Kim Kardashian in some form of undress

March 20th, 2009 // 175 Comments

Somehow I missed these shots Kim Kardashian posted on her blog from the latest issue of GQ. I was busy solving world hunger if you must know. Jeez, can’t a guy with rippling biceps and Shakespearean-esque beauty live in quiet modesty? And maybe be ridiculously good at sex in case you’re an attractive woman who happens to be wondering. (Contact button in the upper right.)

NOTE: Also, for all you football gamblers, I wouldn’t bet on Reggie Bush running quite the same this season – or ever. Just throwing that out there.

Photos: GQ, Kim Kardashian

  1. Doris

    I had a guy I met on the Internet tell me he was not attracted to me because I have a chubby figure like Kim K. I felt bad and we became great friends and I ended up hiring him as my personal trainer. I am now 5’3″ and weigh 120 pounds. I use to be fat like Kim and weigh 150 pounds but I got the wake up call I needed. I no longer have to wear body shapers like Kim! I feel so much better about myself and I have more energy too! I hope more people realize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and not making excuses for being fat and use such words as curvy which really mean fat curves.

  2. Siobahn

    She’s a hot, fierce bitch. I wish my ass was as curvy as hers!
    And all you fuckfaced, racist, white little pieces of shit that call her fat? You’re probably all just skinny, or obese computer nerds who jack off to the pictures you talk about to make yourselves feel better.
    And Reggie Bush gets to hit that shit WHENEVER. He’s a lucky bastard.
    She’s hot, you’re not, get over it!

  3. Elle

    Everytime I see a pic of the two of them I feel like screaming “Reggie, never trust a big butt and a smile – that girl is poison!”

    It’s hard to resist the impulse….

  4. cavy

    #102 I’m skinny and white (female) but I totally agree with you 100%! I will NEVER understand all the Kim hatred – she is far from fat…far from the average American physique…makes no fucking sense!

  5. Minge

    I wanna fuck her while she’s sitting in a wheelchair.

  6. the thing is

    #72 KELLEY- the overweight people you mentioned also have great CHARACTER and don’t whore themselves just for the sake of being rich and in the spotlight. Not to mention the fat celebrities you mentioned do a LOT for charity. Get a better argument you stupid fuck.

  7. the thing is

    #72 KELLEY- the overweight people you mentioned also have great CHARACTER and don’t whore themselves just for the sake of being rich and in the spotlight. Not to mention the fat celebrities you mentioned do a LOT for charity. Get a better argument you stupid fuck.

  8. EuroNeckPain

    #107: even if they wanted to be in the spotlight, they would not be able to, because they are overweight. So you can’t prove that they don’t whore themselves “because they have great character”. If they are overweight, they probably don”t have great character, because obviously they have no will power.

  9. Kim Kardashian sex tape is one of the best ever shot!
    I’ve found it in the following article

  10. Molly

    …Are people seriously calling KK “obese” and “overweight”?
    And then people wonder why girls nowadays are so insecure about their appearance.

    If THIS is overweight to you, I’d hate to hear how you label yourselves and most of the girls you meet…

  11. Wake Up Fat Americans


    Kim is overweight and females can get insecure when they are raised in a negative environment and taught an unhealthy lifestyle like Kim and get fat. If Kim was secure about herself then she would be honest about her pictures being airbrushed, wearing butt girdles and body shapers, and how she wishes she did not overeat like the average fat American. It is time America wake up and quit overeating like Kim. Kim got breast implants to improve her short chubby pear shaped body or else she would be just like all the other fat short wide hip and big saggy butt Americans that do not exercise regularly and eat too much and rely on girdles, butt shapers, airbrushing pictures to improve their appearance. There is nothing special about a bitchy short fat chubby chick that did porn with her boyfriend. Kim gets posted because the paps need any celebrity pictures and Kim is always willing to try to prove the world that she is not that fat just vertically challenged with extra weight.

  12. Carl


    You are so gullible lol! Just buy a butt girdle like Kim wears and you can have a big round perky butt. Notice how Kim’s butt looks wide and flat while she is on top of Reggie. Poor Kim has a big fat wide flat butt. I bet Reggie fantasizes Kim has a big round perky butt when he does her lol! I like naturaly perky round butts and not a butt like Kim that needs a girdle.

  13. Ronald

    Kim is so dumb that she does not realize that a female cannot have a big perky bubble butt as shown in her dress and then a flat butt when she lays on her stomach. Kim we all know you have a girdle butt just like most fat Americans that need to make their saggy lazy ass butt perky. Kim why don’t you get strong and give up the fattening fried foods like fried oreos and fried chicken and do 100 butt squats a day and do weights that focus on your big fat wide saggy butt.

  14. Keith

    What is wrong with Americans? Americans are the biggest, largest, fattest people in the world. Fat Americans use the same arguments like it is better than having a 12 year old boy figure or being anorexic. Well I got news for you, Kim is short and fat and it is unhealthy. Fat Americans like you and Kim need to own up to your fatness. Fat people like Kim like to say they are happy being fat but deep down inside, all fat people want to be fit, but do not have the will power. Star Jones acted like she liked being fat, but then she got her stomach stapled, lost weight, and tried to act like she had good will power instead of coming clean with her surgery. Kim wears body shapers and butt girdles to improve her shape but she does not like to admit it because she wants everyone to believe she has no fat, but her big wide hips and fat saggy butt tell it all.

  15. Chenush

    @22 I guss you have small penis.

  16. TheJoker07

    Lucky guy.

  17. Gruby

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  18. Molly

    Obvious trolls are obvious.

  19. sin

    Why does this site keep putting this no talent piss skank on here? She and her family are nothing. I think these so called celebs pay the queer cocksucking editors of this website to put them on here.
    That can be the only reason. The editors are AIDS ridden, coke snorting, butt fucking deviates.

  20. Kev

    Her butt is so big that Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan could both fit inside it at the same time.

  21. venomhedn!gger

    She’s a n1gger lover. Why did she start at the bottom? Wont go anywhere now since girls that fug nigs are DISGUSTING.

  22. Me again

    I REALLY have to stop reading the comments on this site – they make me feel like a fatass! Lol. I work out every day but still aren’t extremely skinny, just “thin”, and have been for years. I have great blood pressure, some muscle definition, and am really healthy, but I’m not super skinny… I don’t know who is right; I don’t know if I’m a healthier weight than KK. So I think that while I guess she could probably lose a few pounds, I don’t think that she’s “obese.” And I have to stop reading comment sections.

  23. Alexandra

    Anyone else get the strange suspicion that it’s Paris Hilton who comes on here and writes those same girdle comments over and over like 30 times? It’s definitely someone with a serious passion for being jealous of Kim.

  24. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Reggie who is normally really hot, looks like a silverback gorilla in the pic with Kim on his back., and no I am not being racist, just sayin…

  25. Travis

    I doubt anyone is jealous of Kim unless they suffer from low self esteem from being fat like Kim and they actually believe Kim’s girdle butt is real. Kim has what we call in the business world as the “office chair spread” which means the hips and butt have gotten big, wide, and fat due to overeating and lack of exercise. This being the case; women like Kim have to wear a butt girdle to make their butt and wide spread or else her butt looks flat and wide like in the picture where she is laying on her stomach.

  26. Doc


    You say “I am not extremely skinny”. Being skinny is not the goal, but being fit is the goal by eating right and exercising regularly. People make a big deal out of fit and skinny people because it is rare and most Americans are fat like Kim. Your goal should be getting fit and not skinny. You sound like you have muscle definition unlike Kim’s body. Being skinny just means you have bad eating habits or are ill. Being fit means you practice a healthy lifestyle and it shows and takes dicipline which is what most Americans lack. The next time you go to the gym; notice the old people that have a youthful looking body because they are fit.

    Obesity is the condition of having an excessive accumulation of fat in the body, resulting in a body weight more than 20% above the average for height, age, sex, and body type, and in elevated risk of disability, illness, and death. Technically Kim is obese and I will explain it using simple math.

    Kim is only 5’3″ and actually has a small frame. Kim’s breast implants, big butt, and big hips make her frame look bigger. According to a realistic weight chart; Kim should weigh between 107-115 pounds. Kim weighs around 155 pounds which makes her weight over and above the 20 percent range for obesity and Kim is technically medically obese. Kim is not morbidly obese but she is obese. Americans have been sugar coating what fat and obese truly is for the sake of overeating and feeling good about being fat.
    115 * 1.2=138 pounds equals obese body type and Kim weighs around 155 pounds!
    Please do not pay attention to the put downs about Kim. People put Kim down because she represents many things that are wrong with America. Kim lies about her weight, butt girdles, body shapers, cosmetic surgeries, and airbrushing photos. Kim is lazy, selfish, and not very smart too. Nobody likes a liar and this part of the reason people make fun of her obese body.

    Please continue practicing a healthy lifestyle and you are better than Kim so please do not take these negative comments about Kim to heart.

  27. Watch

    How did KK get famous in the first place? Was it the movie DIsaster Movie that made her so famous?

  28. Dave


    KK got famous because her father helped get OJ off for murder and Kim did a porn tape with her self proclaimed fat fetish want to be thug boyfriend. Now Kim is famous for wearing a butt girdle that shapes and lifts her big wide saggy butt. Kim is also famous for being a compulsive liar. Kim denies her breast implant surgery, wearing a butt girdle, body shapers, her weight, and airbrushing her pictures. Basically Kim is famous for being a short fat wide hip saggy butt girdle wearing porn star fried oreo eating no talent media whore celebrity.

  29. Susie Q

    I think Kim is cute and works very hard at looking her best. Kim should be a big size model for women 5’4″ and under. I bet a lot of short chubby/fat women like Kim would love to know what body shapers and girdles Kim wears. Kim would also be a great spokesperson for Jenny Craig. I believe in Jenny Craig because I use to be short and chubby like Kim and now I plan on being fit for life thanks to regualr exericse and Jenny Craig. Believe it or not chubby/fat/obese people; there is more to life than just overeating like Kim. I am now 5’3″ and weight 114 pounds! I feel great and no more body shapers or girdles for me!

  30. Major Disasspointment

    I just can’t get over how big round and perky her ass looks in her dress and then how flat and wide it looks when she is on her stomach on top of Reggie. I love big perky butts but too bad Kim’s big perky butt is the result of a girdle.

  31. Ralph

    I would not be surprised if Kim is pre-diabetic since she is obese. She could also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I saw pictures of Kim when she had a sexy petite figure with a small butt and small hips. Too bad Kim had to overeat and get fat like most Americans.

  32. JustMoi

    They are a HOT couple.

  33. mark

    Why do black guys cry after sex? IT’S THE PEPPER SPRAY!

  34. Alexandra

    Yeah, okay, you really need some therapy for your obsession with Kim. If you think people can’t tell it’s the same (jealous female) person posting these comments just because it’s under different male names, you’re trippin. Ever see Dodgeball? It’s only a matter of time before you give in to the pizza and donuts like White Goodman at the end. You know you want to!

  35. vanessa

    hahahha you people saying kim is obese are honestly insane. i think she looks beautiful and i guarantee any straight man would not turn her down.

  36. I think she’s got a smokin’ body.

  37. she

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  38. Fitness Guru

    That he can do just 1 press up with her butt alone on his back is amazing, but the rest of her bosy as well at the same time?

    Atlas can offload this planet onto Reggie’s back now.

  39. Fitness Guru

    That he can do just 1 press up with her butt alone on his back is amazing, but the rest of her body as well at the same time?

    Atlas can offload this planet onto Reggie’s back now.

  40. FACE

    Comment #102 sums it up

  41. Apes in the White House

    Is she doing a photo shoot for PETA or something? Hey Kim, when they said to be kind to animals, they didn’t mean to fuck them. Doesn’t she know that chimpanzee’s can attack humans unprovoked? They should at least put a muzzle on that ape.

  42. Nat

    “If this slut is so proud of her Armenian heritage why doesn’t she date Armenian men rather than that ape?”

    Are we to assume that you date skinny white cave bitches?

  43. elaine

    Ok she may not be skinnny. But honestly – obese? Come on!?!
    The girl is at best – thick! Does anyone even know what obese is????

  44. elaine

    Ok she may not be skinnny. But honestly – obese? Come on!?!
    The girl is at best – thick! Does anyone even know what obese is????

  45. SueK

    I am a personal trainer and i weight people on a daily basis.
    i see all kinds of shapes and sizes. Kim is prob 5’3 – and 120 lbs – which is about average. A normal weight would be betw 115-125 for that height.
    In order for her to be obese, shoule would need to have an excees of 30% body weight – which would mean she weighed over 160 – which she clearly does not. She is no where near obese. If she dropped 5 -7 lbs she would be slim, but anything more than that would be unhealthy.

  46. ok

    Oh shut up, kim probably emailed you after doing her daily “gossip blog rounds” when she noticed you didn’t put these pics up ! You both are owned by celebuzz, it ain’t rocket science.

    Oh and what’s with all the racist comments?

    Kim and reggie are a very boring couple, reggie has become quite lame since dating kim, and after watching last night’s epidose of KUWTK, and seeing kim spend 20 000 bucks in one store, i hope reggie gets a pre-nup because kim will probably spend all his cash ! Damn she’s full of herself, she’s pretty but i think her family gives her a big head and ego.

  47. Beth



    Good try but Kim is not 120 pounds lol! I am short and pudgy like Kim and I am also 5’3″. I use to weigh 150 pounds and I carry it all in my hips and butt like Kim. My doctor told me I was overweight and pre-diabetic because my glucose level was 105. He recommended I go to Weight Watcher meetings and join a gym. I now weigh 120 pounds and feel great. Kim would look better too if she got down to 120 pounds.

  48. Beth


    Correction- I was short and pudgy like Kim.

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