Kim Kardashian: Hotter than Simona Fusco Stratten?

March 25th, 2008 // 225 Comments

So yesterday I posted smoking bikini pics of Simona Fusco Stratten in Hawaii. I heard your cries declaring Kim Kardashian is way hotter. So here’s Kim shopping at Rite Aid. I’ll let you guys battle it out over who’s better looking. Which do I prefer? Please, real women are for chumps. I moved on to fictional chicks a long time ago. Yo, Ariel, get your seashells on we got a reservation to make. And quit hitting that Snarfblatt with Sebastian. I don’t want you causing another scene at the salad bar. I almost went back to Xena that’s how embarrassed I was. Yeah, okay, she ended up being a lesbian but at least I could take her nice places. But mostly she wanted to go to Hooters. *sniff* God, I miss her…

Photos: Flynet

  1. meemo


  2. Gerald_Tarrant


  3. jj

    She’s a pig, I don’t get it.

  4. cuntswaylow

    This chick has a big fat cheesy ass!!!!! Nasty!

  5. meemo


  6. No way. I think miss bubblebutt is a skank….especially after seeing those nasty stretched out pancake nips and her manly complexion in Playboy.

  7. fucko

    Why does this broad always have her mouth slightly open?
    Is she trying to look sexy. She looks uber-retarded, I’d say.

  8. hard


  9. Randal

    A very classy outfit that hugs Kim’s frame and accents her wonderful curves. Who can’t like that?

    Wouldn’t mind watching Kim dancing to No More by Heidi Montag, softly shuffling across the dance floor, jiggling all of it.


  10. fucko

    …I forgot to ask. Is rape still legal???
    I need to plan my weekend.

  11. She may be dumb as dirt, but she has a hot body even if it is store bought.

  12. tom


    or something along those lines. seriously folks, for those waiting to type ‘first’, get a life. get something. get a girlfriend, or boyfriend.

    Don’t waste your life; you’ll regret it when you hit 76 and you’re stuck in a hospital pissing into your own underwear.

  13. If more people went to my blog, I’d be able to afford women like her.

  14. grody

    They still sell pissmops at Rite Aid?

  15. mike

    @13 Tom, I am no where close to 76 and I piss in my underwear all the time. Most of the time I don’t know it until the next day when I wake up.

  16. Sam

    She’s the HOTTEST!…maid I’ve ever hired. But, oddly, the house smelled worse when she was done.

  17. Kim is way hotter, but of course there’s going to be a long series of posts about how fat she is from women that are likely either ugly or 3x as fat. You know why? Beautiful women don’t insult other women, even when they ARE fat. Beautiful women don’t give a shit about other women. Which is why I know most of the women here who claim to be 5’6″ and athletic are either lying or ugly as hell.

  18. Jooj

    She’s HOT. Don’t HATE.

  19. Auntie Kryst

    Shopping at Rite Aid are you fucking kidding me? How can any of you fags and fatties say Rite Aid is hot? Every real man knows Walgreens is waaaay fucking hotter. You’re one of those JEALLLLOUS Duane Reade douchefuckers and you know it!

    P.S. Keem is a filthy gypsy, tramp and thief.

  20. Clem

    Simona wins hands down (my pants). Kim is hot but come on, how long you gonna put up with that giant backyard breaking all your chairs?

  21. news

    For some reason, Kim reminded me of this story:

    “*** has learned Priscilla Presley is the victim of a botched cosmetic procedure. What’s worse — it was at the hands of a gigolo who was sent to prison for perpetrating an injectable scam on Hollywood’s elite.

    Priscilla, whose face looks … strange on “Dancing with the Stars,” went to Dr. Daniel Serrano around 2003. Serrano was a good-looking doc from Argentina who hooked into Hollywood’s social A-list and started giving them what he claimed were miracle injections that worked better than Botox.

    In fact, Serrano was injecting industrial, low-grade silicone similar to what’s used to lubricate auto parts in Argentina into the faces of these women. Several women, including Shawn King, Larry’s wife, and Diane Richie, Lionel’s wife at the time, held injection parties in their homes, with Serrano needling them with the non-FDA approved drug that he had smuggled in to the U.S. Shawn King has said the injections created a lump in her lip that made it difficult to speak and drink liquids. Serrano charged between $300 and $500 a pop.

    But wait, it gets worse. Serrano wasn’t even a licensed doc in the U.S. The injections caused lumps, paralysis and holes in the faces of some of the women (and some men) he injected.

    Serrano, who was nicknamed Dr. Jiffy Lube, was indicted by the Feds for smuggling drugs, and the conspiracy and use of unapproved drugs. He was convicted, and last week he was released and is currently being investigated by federal immigration officials and could be deported.

  22. tdog

    jesus christ how many boxes of Kleenexes does one person need?

  23. fag

    Are profile shots of that ass popping so fucking hard to come by? All of these pictures from behind with no depth, or from the front are pretty worthless to me

  24. Rick

    So she’s supposed to be the hottest woman? Really? An ethnic woman, large features, hairy, short, kinda stumpy, big boobs and butt. THAT is exotic and beautiful in your part of the world? Yikes.

    I take it you have no “fabric district” where you live?

  25. Bonny

    Kim K. is a whore with a huge ass. Wow! WTF is she famous for BESIDES her enormous ass? Oh yeah, smothering Ray J with that huge thing….no wonder all her boyfriends dump her….you can’t go down in the valley is there’s a volcano underneath! :)

  26. BustaR

    No doubt…Simona is wayyyyyyyy better. Sorry fatty Kim!!!

  27. gaga

    so damn hot

  28. blah

    blah omfgl dow wonfdk skdjwo wonky

  29. ph7

    Kim gets the easy nod over that bikini chick with the bad boob job and stubby legs.

  30. I’m not hung up on sexual orientation, so I’d say a girl is hot when she is, and maybe even act on it after a few drinks. But Kim? She’s like a blow-up doll. That you got at the zoo. After the monkey cage was finished with it. She’s a ghetto treat, like Popeye’s Chicken or malt liquor.

  31. ricky

    this is the stupidest thing ive ever read. there is NO WAY kardashian is hotter than simona fusco. i cant even believe this is a debate!

  32. In that first pic, she has an odd Scarlett Johannsen vibe going on.


  33. Teebaghir

    Kim is hot, but I know what would make her hotter…my balls bouncing off her chin.

  34. Teebaghir

    Kim is hot, but I know what would make her hotter…my balls bouncing off her chin.

  35. jordan

    Seriously who would want the a-typical blonde bimbo?? I’ll take big booty and big titties any day over factory made churned out lookin like everyone else bimbobots.

  36. Simona is way hotter

    Um Simona has a killer body and massive fake awesome tits of awesomeness.

    Although Kim is hot many times she comes off looking like a puertorican hooker.

  37. maggie

    SHE’S A BUTTER FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Sphie

    Did she break a lightbulb?

  39. Joe C

    Who said Kim is hotter? They must be high. Simona is way despite being older and having fake tits. Kim is a sack of shit, However, her sister Courtney is pretty hot.

  40. Joe C

    Way hotter that is.

  41. Help a guy out people. and fuck this ugly bitch.

  42. Jumpin_J

    Seriously, who gets dressed up like that to go friggin shopping???

  43. Meaghan

    Kim = hot, nice face, nice body, that she didn’t have to slave to a gym or faken up to get. That other chick had to actually work out to achieve a half assed decent body, and I’m guessing other chick had fake tits too? Obviously. I mean, retarded cheesy looking fake. Kim Kardashian’s tits, I don’t know if they are fake but I don’t think so? She just has good genetics I guess. Anyway, it’s my personal opinion that dark hair dark eyes is way more attractive than blonde hair blue eyes. Blonde hair and blue eyes are gross. I mean look at Kim, she looks as if she came from thousands of years of good breeding or something. Her body is fucking perfect.

  44. Ted Mosby

    I’ve hit that and true to the video she is a dead fish in bed.

  45. Sid

    Kim’s the conceited “hottest” bitch at a New Jersey high school in an immigrant neighborhood. Dime a dozen (dram a dozen?).

    She’s “famous” because….?

  46. That bitch is ragged.

  47. Jay Z

    About time the b!tch went shopping to get ingredients for my sammich!!! Now hurry home so I can take another piss on you, you stupid whore. And don;t forget the mayo this time!

  48. Shit Face

    She looks like a dirty immigrant with a deformed ass. You have looooooow standards if you’d hit this fugly wench.

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