Kim Kardashian fooled you. I guess.

April 27th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Kim Kardashian Twittered that she dyed her hair blonde and then walked around all weekend doing a photo shoot in New York City which, thanks to the news vacuum called Sunday evening, was pretty much splattered all over the Internet. She just revealed on her blog this morning it’s a wig. Ha.. ha?

Somewhere there’s a commentary on celebrity worshiping in all this, but right now I’m more interested in the commentary from this gun in my mouth. What’s that, Mr. Pistol? You can make it all better?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Drunkman

    She looks better as a brunette.

  2. Jeezy


    She still has a manatee ass.


    pull the trigger, fish.

  4. JANE

    Please help my sister battle cancer

  5. Objection sustained

    It’s true, nobody cares. This woman is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the human race… she is famous for being famous. The thought of people following her “tweets” is truly depressing.

  6. #6 I agree, and Twitter is the reason why the earth explodes in 2012.

    I’m sticking to mySpacebook, I’m saving the world.

  7. Kelley

    “Died” ?? You mean dyed, I’m sure.

  8. Super King

    Agree with the flamers here. Noone cares , but still she`s “famous” or what? just stop writing bout her.

  9. Still White on the Outside

    Maybe she’ll catch fucking swine flu. maybe.

  10. Erica

    How is this blonde? She’s still a brunette.

  11. George Bush

    Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.

  12. baby18

    Such a FOOL!!!!!!!…She had the most beautiful, shining dark hair..=/

  13. justifiable

    #13 Uh, relax, she still does, unless she was dumb enough to shave her head for the wig. Bet it’s just as greasy as that wig tooks to be, too.

  14. peterman

    …meanwhile, somewhere a bald beyonce wonders who done stole her hair.

  15. EB

    What happened to the “reverse raccoon” tan line around her eyes she had last week? I guess she applied enough foundation with the putty knife to cover that up.

  16. Fuck U

    I am sick of this skanky whore.
    Someone needs to snipe that bitch right between the eyes.

  17. MElanie

    thats is an awfully realistic looking wig, with baby hairs and everything…i really dont think this is a wig, i think the dumb B died her hair and now regrets it … *kim heads to the salon quick for a jet black “due”* …. soooo over these girls, never was really into them anyways!

  18. Yeah, but do the drapes match the carpet?

  19. Becca

    @11. I agree with you. That is not blonde. It’s a golden brown color, but it’s not light enough to be anywhere close to blonde. She’s still a brunette–just a lighter brunette.. .in terms of hair color, I mean.

  20. justifiable

    #18 I don’t think so – not unless she wants to see her hair break off. You can’t lift color like that and then redye it dark in so short a time frame.

  21. Hey! She stole my merkin.

  22. Courtyardpigeon

    Why the fuck do you keep posting photos of this chick? SHE HAS NO TALENT AND IS A NO ONE.

  23. no

    Fish get over your self. you write for the Just because you don’t worship celebrities doesn’t mean you don’t contribute to them polluting modern culture on a daily basis. Your site has adds for terrible reality shows everywhere (not to mention links to Kim’s blog.)

    Kim is very beautiful but she needs to go away.

  24. Thanks Janey… that was enough to want to lick the ant mound in my backyard…

  25. smarg

    I guess her negro boyfriend wants a blond trophy fuckpig.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  26. Hey FRIST, are goign shoping at Hot Topic today? I need you to pick me up something

  27. Vince

    She’s always wanted her hair streaked with yellow.

  28. dianne

    thats not a wig. you can clearly see her scalp. She did dye her hair…

  29. Zanna

    @29 – Just piss on her then.

  30. Oh, Jimbo, you KNOW I live there!! I’m so goth and emo I committed suicide 4 times!

  31. Cool, Have you figured out who the bitch is on the Fish?

  32. Davie...from Davie

    She is stupid…you can clearly see the color brush marks in her hair…Agreed, she dyed her hair…now regrets it. It is not even “blonde”.

  33. arabs suck

    she must be color blind, because that’s still brown.

  34. No, just some dumbfuck I guess.

    Hey!!! Ryan Hill! Speak up or hold your anus!!

  35. cmonman

    Where are the ass shots..I miss all those shots of her ass in jeans and spandex. I would eat ice cream out of her booty.

  36. TheJoker07

    I would give her the best 35 secs of her life.

  37. TheJoker07

    I would give her the best 35 secs of her life.

  38. Nero

    I think bald suits her very well.It’s also political correct.Why should anybody be blonde,brunette,red or black?

  39. Two words: Attention. Whore. (emphasis on the latter).

  40. Darth

    I don’t know why she’s walking in her nightdress.Probably late again?

  41. marm

    I actually think she looks good here. The hair and the dress make her look pretty, soft and thin. Which she never looks

  42. ok

    this girl does anything for attention, she has to keep her name on the gossip blogs, i mean really kim? Who cares if you’re wearing a blonde wig? I bet she walked around nyc like she was the sh*t or something, this girl is snotty to the max, how does reggie put up with her?

  43. shellibelli

    # 18 i agree i can see her scalp in picture 2 – thats her real hair not a wig.

  44. Butch Decossas

    The one true testament to the greatness of this country is the fact that you can have no talent and no skills and build a successful career around those two facts.

  45. Lisa

    She gets extensions, so isn’t that like having a wig at all times anyway?


  46. noah lieske

    I would still drink her bath water.

  47. Butch Decossas

    Your a sick man noah.

  48. Prick McGill

    #45 – Butch hits the nail on the head.

    #47 – Why would you still drink her bathwater? Why not go to a dog park and find some poop and eat it? What’s the attraction to a short, squat, piss-drinking, race-mixing, no-talent attention whore with plasticized lips and breasts? Is she some kind of mommy symbol to you? I don’t get why any man would want to tap that flabby, cottage cheese butt.

  49. LIssie

    Why is she so retarded?

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