Kim Kardashian is a water goddess and other news

August 27th, 2009 // 50 Comments

- Chris Brown will appear on Larry King Live – with his mommy and lawyer beside him. Seriously, how big of a pussy is this kid that he’s afraid of questions from an octogenarian? Give it to me straight. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jeremy Piven has been vindicated for his departure from the David Mamet play Speed the Plow after an arbiter ruled he did not breach his contract. After the proceedings, the arbiter was generously tipped with Entourage Season 2 on DVD and is now suing to reverse his decision. [PopEater]

- Kristen Stewart is getting naked in an upcoming independent film. Now you ladies can see what your dear Edward’s been hitting while your boyfriend masturbates under a blanket. It’s the perfect date movie! [Celebslam]

- Natalie Portman enjoys rap songs about penises. Seriously. [PopSugar]

- Kate Gosselin makes Target employees escort her to car as if their lives aren’t shitty enough. Nice one. [Just Jared]

- Anne Heche hates her ex-husband. Maybe you’ve heard. [The Blemish]

- Shania Twain proves she’s learned her lesson about men – by getting married again. Smart! [ICYDK]

- George Clooney broke his hand after accidentally slamming it in a car door. And by car door I mean 20 naked cocktail waitresses. [Wonderwall]


  1. titsonsnack

    One time fourteen years ago I sent an envelope full of alphabet-shaped pasta to Jonathan Brandis.

  2. Fredfirst


  3. Holy bronzer, Batman!

  4. I actually liked Kim’s original hooked nose. I think she pulled it off.

    I agree she needed the cheek implants

  5. Sue

    The Kate G. story should read “their lives” not “there’s live”. Dummy.

  6. Natalie Portman is a phoney baloney & I believe that blind item about someone moving back to their parents home on LI because of a Vicodan problem IS HER

    George Clooney never attended college, either did his dad, right?

  7. Now, Shania, that’s a beautiful woman!

  8. Nameless

    Reggie Bush must really like the peen if he let this get away.

  9. IKE

    Uh…Nameless, I’m gonna have to agree with you on that one. Reggie has apparently spent too many showers with his teammates.

  10. Kim looks gorgeous. She looks like a mermaid ready to come out of water and lure men with her marvelous body. :)

  11. WOW, she got nice cans no matter what you say !

  12. Narcissist

    Kim Kumdumpster is water pollution.

    I like Natalie Portmans rap video from Saturday Night Live:

    Lazy Town likes to rap, too:

  13. Dinosaur

    Stretch marks on that right boob (left in the picture)….All natural droopy teardrop boobs. 99% of us haven’t a chance of hittin’ that, but I’ve a 100% chance in my fantasy, excuse me

  14. LPB

    Hey, look! Her butt really doesn’t look that big if we cover it with the Atlantic Ocean!

  15. MIKE



  16. fanta

    brain dead kim is probably taking these pics to get the attention back on herself and off kourtney.

    why the hell is kim even being photographed? she has never done anything newsworthy and will never do anything that requires talent.

  17. Hottest thing i ever heard, docile Natalie is a closeted fan of the whisper song…

  18. 448

    mark, #11…youre a cheeseball. kim is a disgusting, talentless fake whore.

  19. haha

    #16 – that was funny!

  20. Sport

    Fake, posed and attention starved.

  21. Johnny Lava

    I would drink her bath water.

  22. haha

    #23, johnny lava: enjoy the STDs and other diseases you’d get from drinking her bath water.

  23. GG1000

    Gravity is that girl’s enemy; she should never again be in a pose with no “support.”

  24. Jackson

    This is a great pic of Kim because she is not showing her fat girdle ass!

  25. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Lookout! A Japaneese whaling vessel may hit her with a harpoon…..

  26. yes megan fox is always my idol

  27. FACE

    Competely worthless – but the most beautiful woman in Hollywood hands down

  28. TheJoker07


  29. tiny dancer

    Sorry, but real watergoddesses don’t wear a couple of yards of cheap sequin material from JoAnn Fabrics and call it an outfit.

  30. haha

    #31, eh, what else do u expect from kim the whore?

  31. shes out mudsharking for rockfish…

  32. Gando

    This can’t be a Sirene.Unless it’s one with a loose-fit mermaid tail.

  33. Darth

    Is this the newest trend among Sirenes? The tail wrapped around the chest?

  34. Galtacticus

    Photo was taken in American coastal waters.No nipps allowed.

  35. me

    she’s pretty.

  36. Rhialto

    Anne Heche latest movie “Spread” is quite a succes in France and Russia!?

  37. Gando

    They were probably already sold by the title.

  38. Jamie's Uterus

    Stuff this tired ass skank in a suitcase too.

  39. Leroy

    Skank B.M.W.

    Kut Smells of vinegar

  40. Jed

    Her implants are too heavy and causing her to have stretch marks on her right breast. Too bad she got too fat for her height and got a big fat saggy butt. Kim needs to much airbrushing to be considered a sex kitten, but she gives hope for short fat saggy ass chicks all over the US, that photoshop is not so bad.

  41. sweets

    she is sweet why not at least she has a life exciting at that

  42. sweets

    she is sweet why not at least she has a life exciting at that

  43. sweets

    she is sweet why not at least she has a life exciting at that

  44. Sammy


    It does look like a JoAnn fabric sample lol! What a pathetic short saggy fat butt no talent porn star media whore celebrity. I bet Reggie is banging a hot tight small shapely butt sex goddess with real perky tits!

  45. Elk4758

    I read all your comments (ok actually I only read like 3 cuz it’s the same stuff repeated over and over) and all of that crap you’re spuing doesn’t change and will never change the fact that she is craze hot and you’re miserable and ugly. So just give-up already.

  46. one of the best beauties right here! i frikkin love you kiiiiiim!

  47. one of the best beauties right here! i frikkin love you kiiiiiim!

  48. Wayne

    Too bad Kim got too fat and now has a big fat loose buttocks. I bet her peeps were happy they did not have to do the major airbrushing on her big fat loose butt and thunder thighs.

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