Kim Kardashian hearts fitness

April 10th, 2009 // 81 Comments

Here’s some behind-the-scene photos from Kim Kardashian’s upcoming workout video where she extols the three most important virtues of teaching physical fitness:

1. Show lots of cleavage. (Couldn’t agree more.)
2. Wear black pants in low lighting because, honestly, who’s going to look at that bulbous butt and say “Goddamn, I wish my thighs were bigger”?
3. Never shoot below the waist except from over there. Way over there. No, seriously, dude, hop in the golf cart, and we’ll hit you on the walkie.

Then, of course, there’s the final tenet: Duct tape a pillow to a stunt double’s ass. I’m pretty sure that’s an old Jane Fonda trick. True story.


  1. Getting drilled like a Gulf of Mexico oil well provides some cardio, but isn’t exactly a workout.




  3. Deacon Jones


    WTF, why didnt she just shot this thing at night….in a basement….
    You cant even see the outline between her body and the room in half the pics.

    Kim, you want to sell a shitload of tapes? Wear nothing but white spandex, spray yourself with a hose, and then proceed to do jump rope for a half hour, followed by crawling on all fours in a circle for a half hour. It would be fantastic. I’d buy at least 3 copies sweetie.

  4. From 2 to 3 post a day of kim, Im getting the feeling Superfish is an Assworshiper just like me…

  5. I wonder when “Groomer Has It” starts.

  6. lizzy

    she’s fucking weak, she doesn’t have a clue about fitness! this is all so men can watch her bend and sweat. moron.

  7. Randal

    What a beautiful smile to go along with a beautiful woman!

    Kim keeps us all entertained and wondering what her next surprise will be yet still finds time to pretend to work out. With her fake aerobics and her all liquid diet of urine we will see her tranform from fat to fat-tabulous!

    Great work girl! Love the gimp suit too!


  8. They couldn’t find a wide angle lens big enough to get close to her ass!?!

  9. Dirk

    Who the fuck wears a pink bra through a peak-a-boo spandex black top in a workout video? Or your hair out? With all that makeup? Oh, I get it.This is an excercise tape for all those prostitutes on 42nd street who are on strike but still want to keep their bajingos in shape.

  10. Kels

    I’m pretty sure you meant to title this post “Kim Kardashian hearts anything that will get her publicity including shooting a retarted workout video which contains 34 outfit changes”

  11. T

    love how her left TATA is highlighted in the 6th photo

  12. AJ

    Kim’s a big fat joke. Kim got liposuction on her lower back, upper thighs, and hips. Kim has no muscle definition on her body and it is obvious she does not work out regularly. I have no idea who would actually buy and work out to this video tape. Kim is just a short fat chick that relies on body shapers, butt girdles, and airbrushed pictures and there is nothing special about that because any lazy fat American can do this.

  13. e-rock

    HAHAHA!!!!! OMG, this chick has the physical prowess of a hippo. Im all about curves, but PLEASE, she has GOT to be kidding!! Really Kim? really? You must think America is dumb as a bucket of rocks if you think your really going to sell these videos other than for pure laughs. I mean, this could easily be a comedy, but a fitness workout? HAHAHAHA!!!!! At least now Im starting to appreciate your sense of humor, because I was starting to think that vapid self absorbed narcissistic personality of yours was just for show! Glad to see you’ve reaffirmed your existence. Thanks for the laugh!! One more thing, I suggest you stop eating, that might help. Good luck!

  14. I even like the cute lil sexy dumbbells :-)

  15. gross

    nice saddlebags in the first picture. god, even in black you can tell she has fat ass blubbery thighs. yeah, that’s a real inspiration to work out

  16. Thanks, Vintage, we cute little sexy dumbells like you too.

  17. Zanna


  18. Jessica

    Seriously, who the hell works out with weights that light? Women need to get over their fear of “bulking up.” I lift “heavy” weights and it only makes me leaner and more feminine… not bulky and masculine!

  19. Fuck off troll.

  20. Zanna


  21. Zanna

    Fuck off troll.

  22. Zanna


  23. Zanna

    “Thanks, Vintage, we cute little sexy dumbells like you too.”

    I have no idea what I was trying to say. I’m an idiot!


  24. Zanna– looks like you’ve come down with a bad case of trollitis. The cure is a .45 to the head of the troll. PULL IT TROLL, PULL THAT FUCKING TRIGGER SOLDIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. J-Dizzle


    Randal .. I dont know if you were trying to throw in some sarcastic humor there or what, but still I think you should down a bottle of bleach.

  26. OC Dee


    For Kim this is probably the most she can lift because she does not workout regularly. I lift weights too and I agree with you because it’s a great way to get nice muscle definition without bulking up. Women start losing muscle in their 30s and this is why it is very important for women to lift weights. There are so many benefits to weight lifting because it protects against osteoporosis and muscle burns more calories than fat. Do not concentrate specifically on the bicep muscle or else you will have manly looking arms like Madonna.

  27. GuyHolly

    I wish that I had real friends. Sucking up to random names on crappy blogs feels so empty, but it is all that I’ve got.

    BTW-sometimes when I stick my finger in my butt it hurts. I don’t mean my finger hurts. I mean that my butt hurts. Does anyone know why that is?

  28. Enough

    Enough of this bitch already, jesus. You post about the same people over and over. This site is quickly becoming lame.

  29. Kelley

    “Whose” ?? Don’t you mean “who’s” ?? As in “who is” ?? People who can’t spell worth shit have no business running a website. Whose is possessive … as in “whose stuff is this.”

  30. Drunkman

    This is like getting relationship advice from a 49 year-old single woman, though admittedly, she looks good.

  31. norton

    I wonder what it’s like to live the life of a vacuous celebutard?

  32. @27 funny cause I remember your mom akinf me the same thing. Only it wasn’t a finger in her ass at the time.

  33. Who in gods name is going to buy this? And why do “celebrities” that have been to the gym perhaps a dozen times in their lives think that they know anything about fitness? If Kim makes ANY money off of this I think that it should be okay for Korea to nuke America.

  34. GuyHolly


    I’m smart! I’m clever and people that come to this site like me! Some of them, anyway.

  35. Kendra

    I think everyone should give her a break. She’s gorgeous. Is her butt bigger than most people’s her size? Yes. It’s her trademark though. And I happen to know that any straight man would prefer a really round ass to no ass. (no, I’m not referring to myself, mine’s on the small side).

    I do think it’s a good motivator for women who might not be in perfect shape, I’ve had some friends that were bigger say they hated exercise videos, when i asked why they didn’t do them, they said the woman in the video is always ridiculously fit. So there you go, helping women feel & look better :)

  36. @34 You’re gonna make me cry. pffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  37. PunkA

    I prefer a small ass, small waist and huge tits, but that is just me. I also prefer my women to not have a moustache and and afternoon shadow from her wax job that morning.

  38. Kim

    “First, warm up with some plastic surgery…”

  39. Zanna


  40. Truth

    LMAO! That cunt has the IQ of a treetrunk (no offense to trees), a brain the size of a jellybean, is less educated than 5th graders (I dare you to compete on that show, idiot Kim), is as interesting as a cockroach and could rent out storage units in her gigantic endless ass.

  41. mankind

    What a desperate HOdawg!

  42. question

    I do tae-bo and step aerobics and this chick is an embarrassment to us all. Go do smth you’re good at, like being “sexy”. Eww. Does anyone actually look up to her and say: “Hey, look at that, I want exactly that body and I am so glad she is showing me the fitness that brought it to her. Oh yey.” Oh.. puke!

  43. Right on

    @18 I couldn’t agree more. I use 12 lbs on each arm and my arms are sleek and toned, not bulky at all. Those 2 lbs are a joke.

  44. Jacob


    I’m a nice looking fit guy and I like a small shapely ass, not a flat ass, but a small shapely ass, and not a saggy wide fat butt like Kim. Unfortunately most Americans are fat like Kim, so it is rare to see fit and skinny females. Kim’s big butt is nothing without her butt girdle support or airbrushed pictures. Kim’s trade mark is her girdle butt and she never goes out in public without her butt girdle. And pehaps you are right that fat chicks like Kim want to work out to a video with a fat short chick that has had liposuction on her hips, upper back, and thighs in hopes of shaping her big fat loose butt, and slimming down her fat body. Also I am sure fat chicks want to work out to a short fat chick that has breast implants too.

  45. Racer X

    I work out to Kim Kardashian daily.

    /you know what I’m saying?

  46. TheJoker07


  47. Jamie's Uterus

    She did work out her mouth and hands on Ray J’s big black dick in her infamous cinematic debut. Is there a DVD chapter about how to work out your throat so you can take a really big dick?

    Is there a chapter about how to exercise so that you can be on all 4′s and take it doggie style? I’m sure there are leg spreading exercises, yes?

    I’d buy it if she covers that…..

  48. Tyrone


    Yeah dude! I have a fat fetish too and I love fat bottom girls; even the ones like KIm that are saggy! I’m more into the soft doughy feeling of fat bottom girls.

  49. treatave

    Why would you do a work out video to someone who’s body is covered up? You want to see how ripped the person’s body is. She’s got a pretty face but this is just retarded.

  50. Jamie's Uterus

    The previous post about this piss bitch was her calling out that wacko Octomom, and she’s shoving cotton candy faster than a big black dick. Now, she’s doing a exercise video?

    Enough with this vile cunt already.

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