Kim Kardashian in a bikini looks off

November 24th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Taking time off from blatantly hawking Warner Bros. DVDs, Kim Kardashian posted the above pic to her Twitter account Sunday claiming she’d reached her “goal” using QuickTrim, the weight loss product she’s endorsing. What’s hilarious is how obviously stretched out this photo looks which proves Kim Kardashian thinks her fans are idiots who’ve never looked in a funhouse mirror before. Then again, they are fans of Kim Kardashian, so the market research’s probably on her side. Shouldn’t have jumped the gun on that one.


  1. saywha?

    they probably were going to do a little touch up job on the photos and kim kept telling them to go thinner until it met her ideal physique. there’s no way a trained graphic artist would ever do something like this and try to pass it off as the real thing.

  2. Darth

    Her stomach area needs to be tightened a bit more though.

  3. OJ Simpson

    Oh, you better not shout, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why, OJ Claus is coming to kill.

  4. Puh_lease

    That is not her body. Show me an ass shot. Fuzzy photoshopped jaw…

  5. Yeah...right

    I’ve never seen more obvious photoshopping in my life. It’s clear her face has been heavily photoshopped, and don’t get me started on the body, especially her hips.

  6. Joe Mahma

    What’s funny is they shot the picture at a down-angle which would make a person appear to be shorter than they actually are.

  7. To Lisa, the one with issues

    @Lisa #47. You sound like you have some serious issues.

  8. To Lisa, the one with issues

    @Lisa #47. You sound like you have some serious issues.

  9. the truth

    she still forgot to photoshop her mustache off.

  10. Donk Donkerson

    Airbrushed to hell.

  11. Amalthea

    Looks to me like she was photoshopped into that room, too. For someone standing in front of a very bright window, the lighting on her person seems really off.

  12. 1derwoman

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, right!

  13. cc

    Just look at that long, aquiline face. Like a horse almost. Even though her face is actually normally proportioned. Forstruth, it be photoshopped?

  14. spicy

    KIM, i luv ya but get real. I have T&A just like you and theres no way i could magically just shave 15 lbs from my ass and hips while my tatas stay the same friggen size. if youre gonna lose the poundage, your gonna lose it everywhere. idiot.

  15. ash

    the fact that shes taking some diet pill and still felt the need to alter the picture speaks for itself. guess its just not working fast enough for her. why would she wanna post a picture of herself looking like a horse face tho? hahaha nobody likes a horseface. you would think even kim kardashian would know that.

  16. Leesh

    She has ugly feet. They should have fixed those, too. Ugly feet=Ew.

  17. Leesh

    She has ugly feet. They should have fixed those, too. Ugly feet=Ew.

  18. Turd da Third

    She has got a mule face and a horse’s ass!

  19. Shes perfect i dunno wat u pep’s R talking bout..
    She has a pretty face, and a awesome body

  20. Weeble

    Blog fail. This picture has not been “obviously stretched out”. It hasn’t been stretched at all. It’s taken with a slightly wide angle lens from above and looking down on her. Seems to me to be either a 20-70 wide angle zoom, with a bit of lens correction in post, or the lens of a standard point and shoot almost fully zoomed out. It’s quite obvious from simple visual clues such as the angle of the vertical lines in the room (look at the curtains for example) and the converging point of focus at her hips. The photographer was clearly an amateur, and chose the angle probably because they felt it minimized the legs and accentuated the upper body. Which it does, but at the cost of making her legs appear almost as short as her torso.

  21. Weeble

    In case it wasn’t obvious from my above comment, for those of you who are mentally challenged, it means: THIS IMAGE HAS NOT BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED. IT WAS SIMPLY SHOT FROM A POOR ANGLE WITH A WIDE ANGLE LENS.

  22. without bikini please…

  23. Erin

    It doesn’t even look stretched out – it looks like her head has been superimposed on someone else’s body.

  24. missb

    She looks good, but this was definitely tinkered with a little bit. Look at the light rectangle around her legs! This was just lazy work.

  25. GIP

    This is the stupidest fake photo I’ve seen of Kim yet. Let’s see the wannabe pornstar get on a live webcam to show the world her “abs” aka flabs… oops, you can’t do it can u fatty. LOL – pathetic.

  26. amanda

    oops, somebody forgot to defringe…

  27. Hi,
    You’re beautiful as you are! And if you’re going to go the PS route, hire a professional retoucher, not your college nephew.

  28. its great that she is still rockin’ the bod but it is just too damn old and dusty, put it away Pam

  29. Wolfman Jack

    Fake! You can tell by the shadows, they are all wrong, fake fake fake!!

  30. Wolfman Jack

    Fake! You can tell by the shadows, they are all wrong, fake fake fake!!

  31. Kim is my best.She looks Awesome in this.

  32. She’s got the perfect bod for a bikini….

  33. now dats called nice bikine must say..


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  36. Now this is one hot lady!

  37. Wow is all I can say! Are those water melons or cantelopes? Whichever it is, I’m sure they’re very tasty :)

  38. Phew…. Kim you make me sweat baby!
    But please keep it up!

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