Kim Kardashian is a ridiculous human being


Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving Koi posing like, uh, this. Look, I’ll admit she’s hot because, well, she’s hot. But what the hell is this? If you want to know why men don’t respect women for their minds it’s because of shit like this. I can understand posing for the paparazzi and maybe sticking your tushy out a little, but this is unreal. She could be wearing a hamburger for a hat and she’d look less ridiculous. Mmm, twice as tasty though.

kim_kardashian_koi_posing_01-thumb.jpg kim_kardashian_koi_posing_02-thumb.jpg kim_kardashian_koi_posing_03-thumb.jpg kim_kardashian_koi_posing_04-thumb.jpg kim_kardashian_koi_posing_05-thumb.jpg kim_kardashian_koi_posing_06-thumb.jpg kim_kardashian_koi_posing_07-thumb.jpg kim_kardashian_koi_posing_08-thumb.jpg

Photo Credit: Splash News