Kim Kardashian in a bikini

May 20th, 2009 // 158 Comments

Here’s Kim Kardashian on the beach in Miami. I don’t think I need to explain why I posted these pics unless it’s your first day here. In which case: Hi, I’m the actual Jesus from The Bible. Enjoy my site.

Photos: Splash News

  1. woow


  2. chango666

    Oh hell yes . . . with a spoon . . .

  3. ph7

    Wow – she’s been working on her fitness. Bangin’ body.

  4. Thank you very very much!

    its about time, she answer the “butt gurdle” crap

    your move mr jackson if your nasty!

  5. Sushi

    OK….. she is pretty damn hot BUUUUUT……
    she is also an asshole and an airhead SOOOOOOO…..
    I’ll pass

  6. minty

    she looks great!

  7. Lipster

    Wow there’s a side angle where her entire ass fits in the shot – she has been working out!

  8. Who started to plan hickeys on the neck? when it clearly belong on ass cheeks!

  9. daguz

    got butt pads?

  10. Deacon Jones

    Is there a fucking boycoot from the paps from taking pictures of her fucking ass or what? Is there a god damn naval brigade ready to fire on them if they step foot past the side of her?? DAMN IT!

  11. jdisse

    I don’t think I need to explain why I posted these pics unless it’s your first day here.

    Is it because Kardashian or her people are paying your to post information about her on a regular basis? I think so.

  12. Tucker Jay

    Amazing body.

  13. Hefe

    Jesus H. she is looking so fucking fine.

    That body has never looked better.

  14. It´s the beach, bitch!

    I am seriously afraid of this woman´s look without make up
    she always looks like she´s a plastic doll or something
    what´s up with your skin under all that, kim?


    she´s in the fuckin beach

  15. jake

    She looks good until you see her butt clearly in proportion to the rest of her body, like in that full side-shot picture. It’s just hanging off of her, as if it was transplanted from a much bigger girl. Her butt would look great on a girl about half a foot taller than Kim.

    And, as always, what an bizarre thing to be your claim to fame.

  16. e-rock

    Mission accomplished Kim, you proved us all wrong, you are SOOOO HOT! Is that what you wanted to hear? Bravo. Ok, thats complete horse shit. Do you feel better about yourself now that you have validated how hot you actually are? What the hell do you DO other then trying to prove how hot you are?

    Soooo, I can see the scars from her breast implants in her arm pits, and I didn’t think before that she had ass implants, but now Im a believer. I didn’t realize how many women actually get them. INSANE. And the nose job is pretty obvious. And I wouldn’t rule out lipo either. So job well done, after all that plastic surgery, you look great. BUT YOU STILL NEED A PERSONALITY!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!! I would start with some serious charity work instead of trying so hard to prove how hot you are.

  17. Martina

    I bet he has even more holes in her face than she does in her gigantic ass.
    INSANE amount of foundation here folks

  18. Jackson

    OK so we have a side profile of Kim. We will never ever see a back side of Kim in a swim suit unless it has been airbrushed. Her left side is her best side because the other side of her thighs have serious liposuction lumps. Kim basically got liposuction on her hips and thighs and lower back and lower buttocks. This is suppose to make your butt look perky, but if we saw an unairbruhsed picture of Kim’s entire butt; then we would see her freaky saggy butt with liposuction lumps and cellulite. Kim purposely posed for these pictures. Notice how Kim bends her leg to make her butt look perky. This is an old modeling trick that even the skinny models use to improve their butt. I am not impressed with this big butt no talent porn star celebrity whore. She has no muscle definition on her butt. I do not see any muscle definition on the side of her butt. In fact I see no muscle definition on Kim’s body. There are no muscle cuts on Kim’s body. I also believe these pictures have been airbrushed because it is obvious she is posing on the beach for these pictures. Kim is a big fat fake.

  19. whodoesntlovefakeness



  20. Max Planck

    Reggie, Reggie….go long!

  21. Don

    Here we go again with Kim’s airbrushed pictures. When will this short fat chick with a liposuction cellulite butt go away? Show her backside in a bikini that has not been airbrushed!

  22. Anonymous

    She is hideous. Not to mention, she’s a urinal.

  23. Fuckin’ ell

  24. Hey Fish you’re the biggest fucking moron EVER!!!!! She is known for her ass. Not one of these pics shows ass…………….

  25. yuck

    lol, as if she really plays football…all of her photos are staged.

  26. meatf*ck

    Can I see the shadow of her TOE in the front shot?

  27. b

    Great, more pics of a talentless monkey lover.

  28. Frenchy

    I’d like to get a good look at her asshole.

  29. AJ

    I have figured out the mystery that is Kim Kardashians giant ass! I have always suspected that there was something unnatural about it, but I don’t think she has actual butt implants. She has wide hips that usually go along with a big butt, but her butt does not have a natural shape at all. She is not nearly athletic enough (not by a LONG shot) to explain why her giant butt looks perky on the side when she bends her leg and poses, but saggy from behind.

    It appears that Kim Kardashian has had liposuction (or liposculpture) on her lower back, upper thighs and hips. This sculpts the butt into looking unnaturally perky when giving a side pose and bending the leg. Unfortunately Kim’s lack of regular exercise and overeating will result in the liposuction eventually failing and her butt will start to sag on the sides like her butt already sags in the back.

  30. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Looks damn good, I would love to see Kim and Coco side by side.

  31. Well, we already knew she likes playing with big brown balls…

  32. Aunt Jemima

    Captain’s Bikini Log : Stardate 23.7 rounded off to the nearest decimal point. The bikini is not holding up well. We’ve just got too much junk in the trunk. (LOUD snapping sound is heard). SHIELDS TO MAXIMUM! REROUTE POWER TO THE SECONDARY HULL STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY FIELDS! … ITS … ITS TOO LATE! BAAAAAARG! (LOUD EXPLOSIONS AND THE SOUND OF DEATH). End log.

  33. Aaron

    These are totally airbrushed and posed pictures. Who wears a hat like that while throwing a football? Only Kim because she is not really throwing a football; she is posing. Remember Kim keep your stomach in and bend your leg to improve your liposuction butt, thighs, and hips. Kim is a short stout lazy chick. She does not look like she exercises regulary; she looks like she had some serious liposuction. It won’t last and Kim’s body will get worse because she loves to eat and hates to exercise.

  34. Full makeup to the beach…I wonder if these photos were staged (and airbrushed)? I like how you can see Kims cellulite through her workout clothes, but not at the beach in a bikini…

  35. brooke

    She looks soft and out of shape. Not to mention that her ass is still ridiculous.

  36. #35

    So true! These are without a doubt posed airbrush pictures! I am so sick of this lazy bitch and her posed airbrushed pictures!

    Here is a picture of Kim and her cellulite and liposuction lumps on her thighs. This is obviously an unposed surprise paparazzi picture ha! ha!

    Kim we all know you are a chunky chick that airbrushes her pictures so enough already!

  37. john

    i’d fuck her but probably humiliate her in the process. Stupid superficial bitch…..notices name of website….nevermind..

  38. How did the photographer not get a better pic of her ass… not even by accident?

  39. LC

    Coming from a woman..she is beautful and has an awesome body. I’ve always said this. Here it is people, her in a bikini. Where is the cellualite and other horrible body parts that jealous people say she has.? I know bc all of us behind the computer screen have perfect bodies too right? This people is what a real woman’s body should look like. No, not coke lohan with no hips and a beanpole looking body. And if anyone is gonna say otheriwse I will say without a doubt you are either gay, don’t get laid and will never by anyone who looks remotely like her or is an ugly and/or fat jealous woman.

  40. Max


    I bet Kim panicked when the paps took a picture of Kim and she realized her liposuction lumps and cellulite on her thighs were very visible in her workout out fit lol! Kim must have called her favorite photographer to take posed pictures of herself in heavy make up pretending she is throwing a football. Notice it took days for these pictures to come out after her liposuction lumps and cellulite on her thighs pictures came out. This is because it takes a lot of time and effort to airbrush Kim’s lumpy liposuction and cellulite off her picture and also to trim her down. What a pathetic celebrity whore! She has some huge hips for a short chick!

  41. gil


  42. Diana

    :D Yes, she is with full makeup but at least she is not wearing her huge sunglasses.

    Check her bikini pictures taken a year ago with her sister and you’ll see what i mean :)

  43. id hit it

    im the assman

  44. TheJoker07


  45. Sam


    Kim with her full make up, big hips, and airbrushed pictures lol! Her body looks so soft like she has never worked out regularly in her life. She is one liposuction and cellulite chick mess!

  46. I don’t care what people say about her size. She’s amazing!

  47. e-rock

    #40- You must be Kim. Thats the only you are saying everyone is either gay or jealous. Well Kim, I can honestly say I have looked better then this with the flu and snot on my face. Thats because Im a real woman. And…. I used a swimsuit/sports mag model. THIS IS NOT WHAT A REAL WOMAN LOOKS LIKE. This is fake wanna be celeb who has had so much plastic surgery and makeup, and airbrushing, trying so hard to validate yourself by posing for the paps “impromptu”, then get them airbrushed so not to see the imperfections. I too have flaws, but don’t try to change every damn one of them. The reason I don’t like you, is because you pretend like you are so naturally hot, and don’t do a damn thing other then try to be a celebrity, but with no known talent. So take your “gay or jealous” comments, and shove them up your silicone ass.

  48. #40

    It is called airbrushing you ignorant fool. Kim relies on airbrushing her pictures, butt girdles, and liposuction. Check out this unairbrushed picture of Kim and you will see all her liposuction lumps and cellulite through her tight work out pants. The problem is most Americans do not know what a fit body looks like because mose Americans are fat like Kim. They only know fat and skinny and have no clue what fit looks like. I am saying otherwise because Kim is just a soft no muscle tone body with a lot of liposuction and breast implants and airbrushed pictures. I like to see fit females with muscle definition, not huge muscles, but a nice toned body unlike Kim’s plastic chubby body!

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