie's Uterus

    She’ll find some other black guy to do her. Maybe Reggie wasn’t into water sports and he wouldn’t piss on her? Or maybe she wants something more extreme and is looking for someone to shit on her?

  17. Darth

    I’ve heard before that juli is a notorious break-up month. . .

  18. ....

    Its cute when boys get all excited when Kim K and Megan Fox become single.

  19. Clem

    I’m a rich English landowner and very much intrigued by the delicious Kimothy Kardashian. I wonder would she let me tinkle on her?

  20. Bigo

    Those who want to tap that ass, better to do it now because in a few years it will sag badly!

  21. jubjub

    She needs a big strong black man to piss on her. Michael Vick is looking to make a comeback; maybe he would be interested.


    *slits wrists*

  23. Yoda

    Yippee, she can find someone new to piss on her and piss in her mouth. Skanky whore.

  24. Rigo

    Bigo, most women’s asses will sag when they’re old. But they’ll never look as good as Kim’s does now.

  25. Mama Pinkus

    she’s certainly curvacious but that ass will not age well; not at ALL

  26. bizlats

    Of course he was cheating on her. Just like her sister’s NBA boyfriend was cheating on her. When will women learn not to date NFL and NBA players?! Especially when they don’t even live in the same town. I bet Reggie was fucking five girls a night. If you don’t think so, you’re as naive as Kim.

  27. TheJoker07

    Thank god now’s my chance. I just need to get a killer tan.

  28. vito

    #20 and #26…

    I know one of the factors I always have considered before I bang some young lovely is whether or not her ass (or other miscellaneous body part) will be sagging someday in the future. We all know how important that is.

    I can just hear it now…5 years up the road some large-fannied lady looking in the mirror saying, “I remember fucking that old guy some years back. I’m sure glad my ass wasn’t saggin back then…”

    Get fucking real!

  29. Pregnant and sexy

    I got an ass bigger than this girl’s and would gladly let Reggie piss on me and my unborn child

  30. e!

    ratings boost!

  31. Robert Acquafresca

    Lets see, the next in line for this diseased ass…Kenyon Martin, Trevor Ariza, Vince Young, Chiek Kongo, Milton Bradley, followed by maybe an affair with Allen Iverson once he signs with the Clippers.

    Dad must be proud. If he was alive, would probably wish he was dead.

  32. sin

    He got tired of all of his friend reminding him he was dating a Kardasian. They would have been less cruel had he been dating the daughter of the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

  33. Venom

    Iverson to the Clippers? JEEZ… I’ll believe it when I see it. If so… god damn he fell off hard.

    Anyway, Kim… I love you… I’m broke and all, but I got what you need… you know what I’m talkin’ about. ;-)

    … sadly that won’t happen. But I do have an idea on who she could possibly end up with…

    clue: it’s a cali rapper.





  35. irony

    somebody must’ve told Reggie that Kim’s ass is the endzone. He can’t find it, no matter how large it is so he just figured it’s better to give up.

  36. RaraAvis

    I’ve said it all along: Reggie Bush sets off my gaydar. She was a beard. Never saw a couple with less chemistry.

  37. Anonymous Jones

    i guess this means reggie will finally have a breakout year

  38. Ted from LA

    Single? Really? Judging from the photo she looks double to me.

  39. PAZUZU

    #2-Grant, That is so true I wish I’d said it, thanks for the laugh. Why is she single anyway? I thought whales mated for life, or is it elephants? Do whales and elephants pee on each other?

  40. PAZUZU

    #2-Grant, That is so true I wish I’d said it, thanks for the laugh. Why is she single anyway? I thought whales mated for life, or is it elephants? Do whales and elephants pee on each other?

  41. JJ

    I’m sure Reggie got tired of seeing her fat saggy ass when Kim took her butt girdle off. Reggie is an athlete and what athlete wants to marry a soft short fat saggy ass?

  42. Don

    It has to be a bummer for Reggie to see Kim in extreme airbrushed photos and a butt girdle and in real life her ass sags and she has massive cellulite. Too bad Kim is not athletic like Reggie.

  43. Don

    It has to be a bummer for Reggie to see Kim in extreme airbrushed photos and a butt girdle and in real life her ass sags and she has massive cellulite. Too bad Kim is not athletic like Reggie.

  44. Reggie

    42-44 same person and a female despite male names.

    I NEVER got tired of that ass!

  45. haha


  46. lisa

    although break ups are hard, i dont feel bad for her at all. when u pose naked, make a sex tape and leak it, and constantly take off your clothes, what man is going respect you?

    Kim, you seriously need to just go away. you have no talent and reggie will soon find a good girl who he will marry.

  47. xxoo

    there have been so many pics that showed reggie cheating on kim. eh, whatever, she doesnt deserve anything more.

  48. the truth


    People Magazine is reporting that the couple finally decided to end their nearly 3 year relationship.

    Here’s what happened. According to our EXTREMELY reliable insider, they didn’t break up because of Reggie’s cheating. Our insider explained, “Reggie wasn’t trying to be Mr Kim Kardashian. She always wanted to be in front of the cameras, and had to live her life out in the public for everyone to see.” The insider continued, “He wanted some privacy, and he knew he’d never have that with Kim.”

    So Reggie told her he was done a few weeks ago. And so if they were broken up for weeks, why didn’t they tell anyone. According to’s insider, Reggie and Kim were being paid handsomely by the DeBeers diamond company to go to South Africa together – and they had to keep up appearances.

    And here’s where it gets sad. The insider added, “Kim tried to get Reggie to change his mind over the trip – she practically begged him to get married. He said No.”

  49. rissy

    #29 – This site is called Superficial in case you didn’t know it.

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