Kim Kardashian in a Bikini

March 22nd, 2010 // 194 Comments

While the rest of the celebrity world prepares to tackle the ongoing sagas of Golfy McAnalTexts and Motorcycle Nazi-Fucker, I thought I’d start things off with Kim Kardashian trying to pretend she has no idea how all these paparazzi got aboard the yacht she’s conveniently wearing a bikini on. Which is hilarious considering a.) she’s holding a cellphone in virtually every shot and b.) a team of professional photographers manages to defy the laws of physic by not photographing her ass from behind. (Not counting the butt crack shot from Fame who apparently wasn’t in on the deal and/or really wants that Pulitzer.)

Photos: Fame, Splash News

  1. so pathetic


  2. Philipp

    shes hot =/

  3. She looking awesome in bikini and bra, i really like her picture, she looking very hot, and when will any buddy see her he will pursuit,

  4. ppl

    setup shots… don’t tell me there aint no compromising shots or direct shots of her ass, unless otherwised.

  5. balhder

    I find it impossible to believe that nobody can snap a really good ass shot of her in a bikini. It’s ridiculous.

  6. Dam hot as usual! She is just looks tremendous ! I have no words to say! Awesome figure with superb smile and attitude .. I just like her too much .. A perfect example of stunning beauty . Thanks for this pictures . I will add these to the my collection.

  7. Ms HKMS

    She arranged that shit, obviously. It’s posed & produced. Lame.

  8. KT

    She makes agreements with the photographers, and that’s why there’s no ass shots. She agrees to let them photograph her as much as they want as long as they don’t take pictures of her ass head on. It was caught on videotape one time with her making that agreement, so I assume that’s just how she is with all the paparazzi. Girlfriend seems insecure about the one damn thing she’s famous for. That, or she feels the only one to profit from her ass should be her, so no one gets photos of it unless the proceeds go directly to her.

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  10. jim

    I think she is overrated and her family also but she is a very sexy women WOW!!!!

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  13. Annonymoose

    I’ll say it.

    I want to lick the sweat out of her ass-crack.

    Don’t you fucking judge me

  14. icu

    she’s a fat fucking cow, her sweaty ass must stink like a rotting hog carcass. she’s over-rated and obviously overfed. if you think this hunk of bile is hot you need to come outside more often and look around. she’s a no talent media created, media hyped fat fucking cow.

    now die.

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  16. tgrln

    This chick definitely has butt and breast implants. Since her bellybutton looks OK, I can only presume they went through her armpits. Are there any direct shots of her armpits anywhere?

    Still, I’d hit that! So yeah, don’t you fucking judge me.

    • Ken

      She does not have implants. No one would choose to have an ass that fat. And her boobs are huge because she is proportioned. She’s not a thin girl, but she’s not overweight either.

  17. EriKThaRed

    Hottest bitch on the planet!

  18. Nameless

    No denying she is hot from the neck down but not into the ass crack peeking up above her bikini.

    She is short so it ends up looking like her buttcrack starts at the middle of her back.

  19. Haywood Jablowmie

    Come now, Fish. I just did.

  20. Bud

    I bet most people would be greatly disappointed if they met her in person.

  21. Olpol

    orange boobs mcfatarse

  22. Wow. She’s really hot! Hotter than the sun staring at her! LOL. Nice ass! LOL

  23. christians

    the rufinol goes in the vodka

  24. Ain't nothing wrong with a little Rough pride.

    When is she going to hold a face sitting booth. Ill bet would raise more money than the RedCross.

  25. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Don’t like Armenian girls, they have moustache and hair on the back!

  26. Meso

    @17..PMSL!!!! Skipped you meds again huh ?

  27. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  28. wat

    You need more pics of KIm on this site.

  29. Anexio

    Camel toe in pic 22!

    Sweet jesus

  30. captain america

    damn damn damn, BEING A PILLOW CAN BE FUN!!

  31. wtf why no direct shots of her ass?

  32. Her Butt looks too funny….

    Read it Then weep!

  33. NG

    Why no ass shots??? Why do you hate us so?

  34. cantor

    nothing more than a whore

  35. cantor


  36. NNN


  37. mike

    i wonder how many STDs she has.

  38. Beeotch

    Ugh! We seriously should take the Heidi Monfags and Kardashians, put them in a giant cesspool and be done with them!

  39. sandra

    She looks really mushy…she really needs to spend more time in the gym. i can’t see why she doesn’t/

  40. cc

    Less time in the sun, more time in the gym. Check out fat her ass is in the butt crack pic. I hope she ends up going bankrupt. How is that fucking store of hers doing anyway?

  41. yuki

    needs more tattoos.

  42. sandra

    btw, this is so lame. This shoot was orchestrated just as any other photo shoot. I am sure she approved of these pictures. And there’s no shot of her true money maker, which is her ass, because that thing is gross. A true unedited shot of it would be worth a lot of money and would also prove that that thing is gross.

  43. Ego

    Mmm Kim… I never wanted to pee on someone so bad..

  44. Juan

    This girl is all plastic surgery made……. not natural at all…….. Her ass look like a basket ball………. fake

  45. telephonica

    talentless, vapid, air headed, plastic slut.

  46. Hard, plastic butt.
  47. kanyeisgay

    Sad she went black ,now she isn’t worth her weight in crack as in her crack !

  48. simple bob

    Look at the reflection in her glasses you’re telling me she couldn’t see the photographer in these “unstaged photos” bs fat ass

  49. SO RIGHT

    Since she started working out more and taking care of her body, she looks a lot better and healthier. She has a fantastic body — curves and all. But it’s the type of body that can easily pack on pounds if she’s not careful. Looks good in these photos though!

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