Kim Kardashian in her underwear

September 3rd, 2009 // 121 Comments

Kim Kardashian tweeted a pic of herself getting ready for a Quick Trim photo shoot yesterday, and why does every pic Kim personally posts online look like she’s in the freaking BatCave? She’s standing under fluorescent lights! I’m starting to think she’s the kind of chick who will only have sex with you in the dark – after she blindfolds you. Unfortunately, the joke’s on her. I have a fantastic sense of touch: “I’ll be with you shortly, baby. Just want to knead this gigantic ball of pizza dough. I think somebody dropped it on the floor though. Feels kind of hairy.”

Photo: Twitter

  1. cam

    nice undies

  2. FACE

    so so sweet. I would worship that. The best

  3. moy

    Que culote ¡¡¡

  4. me09

    ugly undies

  5. me09

    ugly undies

  6. me09

    ugly undies

  7. lol

    I guess I can’t complain. But these “tweets” of celebrities in their underwear/half naked is getting old pretty fast. Maybe I’m just not so easily impressed by a mediocre pair of tits anymore.

  8. jokadrma

    boooo-ring … when did she turn Latino?

  9. Name No

    Love how the people in the mirror are having their own conversation while Fatassian is mugging it up.

  10. izzo

    Not really a fan of pee pee girl but she looks very hot here

    plus her vid is about as good as they get

  11. KIKI

    That crafty minx. I thought her fat ass would be reflected in the mirror behind her. She hids that ass, why?

  12. chupacabra

    true, she’s curvy-hot, but these pics of the damn celebrities from the phone/mirror/twitter thing is really fucking asinine.

  13. Sweet!

    I have that same phone!

  14. CARLO

    I would love to hit that….There are lot’s of Fat girls in OC that don’t get this kind of coverage tho.

    What’s the big deal about her? Or her Tranny looking sisters?

  15. Get lost

    Now when the Z listers can’t afford to stage their own photo shoots, the use their mobile phone in the mirror then post it on twatter. Go away bitch.

  16. Art

    Nobody cares about your face, show us that fat riddled ass!

  17. Pilatunes

    “plus her vid is about as good as they get”

    Never saw it, unfortunately. A link would be helpful.

    Her ability to stretch no talent and no accomplishments into not just 15, but 20, minutes of fame is remarkable.

    Why did she decide to morph into J Lo?

  18. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Fat slut.

  19. stupidbitch

    she is so riduclous. does she ever do anything that requires actualy talent?

  20. mark

    i see she is naked again. big surprise.

  21. mike

    she is so disgusting.

  22. frenchie

    She got some nice Fake Boobs.
    It would be Nicer if she Stopped Lying about how fake they are tho.

  23. cc

    can we say ATTENTION WHORE?

  24. MizzNoItAll

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. PunkA

    Can’t say I like her at all, but I am not gonna lie: I’d fuck her, then pee on her, and I’d like it.

  26. Inmate #2648927

    She looks better down on all fours barking like a dog.

  27. meg

    I think shes hot but that is one bad fake tan. Look at her fingers lol!

  28. kool



  29. Bite Me or Fight Me

    Why do I suddenly feel like I must urinate?

  30. F*ck you back dude

    Meh! And why is she wearing fake tan, Isn’t she Armenian.

  31. continental

    typical slut behavior.

  32. Jhonny

    vuelta, vuelta, vuelta, vuelta.

  33. peanut

    definitely a S.L.U.T.

    AND sucking in her belly.

    look how greasy her fingers are!!!

  34. continental


  35. Eirin

    I can’t understand why people are saying Kim Kardashian is ugly and Megan fox is pretty x)

  36. ditzed

    as a women i can honestly say i think she has the perfect WOMANLY body.

  37. Guest

    I know she’s kind of an attention-whore, but

    THAT is SEXY!!! That’s what a real woman looks like!
    So fucking gorgeous.

  38. Iujuu

    Love her so much <3
    nobody’s hotter than kim

  39. ditzed

    i wish she would go for her natural haircolor. she looks way better with dark hair

  40. Threw up in my mouth

    Her ass looks like a 30lb bag of cottage cheese.

  41. Don


    She did a porn flick with her self proclaimed fat fetish ugly boyfriend wanna be thug. The flick made 2 million. But it is over for Kim’s butt because she got too fat, doesn’t work out regularly, and now has a big fat saggy ass without the help of her butt girdle. This is why Kim never shows her saggy ass unless it has been altered. Also Kim loves to self promote herself by posting mega pictures of herself on the Internet again and again…….

  42. Hoebag

    I can’t understand why people are saying Kim Kardashian is ugly and Megan fox is pretty x)


    Completely agree.

  43. Steve O

    ” 18. Peter Pumpkin Eater – September 3, 2009 3:48 PM

    Fat slut.

    Shut the fuck up. Your pathetic ass would beg like a fucking street urchin just to get a wiff of her ass….love how keyboard Casanovas like you talk trash as if you wouldnt touch her given the chance, yet if she was within a country mile of your stupid ass you’d be falling all over yourself trying to get as close as possible . Cocksucker.

  44. SOS

    The blonde wannabe that is actually still a brunette!

  45. dude

    Big Foot does exist!!!

  46. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I would be so lost behind that girl.

  47. name it for christ sake

    she looks like a persian JLO

  48. ha

    I hate it when girls take pictures of themselves in the mirror. What does that do for them? It’s so effing pathetic…

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