Kim Kardashian ‘honored’ by Eminem video

April 8th, 2009 // 131 Comments

Because Kim Kardashian never met a form of publicity she didn’t like, she’s thrilled to be in the new Eminem video, according to her blog:

I just saw Eminem’s new video for “We Made You” and he totally spoofs me!! It was a total surprise to me because I had no idea he was going to talk about me in the song.
I think this video is so funny! I am a huge Eminem fan and find it flattering that he would rap about me. He’s a bit harsh about some other celebrities, but you just have to let it go and have a sense of humor. Personally, I’m honored.

You gotta hand it to Kim, she’ll take whatever she can get. Which is why I’m sure she’ll be honored by the life-size replica of her ass I built for the military. Besides its sheer aesthetic value, it also doubles as a garage for tanks, humvees and the occasional aircraft carrier – or two. God bless you, Kim Kardashian.

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  1. Great! One talentless “celeb” rapping about another talentless “celeb”. What joy!

  2. Seriously…look at her! She is a gorgeous as it gets…she may be talentless and retarded but I would spend a whole week with my tongue inside her or vice versa and never get tired of it.

  3. F*ckRandal

    Two things…

    1/ Randal is a total douche

    2/ I am so sick and tired of losers ripping on Kim for being talentless…she does have a talents – great tits, a great ass and a face that 99% of men will find at least tolerable.

    So all the skanks, haters, gay dudes or whoever is ripping Kim needs to realize something – men find her attractive(we don’t care if her tits are fake, they are real enough to be touched) that is her talent. That is her skill – she gives me and most other non gay men a boner so stiff I can’t get up from my desk for the next 10 mins…

    Stop hating

  4. @2 Ashley, Will you video tape that for us?

  5. F*ckRandal

    Forgot to add one thing…the fact that she is a dirty dirty slut only makes her more attractive not less, regardless of what your boyfriend/husband/lover tells you.

    Stop hating

  6. ph7

    She is a sexual wonderland. I’d spend weeks riding her, and never get bored.

  7. Looks like she got some Jocelyn Wildenstein facial upgrades in that main picture.

    Did she rally her fan club to come over hear and defend her?

  8. Ram Punchington

    What’s that on her forehead? ANOTHER moustache?

  9. Skin so soft sweet and radiant bet she smell like a morning of easter lily cactus. BOTTOM line is, id love to coat her with rough juice…

  10. havoc

    #3 pretty much summed it up.


  11. Frank N Stein

    She’ll find a compliment from a pile of dogshit.

  12. She should really think about shaving her forehead. Gross.

    Mornin, Jimbo!!

  13. @7 – “here”. Geez.

  14. Aaron

    She should have said the truth – if your going to rag on me please make sure the song is not total crap.

  15. Winston

    #2 & 3 & 6

    So you like cute selfish short fat chicks with breast implants, a big fat saggy butt that requires airbrushing and girdle support, and wide hips on a short chick. Big deal. Most Americans are fat like Kim which make Kim like the average cute fat American. I admire fit people because it takes work and discipline and looks fabulous. Kim just eats a lot to get her fat induced curves like the typical fat American.

  16. Rhialto


  17. Darth

    Holy crap! She almost doesn’t fit in the picture!

  18. Valerie

    That’s very heartwarming, Fish : ) ?

  19. Jungle Bunnies go back to Africa

    Street Ape loving women should not be in pop culture, they should be jailed for beastiality.

  20. Ray

    I bet Kim cried when she saw the video. The video did a great job showing Kim’s big fat girdle butt! And they made KIm’s girdle butt get bigger like Kim’s various butt girdles in all her pictures lol! Kim is a big fat joke!

  21. Gando

    Did she gain weight? What’s the diet of these kind of people?

  22. F8ckRandal


    I wasted 10 minutes of my day writing this totally hilarious and witty response to your post…but then I realized something. Anyone who compares Kim to the average fat American woman(btw saying fat and American woman is redundant) is is either a.) an American woman or b) gay

    I have nothing against fit women…I’d tear up Jessica Biel or whoever is on the cover of this month’s chick fitness magazine, but I like my women softer. I don’t want to touch a leg and wonder if it is my ripped ass body or my woman.

    Women should be soft and squishy but not too squishy…

  23. Kill the monkey lover

    Terrorist beheadings are wasted on the wrong people.

  24. never gets old

    cause… get it? she has a big butt, guys. guys?

  25. I’m B’lack Oboombox,

    and by standing at the world stage at G20, and apologizing for America, and kissing the asses of muslim terrorists, and muslim terrorist countries that want to kill Americans and destroy the western civilized world, and inspiring terrorists to make further attacks on us, and promising appeasement to everyone that threatens us, turning us into pacifist euro-pussies and leading to the destruction of the USA and the American way of life, turning it over to my muslim terrorist and anti-American shitbag friends, I will create more jobs!


    ooga-booga! a dirka-dirka jihad!!!!

  26. michelle

    i think kim is a somewhat of a go-with-the-flow type of girl. but i also think that she’ll do anything to keep her name in the spotlight. ;)

  27. Virgin Mary

    She takes after her dad. He was in denial about the fact that his friend OJ was a murderer and she is in denial about the fact that she feels totally insecure about her appearance. Saying she’s flattered by a video that depicts her and her fat ass as a complete joke and shows her being pushed through a wood chipper is big time denial, a pathetic attempt to save face.

  28. Jane Goodall

    Yes #27, Kim has extremely low self esteem, and she is also mentally challenged and has many social disorders. These compounded emotional flaws are the reason she has resorted to beastiality and has had sexual relations with North American Street Apes. She feels that she is not good enough to have sex with humans, and as a last resort and to punish herself, she has chosen to fornicate with subhuman species.

  29. Andy

    Love those blue veiny fake tits.

  30. Winston


    You are not alone. Some men have a fat fetish like you and America has plenty of fat people like Kim. I get grossed out over soft squishy fat flab with the usual cellulite that Kim has on her body. I can’t help thinking that this person eats too much to get fat flab and cellulite and it is a total turn off for me. I like fit shapely women and not skinny women or fat women. I like a nice small shapely butt too. I also don’t get turned on by women that look like they can lift more than me. I also do not like the way breast implants feel and Kim has breast implants too.

  31. Jesse

    I agree with all the “stop hatin’” comments, but only if the guys making them are black. Because:
    1) Kim ain’t got no taste for white meat, so whiteboys can just move along, thanks
    2) Black guys are just barely above dogs constantly sniffing other dogs’ asses, so for them, real vs. fake, decent personality vs. annoying, modest vs. vain, intelligent vs. vacant, etc., are all moot points (they don’t even know how to pronounce the words).

  32. Matt

    The “American way of life” is what the majority says it is, and the majority has spoken.

  33. I just want to say how proud I am of Biraq Obomma. I’m glad he apologized for America. America is the worst country in the world, and we deserve to be attacked daily by radical muslim terrorists. The USA is at fault for defeating the Axis powers in World War II, which stopped the world fascist movement, which would have made the Earth a Utopian society. The USA is also stopping Palestine from wiping the Jews off the face of the Earth. There was never a holocaust either. The Judeo-Christian ethics that founded the USA are all wrong, and we need to get family ethics and religion out of our culture, unless it is Muslim terrorist religion, that I agree with. The arrogance of the USA is disgusting, the way they prance all over the world, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, defending the defensless, and providing relief to disaster stricken nations, those are so arrogant and shameless acts, I just can’t stand it. Thanks Biraq, you’re my hero!!

  34. Hey FRIST whats up this morning??

  35. lol

    AS IF all the comments praising this whore aren’t written by the same anonymous idiot. Face it, she’s a gross WHORE

  36. Usually belly fat is a great indication of how in shape you are, why dont you compare Kim’s belly and the pig you are mounting now and see who come out on top…

  37. mafme

    She’s famous for getting peed on. Start there and the rest makes sense.

  38. Ralph


    Kim has belly fat but her body shaper does a great job of keeping the fat in! The bottom line is fat is fat no matter where you are at. If you can pinch more than an inch then you are fat and you can definitely pinch more than an inch on Kim’s hips, thighs, butt, and stomach.

  39. The Truth


    Actually, 50 million out of almost 400 million really isn’t a majority. Considering that half of the 50 million that voted for Grape Ape were fraudulant votes anyway, it wasn’t a “majority”. Since all the conservatives were either too busy working and creating wealth to vote, or the ones who voted and whose votes mysteriously disapeared from liberal controlled voting stations, calling the Appeasement Monkey a legitamite president is a joke. This won’t happen again, there is a conservative movement sweeping the nation, soon to be in a neighborhood near you, and in 3+ years, this little communist anti-American liberal experiment will be over.

  40. Can superfish post Kims bikini pictures for Ralphi boy here?????

  41. Objection sustained

    Jesus Christ, Ape hater, go tell someone who gives a fuck

  42. Matt

    #39 – I know you have a permanently fixed set of ideas in your head, impervious to facts, but here’s one: poll after poll after poll have shown Obama to have the support of a very clear majority of Americans. It really galls you to live in a democracy, doesn’t it?

  43. Jimbo (haha I just typed Jimblo but I fixed it): nothing, just deciding if I want to go tanning or not. Then later I have an interview at a bank. But first I’m going to make another mocha. OMG my life sucks. Or is it super awesome. I can’t tell.

  44. Eamus Catuli

    That’s it! I’ve had it with the Biraq comments! If you want to criticize the president, criticize his policies and not his skin color because let’s be honest…he’s trying to undo 8 years worth of fucktardation with more fucktardation. Grow some fucking balls and post on NA if you want to communicate with people who share your racist mindset. And if you don’t know what NA stands for, you’re a pathetic individual who knows nothing of what you’re preaching.

  45. Kennedy


    It is ignorant people like you that need to start reading and and watching reliable news and quit watching or listening to Hanity and Rush because they do not report news; they report their incorrect opinion and lies.

    Here is part of what Obama said:
    America, like every other nation, has made mistakes and has its flaws. But for more than two centuries we have strived at great cost and sacrifice to form a more perfect union, to seek with other nations a more hopeful world. We remain committed to a greater good, and we have citizens in countless countries who are serving in wonderful capacities as doctors and as agricultural specialists, people — teachers — people who are committed to making the world a better place.

  46. Thx 46! Thats where Id like to bury my nose when I expire! I thought you were going to show something unflattering,,,shes just built…

  47. The Swift Sword of God


    you forgot to add where the Appeasement Monkey said:

    “We are not a Christian Nation”

    Basically discounting a little document that our country was founded on called the Declaration of Independance, which created a country for Christians by Christians under God. Our entire constitution is based on Christianity, and that all men are created equal by GOD. And that life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness are the basic rights given to man by GOD, not given by man.

    Don’t you brainwashed sheep see what is happening, the GOD given rights we have as Americans are in jeapardy, by removing GOD, they can therefore remove our rights, because although man can’t take away what GOD has granted you, man can take away what man has granted.

    I know it’s all on deaf ears since all you liberals are godless heathens anyway who are going to burn in the fires of hell after your pathetic existance on this planet is over.

  48. Objection sustained

    Oh shit, now I get why you’re such an angry fucktard. You’ve been lobotomized by Jesus. Suddenly I actually feel bad for you. The world is a scary place when you’ve grown up believing in fairy tales. BTW your GOD also made black people, you ignorant douche.

  49. Richard McBeef

    Go back to school #48 and take a political science class. Regular school this time… not home school.

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