Kim Kardashian in a bikini = Sweet Christ she’s not hiding her butt for once!

June 13th, 2008 // 624 Comments

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney did some bikini modeling this morning in Monaco. And, yes, you’re actually looking at Kim’s ass not covered by a sarong. Some might say these shots put an end to the buttpad debate, but I say “Not fucking quite.” They only add to a new debate on extremely long distance photography and, what I’m suggesting is, choreographed butt-flexing. Touché, Kim Kardashian. Touché.


  1. ph7

    Persian poontang!

  2. Ray


  3. nobama

    i hit it

  4. m_munroe

    they are both so hot! the third sister, not so much.

  5. Samantha

    My good she looks like a chicken..
    how can be posible to have an ass so big like that..
    she was fat before? that is the only explanations she loose the weight everywear else less there. lol
    poor her

  6. sierra

    she looks like a plumber.

  7. nobama

    she is so wearing butt pads

  8. chris

    wtf superficial writer…nothing all day while im sitting here dying, bored at work and then bam…this is all we get…Kim K and freaking Tila Tequila…dude, you’re killin me!!! All because of you I actually did work today. Hate you superficial!!

  9. Uncle Eccoli

    Bugger me, that’s repulsive.

  10. Buttpad

    While she does have quite the rear, I’ll have to agree with you, She totally pads. Her butt keeps changing size.

  11. Buttpad

    While she does have quite the rear, I’ll have to agree with you, She totally pads. Her butt keeps changing size.

  12. Buttpad

    While she does have quite the rear, I’ll have to agree with you, She totally pads. Her butt keeps changing size.

  13. nalgon

    I would like to rip kim’s head off and put on courntney’s body. Id still hit it individualy though. NALGAS AGUADAS

  14. boomchakalaka

    Sam -sounds like someone is major jealous……

  15. Buttpad

    Sorry, Error. I’m not retarded, didn’t mean for that to post 3 times.


    hah! eat shit superficial, with your butt pad theory! no coverups, just a huge ass in a bikini bottom. all bottoms which would be impossible to pad because they barely cover her ass.

    i love the two of them,
    #4 said it. they are hot, kloe is not.

  17. That first pic of her resembles the legs of a Thanksgiving turkey…before its been fully cooked of course.

    God forbid a turkey is served anywhere in this world that is as pale as those things Kimmy calls legs.

  18. Jerod Cykoski


  19. snarky


  20. I’m sorry, she is a pretty girl but that ass is disgusting. Who the hell wants to grab ahold of hips so wide you have to stretch your arms to hold her while doing it doggy!

  21. Uncle Eccoli


  22. Trover

    Those legs look like they belong on a British woman, not an American. Talk about no muscle tone. Those things are just fat drumsticks. And her ass is pure cottage cheese. Bet she hasn’t truly exercised since she was 12.

  23. jane

    i still don’t know why kim K. is famous and i STILL DON’T CARE. i don’t care about her sister, her show, the whole “K” thing, but i ESPECIALLY DON’T CARE about her ASS. STOP POSTING K.K. STORIES PLEASE or i’ll be force do maim somebody with her giant ass

  24. Sid

    Yeah, not pads. Implants. Obviously. And she doesn’t wear pads anyway, she wears a form-shaping girdle. She got the butt implants and then she put on weight, hence the girdles. None of this is mysterious.

  25. JayM

    I love her big butt.

  26. jane

    ahem – “forced to”

  27. Sam

    They did a great job with the Photoshop pics of Kim. Poor Kim has a pear shape body and a huge fat butt for a short petitie female. It is a good thing she can rely on her girdles.

  28. beefytee

    The greater part of my dream threesome, both on the front page.

    Both of these bitches are nasty dirty attention whore sluts (Kim K and Tila), but I’d still like to do horrible things to them both. By the time I was done with them Kim K would have consumed at least 1/4 of Tila.

  29. sb

    Aaaaaannnnnddd…. we’re off to the races! K-haters to the left, K-lovers to the right, it’s gonna be a wild night of fisticuffs, my friends!

    But seriously… how on earth do you get that big of an ass?

  30. Photoman

    Now Kim dear, we need to make your fanny look perky so act like you are walking up the stairs, push up your fanny, and hold your tummy in too.

  31. Jackson

    I’d love to give that big booty a slap

  32. r =)

    she should have paid for lipo in the thigh area rather than the brazilian butt lift… do you see her lipo scar in the pelvic area pic #2… thats where they took the fat out of her stomache to put in her ass…brazilian style…how exotic ;)

  33. ZT


  34. Mike

    #22, that’s the way I like ‘em — soft and squishy. I bet hugging her is like hugging a cloud.

    I wouldn’t hit it, though. God only knows who’s been peeing on her.

  35. Eric

    You could take parts of her and look at them and they’d be ok, if not good, if not great (well…except for her about-to-explode belly). But they don’t all fit together on her, and it doesn’t help that she has no tone at all. For example, put that giant ass on a 6-foot woman – and make her exercise a bit – and you’ve got your Amazon Warrior fantasy girl. But on Kim’s runty body it just looks like a big fat ass. Doesn’t matter anyway – that belly says she’ll be a porker soon enough.

  36. jimmy nordan

    “Move it, move it! You could show a movie on that butt, fatso”.

  37. becca

    shes absolutely stunning ! thats a real ass…..sorry haters

  38. JJ


    No doctor would give implants to make a butt this big for fear of being sued. Kim just eats a lot and has a big fat ass. Notice how all her butt pics show her leg bent so it improves her bottom squared butt. Kim’s butt is round at top but is square at the bottom instead of being round. Kim’s figure is just going to get saggy and fatter by the time she is 30.

  39. stizz

    Damn, now that’s a dumper.

  40. r =)

    oh yeah..look at kourtney’s body… then look at kims. Sexy slim and tone with curves vs. white pasty doughy blob.. TEAM KOURTNEY!

  41. Que

    Que ugh!

  42. Reg

    Thank goodness for Photoshop. They did a good job at rounding Kim’s square bottom and removing cellulite and dimples.

  43. beefytee

    I don’t hate her I don’t love her but I’d sure as damn eat tapioca putting out of her buttcrack. That’d be a lot of pudding…a lot of those little pearly things…..a lot.

  44. This is a Gay site?

    Damn those two are sexy and beautiful and exotic (Armenia must be one lovely place)! I don’t know what is wrong with you homos but a normal man would eat off of those two. Well I would have to hose them down first!

  45. JPRichardson

    Anybody believes these are candids? I mean, she is trying so obviously hard to show her ass…

  46. snarkymalarky

    Talk about child bearing hips, good god! This chick’s body is gonna be a mess within 5 years; whether she has kids or not. And something doesn’t seem right about her butt. It doesn’t just look like a big butt; it seems altered or something; something is not natural. I suspect she is trying as hard as she can to keep it looking high and tight with god knows what (prob lipo, surgery, etc, and butt crunches). I bet she likes to eat and hates exercising, but still tries to do her “target” areas regularly; even if she blows the rest of her body off. She probably really can’t help it much genetically, she’s just naturally a curvy, bigger girl. But that ass is gonna fall like a fricken red wood pretty soon.

  47. Mandy

    I look at Kim’s big fat ass and thank God I know how to push myself away from the plate. Why would anyone in their right mind want a butt this huge?

  48. Savage

    I was going to send this over to the fish when I found it, but I got busy, and decided to just add it here to his post. Here’s a video of Kim K trying to put on a pair of pants about 1000 times to small. It’s a bare ass shot.

  49. #43 what the hell!!

  50. beefytee

    look at that, her sister has a tight little body, I didn’t know that…too bad it looks like her face got slammed in the ugly drawer like that guys nuts in the movie dragnet with Dan Ackroid and Tom Hanks.

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