Kim Kardashian is an idiot

What I said in the headline. Via Us Magazine:

My sister weighs less than I do, and she just had a baby — so that’s kind of fascinating to me!” Kim, 29, told at Wet Republic in Las Vegas Saturday, where she celebrated Kourtney’s 31st birthday with Khloe.
So how did Kourtney slim down after having Mason last December?
“Definitely breastfeeding helps,” she told Us. “Everyone says that, but it’s really true — and it’s just being a busy mom.”

Jesus Christ. Is Kim Kardsahian really “fascinated” that Kourtney, who can legally be classified as a midget, weighs less than her? Even nine months pregnant I’d bet money Kourtney doesn’t weigh a tenth of those ham hocks. You could drop the two of them on an old-time scale and Kourtney would just go rocketing into space. But don’t worry, she’d still be able to see Kim’s ass thus feeling at home birthing her moon-baby. I crunched the numbers.

NOTE: Added pics of the Kardashians at Wet Republic because Kim has big breasts.

Photos: Splash News