Kim Kardashian is ridiculously cheap

April 7th, 2008 // 72 Comments

Kim Kardashian somehow scored an invite to Jessica Alba’s baby shower over the weekend. So what lavish gift did Kim bring? Why it’s shit from her own store Smooch! Wow, Kim, really? You shouldn’t have gone so far out of your way. I mean, are you sure you didn’t just want to give Jessica some loose change from your car’s ashtray? That way nobody’s feelings gets hurt because they only spent money and didn’t use the event as a marketing ploy. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as thoughtful as you. I swear you must keep an extra heart in each of those cheeks. *sigh* So selfless…


  1. Lokis

    Marm, that bag doesn’t even contain gifts for a baby shower; just a box of jelly donuts and a twelve pack of self enemas. Oh Kreem, we ruv you shoooo mush.


    p.s. I honestly do not see the problem everyone seems to be having with her having been peepeed on, tell me people, have you seriously never been on the hot end of a golden shower??

    (p.s.s. If not, call 514 743 4833 to receive one, free of charge).

  2. mEh

    I would let her take a dump in my mouth….

  3. sarah

    How is that being cheap? it was thoughtful for her to get her something at all. and besides…the crap she has at her store is probably just as expensive if not more than anywhere else. so BOOYA

  4. HuckyDucky

    I know, Bink.

    “One of the short-fats” hilarious!

  5. Anna

    Um, how do you think the clothes got to the store? She paid for them,genius. Cheap my ass.

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  7. Jaffo

    You forgot “Kim Kardashian is ‘slutty,’ ‘skanky,’ ‘fat,’ and ‘full of Reggie Bush nut.’”

  8. Meow

    It’s an incredibly tacky gift, but what do you expect? Something tasteful? C’mon, people. This is Kim Kardashian.

  9. eddy

    I have no idea why you are even writing about her. She is a whore, short and fat. The only reason her show is making the rating is because none of us can believe there is a real messed up family like that. Last Sunday they talked about the youngest period, wow that ‘s messed up[!!!! Get a real job. Watching them made me decide to go to college after all…

  10. lol

    More like Kim Kardashian is ridiculously hot. She’s soooooooo hot.
    I’m amazed Jessica Alba agreed to let Kim Kardashian be close to her. Kim makes Alba look like a stinky, gross turd, and I mean the before-pregnant Alba. Now Alba looks like the anti-boner. You have a rock hard erection and you see the current Alba and your dick and erection just will go down:

  11. This is hot

    She’s the hottest woman in the world, gosh!
    I’d lick her perfect ass until I couldn’t feel my tongue anymore.

  12. Kim looks latin/spanish

    Is it just me or doesn’t Kim Kardashian look waaaay much more latin than Jessica Alba? Even though Kim is not latin, she looks really latin. A lot more than Alba. Oh, Alba would love to read this.

  13. And BTW, Alba looks hideous right now, man! She looks like the donut and McDonald’s addicted disgusting fatty you look at grossed out, and just plain ‘ol ugly and… gross.
    What the fuck? I never found Alba to be anything special in the looks department anyway, but now, man, you said it right, she has turned into the anti-boner!:

  14. me

    She’s soo fucking hot.

  15. #34 wasn’t me. I don’t use the n word and I’m not racist in any way. I hate people equally. That really pisses me off. Plus I haven’t been to LAX since 2005. I’m not coming on this site ever again, so if you see any comment from FRIST!!!, just know, it is NOT me..

  16. Arguman

    looking at that first pick of Kim, it dawned on me how ugly she must be without her two tons of makeup.

  17. Sorry FRIST…it’s too hard to determine person from troll at this site. Because of this, I’m not coming back either.

  18. Assman


    Yeah I love her huge fat ass too. I just love big asses.

  19. kimK

    Yeah so what – she’s not fucking Satan or even cheap for doing this. Shit I would and so would you Fish.

  20. robynnn

    that’s not her store, she and her sisters own a boutique called DASH, and it’s not a children’s boutique


  21. alejandra

    Well with the way the economy is…I’m being cheap too lol

  22. Commented on this photo:

    It’s tragic how hot she used to be.

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