Kim Kardashian is ridiculously cheap

April 7th, 2008 // 72 Comments

Kim Kardashian somehow scored an invite to Jessica Alba’s baby shower over the weekend. So what lavish gift did Kim bring? Why it’s shit from her own store Smooch! Wow, Kim, really? You shouldn’t have gone so far out of your way. I mean, are you sure you didn’t just want to give Jessica some loose change from your car’s ashtray? That way nobody’s feelings gets hurt because they only spent money and didn’t use the event as a marketing ploy. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as thoughtful as you. I swear you must keep an extra heart in each of those cheeks. *sigh* So selfless…


  1. c45j

    that isnt a bad gift.

  2. FACE

    Man, she can fart in my face any time – I will even keep my mouth open.

  3. ferlo

    she doesn’t care about jessica alba’s baby. she took advantage of an opportunity, because, I didn’t even know she had a store…that’s just smart. Go kim.

  4. born2expire

    she owns a children’s store for christ’s sake, its not like she gave her sex tape or something.

  5. What is the big deal? The chick owns a baby store and she is going to a baby shower. Why would you go somewhere else to buy a gift?

    I think the fish dude is jealous becuase he gives his buddies his used playboys with the pages stuck together as gifts and does not understand why they are pissed..

  6. Trover

    Nice bag.

    Ugly Dress.

  7. havoc

    Goddamn, I would drink her bathwater…..


  8. They White Urkle

    She gives me a chubby.

  9. Camel Jockey

    I bet she trims her bush with a machete. She makes my Arabic back hair stand on end to salute her. If I had a camel, I would try to give Kim a ride on it from here to Babylonia. Her Persian Gulf is full of bread and honey. And seaman from the infidel.

  10. Binky

    Which reminds me – unless your name is, like, Julio Gallo, don’t bother bringing your homemade wine to my dinner parties.

  11. Auntie Kryst

    This was a smart security move on Jessica Alba’s part. Have the whorish gypsy thief come to a shower prior to birth instead of allowing Keem to see the baby after its arrival. Jessica knows that gypsies are well known for stealing infants. Their blood is prized in gypsy rituals.

  12. Randal

    Hi all, hope everyone had a great weekend!

    First of all, let me start by saying that Kim Kardashian is far from cheap. She has given to charity as well as folks living on the street, which in fact, was covered here at the Fish.

    Second of all, Smooch is far from cheap. It’s a high fashion collection of clothing that will stand out against the normal crowd of GAP or HUGO BOSS but certainly not Britney’s line of clothing (due out shortly, fingers crossed).


  13. Sandy

    Fish, the latents are getting very angry at you, my friend! This is not the first time that you’ve posted a story about KK and not had any new ass pictures to show. The only reason to post a KK story is to show closeups of her ass – and the latents want true closeups, only ass in frame, zoomed up where you think you can see her latest black-cock-induced anal fissure. And they want to see that because they’re ga—I mean, really really hetero.

  14. BigBlackBrutha

    Of course she’s cheap (as in whore). She slept with a black guy.

    Oh stop it! You were all thinking the same thing….

  15. caljenna66

    Can somebody please tell her her purse has a shoulder strap so she won’t trip n it or carry it like an old woman?

  16. PostmortemG

    “Of course she’s cheap (as in whore). She slept with a black guy.”

    You’re funny. =D

  17. nini


  18. Binky

    the ‘Binky’ on this page isn’t me.

  19. whatever

    @15 – I’m not sure that beefy arm would fit all the way through the strap.

  20. Conscience_Found


  21. nipolian

    I’m with you AK…….doesn’t matter what gift KK gives…..her thieving gypsy ass is just going to steal it back anyway……and the baby too if Jessica is not careful.

  22. Groucho

    Are all female celebrities friends, or did Jessica Alba just invite Kardashian because she didn’t have that many other people to invite?

  23. Did the writer of change? It used to be funny.

  24. Troll # 18. No that was me. Don’t worry.

  25. riotboy

    Whomever wrote this article must of had an extra cup of Haterade this morning.

    /Kim K. > All

  26. buzzard

    Anyone else see the ads for Ashley Simpson.. it should read “New Nose same crappy music and weirdo Dad you know and love”

  27. Anonymous


    Have you come out of the closet yet?

  28. RENEE

    This piss whore has a children’s store???!!! eeegads

  29. Gits

    I think the “cheap” part doesn’t refer to the list price of the items she brought, but the fact that she wrapped up the “irregulars” from her own store’s warehouse. So, a chubby hairy Armenian brought as “gifts” some of the stuff she gets from chubby hairy Mexicans (illegal) chained to sewing machines in a windowless room. But it’s the thought that counts. And…KK’s thought count currently stands at: zero.

  30. roastbeef

    Her eyebrows are frightening.

  31. Koko Moko

    Ass-shots?! Where’s my fucking ass-shots?!!

  32. Joe C

    Hmmm. She looks uglier than usual in these pics and her ever chubbier waist isn’t helping.

  33. So I’m at LAX and who do I bump into but Kim Kardashian! I say hi, I watch your show on E, I think you’re great, blah blah blah, and she’s ok, I guess, kind of vapid but she’s not completely blowing me off, but really all I want is to get a look at her butt to see if it’s obviously got implants or a padded girdle or whatever. Finally I say “wow, that guy is the hottest n i g g e r I’ve ever seen! And he’s almost finished his Big Gulp!” and that did the trick immediately. She whipped around so fast she created a gale-force wind. Ironically that was the problem – I didn’t even get a clear look because my eyes were watering from the stench blowing in my face. So I don’t know one way or the other. Except -whooooooaaaa nelly, she’s definitely fat. The pictures don’t capture it, but when you see her in a public place, she’s one of the short-fats, no question.

  34. FAT ASS is Back



    Well what can I say FAT ASS is back.

  35. Reagan

    It’s no fun unless there are pics of Kim’s huge bottom.

    I can’t make fun of her unless she is wearing her girdle with butt pads.

    Oh well, back to work.

  36. Nella

    I just realized….
    she HAS to give a gift from her own baby store, or else she’ll look like she doesn’t like her own line. Duh. But I can’t believe Alba invited her. Whatever… anything is better than Cash Warren. He should be run over with a tractor then set on fire for getting Jess pregnant.

  37. Sheva

    Why would Jessica Alba possibly want this cow going to her party?
    I mean if Jessica trips and lands up with blubbery Kim sitting on her, it’s all over.

    It’s not like Jessica brought a bunch of gang members to the gig so really it’s no score for the little fat girl.

  38. Jamie's Uterus

    #14/#16…and don’t forget she was pissed on by said black guy. Yup, she’s a urinal…one of those piss cakes you see that deodorize, yup, thats her!

  39. Alex

    Uh, the stuff that’s in her store doesn’t just come delivered for free. She had to buy it. Granted, it was probably at lower prices than she is selling it for. But still… those gifts are money out of her pocket. I see nothing wrong with this.

  40. Grunion

    That’s probably why she was invited, they needed an extra urinal.

    Randal for Prez in 08

  41. JJ

    If I were Kim, I would have got stuff from my store, brought something from another store, AND donated money to charity on behalf of her baby but I don’t know how much she earns.

  42. FromOutOfNoWhere


    That’s my baby’s momma

  43. Reed Rothchild

    What could she possibly sell in that store that could be useful to a child? I mean, other than a hooded raincoat to deflect random pee streams…

  44. yo

    what’s more interesting about this story is that kk was the highest profile celeb AT alba’s baby shower… apparently alba’s not in the “cool crowd.”

  45. #34…um FRIST…that was some really shallow thinking you demonstrated there, even for the superficial. I’m…um, well, I have no comment for that.

  46. Ash

    FRIST is a goddamn patriot… he made it out alive, kudos! I real survivor’s tale. I say we nominate him for the nobel peace prize… I think his acts are of pure heroism.

  47. Ash

    FRIST is a goddamn patriot… he made it out alive, kudos! A real survivor’s tale. I say we nominate him for the nobel peace prize… I think his acts are of pure heroism.

  48. Ash

    I totally posted that twice on purpose… that’s right, cause my message was that important people!

  49. And #12…

    You’re the chafed undercarriage of an old, retired prostitute.

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