Kim Kardashian in Russian Playboy

March 18th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Here’s Kim Kardashian on the cover of Russia’s April edition of Playboy. Turns out the shoot was from two years ago, and so, like your mom telling you Santa Claus isn’t real, Kim sets the record straight on her blog:

I put up the new playboy Russia cover, which was just released.
I think this is my 4th or 5th worldwide cover — who knew! This shoot was taken two years ago.
I keep getting different covers in the mail from fans asking me to sign them from different countries. It’s so funny, I had no idea I would be on so many covers!
So that’s it, just wanted to set the record straight!
Love ya Hef!

Without turning the site into a hurtling space rocket of porn, I added a pic from the issue despite the fact it’s probably two years old. But, hey, I didn’t get to where I am today by letting things like facts or time get in my way. Which is why I’m off to the year 4,000 B.C. to ask Jesus what dinosaurs taste like. Godspeed!

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version. Not suitable for small monitors.

Photos: Playboy

  1. the thing is...

    She has the personality of a fucking deflated tire.
    She told Fallon last night that people in New York didn’t clamor to her like they do in Cali.
    I’m thinking to myself, “that’s because people in New York are realistic you fucking moron.” And her ass isn’t as huge as people say it is.

  2. Jackson


    It must have been hard work for Kim to overeat and get her fat induced curves lol! I bet it was a challenge to airbrush Kim lol!

  3. Simon

    I wonder how long before Kim gets diabetes or high cholesterol from eating too much? Short chicks look dumpy when they get fat.

  4. Basement Central Security Guard

    My mom gives better I mean I get hotter chicks every week down here.

  5. Wow, how many times can kim squeeze in how many covers she has been on in one sentence?

  6. kitty

    why don’t you post the shoot she did with reggie bush for GQ those are new

  7. kingofbeer

    I would fuck that shit up all day and all night until I died….

  8. Wow! Hot, hot, hot

  9. ahole

    i hope she gets cancer and dies.

  10. Duke Steele

    I forgot why shes a celebutard. Oh yeah, she has a fat ass and she likes to have guys piss on her. What a role model. Just like Britney. Only yellower. And smellier.

  11. Ryan the Canadian

    H8 all u want. That ass, to me, is amazing. She may be a little dirty but I am grateful. I love Russian Playboy.

  12. TS

    I don’t like this chick either but damn, that’s fucked up.

    But man, fake or otherwise that rack is looking pretty decent in that cover shot.

  13. Balack Oboombox, the socialist pig piece of shit

    Who knew Russians liked nigger lovers? They can have Obama, what piece of shit. Thanks for the $13 nigger.

  14. brianh

    I don’t care what anyone says…this woman is perfect!

  15. jBiGGs

    < im high off in her Crack Yo!

  16. stoplookingatme

    Let’s forget about Kim for a sec and marvel at the fact that the text in the bottom right corner (after the plus sign) translates:

    [red] Hugh Jackman interview
    [black] Stephen King story
    [red] football fan orgies

    I’m not even joking. I’m not awesome enough to come up with a list like that on my own.

  17. jonny

    yeah….great story….can I pee on her now?

  18. nelle

    Is it just me or does it look like they photoshopped Paris Hilton’s face onto her body on the cover?

  19. sin

    Great, now she has to gross out another country . What a HUGE ass.

  20. nipple question

    Please tell me that isn’t a side view of a HUGE nipple on the left one. Please.

  21. Venom

    That’s a bad bitch.

  22. Funeral Guy

    If you wouldn’t tap that big round ass you are a total homo.

  23. I’m sure they even feel “THE HEAT” in siberia, folks!!

  24. I have a Blog for Sexy Kim kardashian check this out

  25. Lala

    Um, #15, neither were dinosaurs. It was a joke. Nice try, though.

  26. linda

    emm, u are so sweet.. but i just found out your secret that you have joined the online club ___ , by which you are seeking rich man to be your sugar baby!

  27. hmm

    she looks a little like eva longoria on the cover. there’s nothing wrong with her ass, no ass dimples, no cellulite, it’s not flat, it’s not loose fat, it’s nice and tight. geez. jealous much?

    this woman has a figure to die for. anyone here that’s bitching are envious because they have mosquito bite for tits, and concaved butts. GET OVER IT, you’re ugly. that’s why she’s on the magazine cover and you’re not. stop whining

  28. .

    Why do people come on to complain about the lack of role models and people with integrity? I mean jesus, where do you think you are?

    Shes hot though.

  29. Darwin was right bitches

    78 Its so true; everytime theres a post about this woman theres always a handful of commenters DESPERATE to convince everyone shes not hot. Why? Only they know.

  30. shankyrhodes

    what a sexy girls in play boy magazine.

  31. real

    i’ll do her anytime, she is so so so so so damn HOT!!!

  32. Still White on the Outside

    I have no idea why my boyfriend has to rest this bitch’s centerfold open on my back when rapidly pounding me from behind like a piston in a Ferrari. That’s probably why I shit on his dick……….. well that was until he made me clean it off………. orally……….. in other news, corn tastes almost exactly the same after it passes through the digestive system………..

  33. #47


    There is no such thing. That’s something that fat chicks came up with to make themselves feel better about themselves. Something to excuse the fact that you like to eat 50 cheeseburgers at a single sitting.

    Go on a diet and get to the gym………..then maybe you’ll have a shot at beautiful.

  34. Mr. Jones

    They should have a photo of her image immersed in a jar of urine. That would be so artistic.

  35. You can say alot about the russian folks there.

  36. worldwide

    what’s a worldwide cover ?
    is she on all the playboys in all the world at the same time, cos that would be a worldwide cover. Or is it a magazine that has a global franchise, like FHM or maxim, but they arnt worldwide covers cos they have different issues in different countries.

    Seems like a pretty sweet deal, being famous for being famous.

  37. E.B. White

    I suspect this is a hoax. Why would the Russians want to see a short fat chick with big hips and a saggy butt that requires intense airbrushing? Kim stays in the public eye because she seeks it out and the paps are desperate for celebrity pictures.

  38. Kevin


    Her body does not have cellulite or dimples because they use airbrushing. Playboy seems to let anyone on the cover these days; from porn stars to short fat dumpy chicks like Kim.

  39. e-rock

    I realized why this is the only wannabe- ahem- “celeb” bothers me so much, because she tries to come off like she is shy, and never had any plastic surgery. Here’s the thing, we all know neither is the truth. However we love wanna-be celebs like Carmen Electra, or Jenny McCarthy, because they know they are sex symbols, and dont try to give us fake modesty baloney, and cop to the plastic surgery. I have to admit, she looks awesome, really. I think she is gorgeous, but its the damn personality that bothers me. Just admit you had your boobs done, and your nose done, and we will actually like you. really. As a woman with breast implants myself, there is nothing wrong with it, and if I had the money to have a nose job, I would get one! But I sure as hell wouldn’t go around acting like Im so “modest” if I were you Kim, because thats as transparent as your personality. Thats what really needs work. Try following your sisters footsteps, and try to being an activist, but take it seriously. Then you might have some true fans, myself included. In the meantime, continue to pretend, it makes me feel better about myself. ;o)

  40. Nat

    #64 Balack Oboombox,

    Thanks for keeping American bigotry going. I’m sure your maggot invested grandfather is smiling at you from his grave. besides, all you keeblers like nazi camp-like girls like Anne Hathaway and Amy Winehouse who are A cups and look like they desperately need to eat a steak! At least the “brothas” like “healthy”. Dont be jelous, just do what other white men do that cant have a woman like Kim, molest a child! Shoot-up a school!

  41. ok

    playboy is losing money, they can’t afford to keep shooting new models so they are recycling old shoots. Kim can brag all she wants, this is nothing to brag about, yet she says she’s shy and doesn’t feel sexy??? come on, she thinks the public is filled with dumb folks who actually believe the words that come out of her mouth.

  42. Jim Beam


  43. Kev

    This type of figure on a woman does not turn me on, but that’s just me. And for those who might not realize it, the fact that a man such as myself is not sexually aroused by women shaped like the one in the beach photos, does not mean that he must prefer women with boyish figures. There is a happy medium, and to me KK isn’t even close to it.×0.445×549.jpeg

    The rest of the photo set where that came from can be found here:

    To women who might have this shape, why should you give a shit about whether or not I or any other man is turned on by your shape? Don’t let the decadent “Superficial” consumer culture and media convince you that your value is in your looks. Visit this site to laugh at the superficial things in our society, not to emulate them. Even though I’m not turned on by females shaped like KK, I am turned on by women who don’t fall into the kind of stupid superficial mentality that she, Hilton, and so many others have fallen into. All this denial of aging through cosmetic surgery and Botox is stupid. I see a woman in her 50′s who’s had cosmetic surgery and who is in skin tight jeans as if she thinks she can look like a teenager, and I see a woman who doesn’t know herself, who can’t accept reality as it is, and who is terminally stupid and “Superficial.”

  44. Silvia


    I think Kim has a cute face but she is short and portly. I am short too like Kim and I cannot even imagine getting as big as Kim. I can imagine all the food Kim must eat to maintain her stout figure and she likes fried Oreos which also help her stay big. I would probably like her if she was honest about her overeating, plastic surgery, airbrushing photos, her butt girdles, and basically being famous for her porn tape. Even Oprah admitted to wearing Spanx and how great they are for holding in the fat. Unfortunately Kim is self absorbed and a liar. She cannot act or sing and is basically a media whore.

  45. e-rock

    #92, thanks for feeding into the racist bullshit yourself. Calling all white men child molesters and school shooters? way to show your above the racism!!!
    NOW CAN WE STOP THE RACIST BULLSHIT, and talk about the wanna-be celebs PLEASE???? If you want to talk about race, go somewhere else, cuz frankly, THE REST OF US ARE SICK OF IT!!!!!! How 1960′s!!!! Hello people, this is the year 2009!!!!

    Anyway, back to Miss Im So Perfect-Never Had Any Plastic Surgery- and Have No Personality, yet somehow landed a hot football player, and has waaaay more 15 minutes of fame and money than she deserves…. this is the only chick I really don’t like that continously appears on this websit. Hell, I even like Paris Hilton and Lindsay mean Leprechaun Lohon more than this chick!! Well, maybe not…..

  46. e-rock

    #92- Soooo your not racist???? Are you saying all white men are child molestors and school shootists? WTF??? CAN WE PLEASE STOP THE RACIST BULLSHIT ON THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!! We are here to talk about the silly celeb wanna-be’s, like Miss Im so Perfect-Never Had Any Plastic Surgery, No Personality- Kim. If you want to go spread racist bullshit all over the planet, do it somewhere else, cuz frankly WE ARE ALL TIRED OF LISTENING to the 1960′s bigotry from ALL RACES!!!! Leave Obama alone (THANK GOD FOR OBAMBA by the way), leave the blacks alone, the whites, and everyone else just for their race, the HELL ALONE!!!!

    Now back to this fake personality media whore…, why is she still extending her 15 minutes of “fame” and money???? WHY AMERICA????? WHY?
    How did she manage to land a hot football player, and make so much money??? She is the only one that bothers me this much, not even Paris Hilton or Lindsay the mean little Leprechaun can’t act Lohan don’t bother me this much!!!!
    Kim, admit the plastic surgery, and do some actual good for the world like being an animal rights activist like your sister, and maybe the real people of this world that your so dying to impress, will actually like you for YOU, and not just how you fill out your clothes, cuz believe me honey, girls like you are a dime a dozen. Its the personality that shines through. And no, Im not jealous, BELIEVE me. I think your GORGEOUS, thats not the problem, the problem is how you act like you are so modest, when we all clearly see you are trying your very best to be the sex symbol of our time. Good luck with that one! Now Fish, give us some sexy women that even the women can like!!!

  47. e-rock

    Sorry for the double post! It didn’t look like it posted the first time!

    #96- Very true!!!! well said

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