Kim Kardashian in FHM South Africa

October 8th, 2009 // 79 Comments

Here’s Kim Kardashian in the November 2009 issue of FHM South Africa. I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this one picture before, but then again this is the South African offshoot of FHM, so there’s a 75% chance these pics were cribbed from various sources. The important thing here is that Nicole Eggert is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to Kim Kardashian because now I see her in a whole new light. Or maybe that’s just a new Photoshop feature. Who knows?


  1. Derek

    Oh yes… Come to papa.

  2. keijo

    nice !”!

    ronkeli on blle !!

  3. mike


  4. quake

    Photoshop is a helluva drug.

  5. The Rough report

    These’s no 40 pound of raw EGG-ert in that gut FISH leave her alone….

  6. Pat

    Anyone else notice that in picture #2 he mouth seems to be open in the water’s reflection more than on her face.

  7. mike


  8. LOL

    thank God for photoshop and plastic surgery – what would kim do without these two things?

  9. #6, lol…it’s the way the water is rippling. I’m pretty sure they weren’t so worried about photoshopping the water…as they were her physical body.

  10. danfromtexas

    It’s those baby-making hips that drive me bonkers.

  11. EB

    I don’t know why she needs a raft to float. She already has two floatation devices on her chest.

  12. The Edit

    Yum, fckn’, yum.

  13. The Edit

    Yum, fckn’, yum.

  14. Randal

    Smashing with a capital S!

    This beautiful creation has become one of the most photographed women in the industry and why shouldn’t she be? Glowing radiant skin, healthy dark hair and the look of Venus herself all rolled in with business smarts, humor and great looks.


  15. Verez

    I’m really coming around on Kim lately…

  16. director

    FHM South Africa? It’s because it’s cheaper to pay someone to photoshop the pics over there, right? Here in the US, somebody would charge 2x usual due to the sheer mass of her ass.

  17. steve

    Who cares anymore? She never shows her best feature.

  18. Sapphire

    She’s so hot and beautiful! If I were her though I wouldn’t want my beautiful attributes to be called ‘baby making” hips, how dumb a comment is that? LOL. I’d be turned off by a man’s penis if I thought of it as a “baby making” dink as opposed to a nice cock in and of itself. It’s about good hot sex not about making babies, you freak!

  19. cheezbox

    Love how they say “American Booty!” on the cover yet show zero actual booty in the photos.

  20. rusty

    I would bang her in every position until my dick fell off.

  21. havoc

    God, the things I would do to her…..


  22. Randal(l)

    What the Fuck? with a capital What the Fuck?

    This Skank has become one of the most photoshopped skanks in the industry and why shouldn’t she be? Clone Stamp Effect, Nudge tool and the best computer nerds South African FHM could afford all rolled in with Herpes, No Talent and a fat ass.


  23. Jamillah

    Pretty perfect — great waist/hip ratio and beautiful face….

    All models/actresses are photoshopped to some extent…but Kim still has the same lovely face and slamming curves on tv and at live events,too.

  24. Hefe

    Some of you stupid fucks need to stop hating on this chick.

    She has put in a lot of hard work to get that body bangin’ and she’s never looked better.

  25. duh

    #25, it’s called plastic surgery.

  26. hihaters


  27. Boy, can you spell A I R B R U S H ?

  28. Nameless

    She and her body look great in less clothes. Bikinis and such and she’s kills. Yet, she hilarious looking in clothing. Blouses look like moo-moos and in pants and dresses she looks like sausage ready to burst.

  29. Wow, she’s pretty much pretty.

  30. Sport

    Sponsored by Adobe Photoshop.

  31. Lain

    Wow. She’s a lardass and yet, have to pay for have huge tits? Those are definitely fake.

  32. mafme

    They sure photoshopped her thighs.

  33. sharpei

    these cant be from the same shoot because they look so disjointed- usually when a magazine pays for an exclusive photoshoot there is a sense of continuity but here her hair looks TOTALLY different from one shot to the next. she looks hot either way- im a girl and im slim and i whilst im happy looking like i do id also be very happy to look like she does too- as would most men

  34. 15minsoffame

    wow, her boobs are obviously fake. why does she keep lying about that?

  35. If it wasn’t for the hips & ass, nobody would give a shit about this broad.

  36. TheJoker07


  37. Wil Mo

    WELL, WELL, WELL, AND INTERNATIONAL WHORE, AMERICA ALLOW her pimps to exploit her homemade nakiedness all over the AIDS capital of the world,,, maybe if she is lucky she will get the a..i..d..s.. surprise after all she and her sis’s are famous for S E X…

  38. Wil Mo

    WELL, WELL, WELL, AND INTERNATIONAL WHORE, AMERICA ALLOW her pimps to exploit her homemade nakiedness all over the AIDS capital of the world,,, maybe if she is lucky she will get the a..i..d..s.. surprise after all she and her sis’s are famous for S E X…

  39. ktulu

    her face looks like its made outta silly putty lmao at all the fat homely dudes on here going gaga over this pig

  40. Turd the third

    Picture 4 is great, I love chicks when the come with a built in carrying handle. No suitcase needed here.

  41. robert

    any more photoshopping and it’d be Jessica Rabbit.

  42. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    They must like obese sloppy urinals in South Africa. Just sayin’.

  43. PooPants

    Ugh…she’s chubby. I used to have the SAME body as her BEFORE I started working out.

    Notice she NEVER has her legs apart. They are ALWAYS smooshed together so that you can’t see how fat they are.

    How can such a useless human being with nothing but time on her hands still be fat???

    Does she work? NO
    Does she have an education? NO

    What does she do all day? NOTHING.

    God she seriously needs to get on the treadmill. Ribcage does not equal abs and airbrushing is not going to save her fat ass forever.

  44. Tofu

    It is too bad Kim cannot stop being self absorbed and do humanitarian work while in Africa. The world does not need another altered photo of a self aborbed person, the world needs more humanitarians.

  45. bewbiegirl

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  46. Mel

    She looks gorgeous

  47. Whore Dog To The Max

    These photos weren’t done-over in a photoshop and I’ll sell you my home-made snake oil for a cool $50 trillion bucks. Any takers/suckers? This shit-face whore dog would be thrown out of the local dogpound. Look closely, her liverlips are turning black. My time’s too important to waste anymore on remarks on Kim, Paris, etc…etc

  48. Tony


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