Kim Kardashian: Hotter than Simona Fusco Stratten?

The Superficial | March 25, 2008 - 4:39 pm

So yesterday I posted smoking bikini pics of Simona Fusco Stratten in Hawaii. I heard your cries declaring Kim Kardashian is way hotter. So here’s Kim shopping at Rite Aid. I’ll let you guys battle it out over who’s better looking. Which do I prefer? Please, real women are for chumps. I moved on to fictional chicks a long time ago. Yo, Ariel, get your seashells on we got a reservation to make. And quit hitting that Snarfblatt with Sebastian. I don’t want you causing another scene at the salad bar. I almost went back to Xena that’s how embarrassed I was. Yeah, okay, she ended up being a lesbian but at least I could take her nice places. But mostly she wanted to go to Hooters. *sniff* God, I miss her…

Photos: Flynet