Kim Kardashian in some form of undress

March 20th, 2009 // 175 Comments

Somehow I missed these shots Kim Kardashian posted on her blog from the latest issue of GQ. I was busy solving world hunger if you must know. Jeez, can’t a guy with rippling biceps and Shakespearean-esque beauty live in quiet modesty? And maybe be ridiculously good at sex in case you’re an attractive woman who happens to be wondering. (Contact button in the upper right.)

NOTE: Also, for all you football gamblers, I wouldn’t bet on Reggie Bush running quite the same this season – or ever. Just throwing that out there.

Photos: GQ, Kim Kardashian

  1. Katy

    That guy looks totally mortified…

  2. Deacon Jones


    Now I can go drink 50 beers and harass the bartender with the tit job till 9:30


  3. Darth

    I was just finishing my daily 750 push ups but that’s really hard! Pushing up half a ton!

  4. Nero

    He doesn’t have a boner! He knows it’s all airbrushed!

  5. supersex

    they are both stupid

  6. Galtacticus

    His butt is even bigger than hers!?? *Gasp*

  7. Zanna

    He doesn’t even look like he wants to piss on her.

  8. Jackson

    OK so we are suppose to be impressed with Kim wearing a body shaper under her dress that makes her big loose but look bigger and perky?

    You can definitely see Kim’s big wide hip spread when she sits down and it’s not a sexy sight!

    The picture of Kim on Reggie’s back shows Kim big wide flat butt.
    Look at the difference between her butt when she is wearing a butt and body shaper under her dress and how her big loose butt looks flat when she is on top of Reggie.

    So basically we are suppose to be impressed with this short stocky chick because she wears a butt girdle and relies on airbrushing?

  9. Short and Stocky Like Kim


    I agree!

    Notice how Kim is wearing a high waisted skirt. This is a great way to hide the stomach flab and the skirt is made out of spandex/cotton which is a great way to keep the stomach fat in. I know because I wear skirts like this all the time.

  10. Gando

    Those cotton works finally paid out folks!

  11. Richport's Ghost

    RichPort’s Ghost likes what it sees. And it’s not talking about Kim.

    You misunderstood ole RPG when it said “I’d like to get me some of that Bush! I’d tear that thing apart!”

    RichPort’s Ghost likes to speak about itself in the 3rd person.

    RichPort’s Ghost puts the lotion in the basket.

    RichPort’s Ghost lives in Mother’s basement and eats cheese & mayo sammies.

    RichPort’s Ghost is the butt of all jokes on this site.

    RichPort’s Ghost is consumed by insecurity, self-doubt, self-loathing and moral turpitude.

    RichPort’s Ghost brought a knife to a gun fight, and he’s regretting it.

  12. Brandon

    Fish, you really need to get some new jokes. I’m actually considering a new gossip site because yours are getting pretty stale.

  13. testing

    Damn he is one good lookin man, I am sure he could find somebody less skanly

  14. Zanna

    @11 – you have a hard on when you post about Rich, don’t you…….

  15. Dr. Gonja

    I love her fat ass, I’d lick it.

  16. Rhialto

    Lingerie?? Where? Maybe the bra?

  17. KK GO AWAY




  18. Rhialto

    He’s one lean mean f***machine!

  19. Eek

    Um, Kim, we know you read this site – next time you take photos, can you please make sure they are airbrushed well. you look ridiculous in these. each picture looks abnormal.

  20. Darth

    @18 What a pity for him Kim Kardashian isn’t!

  21. Parker

    Well, I must love her ass more cause I’d eat it out. Then I’d do exactly what that guy in the pics is thinking. I’d bend her over a table, spread thos massive butt cheeks apart (probably need a small hydraulic ram but, what price love?) then I’d bury my c**k in the hot depths of her sweet a$$ and bang her till she begged for more. Then I’d finish up and kick her out. Always leave them wanting more. Always.

  22. Anthropos

    If this slut is so proud of her Armenian heritage why doesn’t she date Armenian men rather than that ape?

  23. K obviously it’s airbrushed…. everything in magazines is (not to mention it isn’t hard to figure out she looks a little different than her real life walrus self)… stop complaining and thinking you’re smart because you know that.

  24. ph7

    She looks great in these pics. She’s got a bangin’ body that is a man’s playground.

  25. Jennyjenjen

    @7 good one.

  26. Kelley

    Say what you want, but her tits are real !!

  27. AJ

    A lot of black men love chubby/fat women with big perky butts. I bet Reggie wishes Kim’s big flat butt looked like the one where Kim is wearing a dress with her butt girdle on. Unfortunately when Kim takes her butt girdle off; everything goes down south! lol!

  28. Zanna


  29. #26

    You must have a low IQ like Kim! The following link shows Kim before she got her breast implants, nose job, and got fat. Kim use to be a petite female with a small butt and small hips but she eats too much and got fat! Also it is easy to identify breast implants. Notice how you can see the entire round outline of Kim’s breast implants. Also breast implants are wider than natural breasts.

  30. Kev

    To The Superficial writer: This is The Superficial, KK is superficial, and so is Heidi Montag. I’d rather look at HM than KK, but it’s obvious that there are other guys who visit here who would rather look at KK than HM, and no doubt some folks would rather look at neither (but then why visit The Superficial?). So please forget that you ever promised to stop posting stuff about HM and her boyfriend. Or, stick to that promise but make a new one to never again post stuff about KK. But given that this is The Superficial, posting stuff about KK and HM is appropriate. Not posting about them would be like CNN not posting news about politics. I wish you would at least balance out pics of KK with an equal number of pics of HM, hopefully with her mouth closed and her clothes off or at least in a bikini.

  31. NipTuck

    I think she is beautiful.

  32. Bubble Butt

    Everyone here at the office busted up laughing looking at Kim’s pictures because her butt looks flat in the pic of her laying on top of Reggie, but her butt looks big and perky when she is in the dress (butt girdle lol!)

    I have a bubble butt and when I lay on my stomach you can see my butt sticking out but with Kim it is totally flat lol!

  33. That is definitely the hard way to do push-ups. Reg, ya have a lumpy sack of potatoes on yer back m8.

  34. Air Mail

    Break-out the rubber sheets!

  35. Donny

    Can you imagine how many hours Kim spends looking in the mirror trying to find the right butt girdle lol! So she can go from wide saggy flat butt to big perky round butt lol!

  36. This guy is totally into body engineering. He’s got the fatass ‘roid stomach, plus he’s fucking Kim LardAssian which shrunk his penis into a small blob of necrotic jelly.

    Great job!

  37. Max Planck

    I pity him if she wipes back to front!

  38. Max Planck

    I pity him if she wipes back to front!

  39. Max Planck

    I pity him if she wipes back to front!

  40. Shapiro

    Sleazy, disgusting, desperate-for-fame-and-fortune WHORE has the personality (and IQ) of someone in a coma!

    You couldn’t PAY ME to watch or listen to that phoney!

  41. JPRichardson

    The complete shoot includes bikini pics (check in bastardly). No body shaper here, but most likely some photoshop. Still, I think she is pretty in general.

  42. ASenseOfRevenge

    What you don’t know about the push up photo is that she’s actually wearing a strap on.

  43. the thing is...

    #8- Absolutely. When you see her in clothes, her ass appears way bigger, and not because of the added clothing. In her porn tape, it looks average size. Not to mention she is a FUCKING MORON.

  44. Delgo

    I heard her pussy aint even stretched out.

  45. Holy shit

    Look at the spread on those ass cheeks in the first pic! KK should only ever take photos standing up…or bending over.

  46. Lissie

    Seriously, Reggie Bush looks just like this mentally retarded kid I went to junior high with.

    That explains so much.

  47. Lissie

    Seriously, Reggie Bush looks just like this mentally retarded kid I went to junior high with.

    That explains so much.

  48. I feel sorry for him in Pic #3. Her diseased, piss stained hairy ass body laying on top of him. That my friends is why you never buy a used negro.

  49. humpinfrog

    He does know she was pissed on, correct? I mean, he’s dating a urinal. Uhhhh, good for him and the team? Go New Orleans Saints/Sanitation!

  50. !!!

    I heard that Reggie Bush shits on her.

    He’s taking it to a whole other level.

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