Kim Kardashian has to be used to this

January 20th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Kim Kardashian posted some pics from Sundance on her website, and scope out the dude with the beer. I take back everything I just said. I want this guy, nay, hero to be president. He’s got it figured out.


  1. hazcheezburger

    Hmmm I see it too.

  2. Fati

    haha, he’s checking out her ass

  3. Bee

    lol I was just saying in the last post how the ass has it.

  4. Zack

    The hero is the rapist in the middle – what guy truly wants to bother with whether or not the girl says “yes”?

  5. Caesar

    Is that Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild?

  6. Jimmy Jim

    wow, no one in this picture even looks like how they normally do in photos. joe francis looks different as does kim.

  7. beer bear

    The guy with the beer or the guy with the bear?

  8. Chris

    The guy’s looking at the tattoo on her ass that says “BLACKS ONLY”.

    It always makes me laugh when all the white boys drool over this chick. In your dreams, crackers.

  9. Will

    hahahahah that’s fucking classic

    Beer and ass!

  10. Helga

    Jesus Christ! Someone save that poor bear from those asshats.

  11. Max Planck

    He’s just looking for a place to open his beer.

  12. Poopface

    He is reading the “Find Jimmy Hoffa Here” sign.


  13. meee

    hahaha that’s awesome

  14. Pathetic Worm


    (fingers Kardashian’s butt; gets eaten by bear)

  15. gigi

    this photo is funny on so many levels! 1) Ass man w/ beer & what seems to be a semi-; 2) the pose & all those smiles; 3) an actual bear trying to get in on the posey goodness; 4) Joe Francis not getting his ass pounded in jail; 5) the jaunty way Joe is almost grazing Kourtney’s boob… ah it’s like good poetry. I bet if I look at this pic again I’ll find something else to make it more genius..

  16. Drunkman

    LOL that’s classic.

    It’s funny too because she was probably so preoccupied staring at herself she didn’t even notice the drunk guy checking out her ass.

  17. Sexy Rexy

    Here we go again with you posting the short fat worthless no talent porn celebrity. The guy with the beer wanted to confirm that she is a girdle butt.

  18. p0nk

    looks like drunk guy pissed himself. KK seems to attract guys with bladder control problems.

  19. Monty

    “…..whoaaa… that chicks got four butts… and they’re huuuuuuge!”

  20. tristessa

    i think that’s the girls gone wild guy. in which case, i’m sure she’s used to it.

  21. Is joe francis trying to group kims sister with his right hand??

  22. Is joe francis trying to feel up kims sister with his right hand??

  23. Fati

    kim kardashian is not fat. she is very fit. she just happens to have wide hips and a volumptious butt. she would have those even if she lost a lot of weight. i really think that women on this site should stop saying that she is fat and ugly. she is not. i don’t care that she’s a stupid whore, which is a fact, but she is good-looking. i mean just because you ladies have A cups and flabby flat asses, and noone is really interested in screwing you, doesn’t mean you have to bring every hot girl down to your ugliness level. quietly masturbating in the privacy of your bedrooms is a more suitable hobby for people like you.

  24. Richard McBeef

    Isn’t that Khloe K in there too? Just to the right of Kourt? That looks just like her.

  25. Richard McBeef

    I meant on Kourt’s right

  26. Chef

    Palin shot the bear!

  27. #23

    I laughed so hard when I read she is not fat; she just happens to have large hips lol! One gets large hips from being fat from overeating. You need to look at this link. It is a picture of Kim before she got fat and got her huge wide hips and big fat loose butt. It also shows before and after pictures of Kim’ breast and nose job. Kim also got breast implants to improve her pear shaped body. Kim also got a nose job and cellulite removal. Let us be honest, Kim is great for men that are into short fat chicks. I am very athletic so I think fit females are the hottest. Anyone can overeat and get a big ass and big hips like Kim, but not everyone can stay fit and push themselves away from the plate!

  28. gigi

    Hey Sam @ #27 so genetics don’t come into play for large hips/ass? is she fat anywhere else? please… Kim’s healthy feminine. She’s also the only pretty Kardashian, and was that way since birth. Whatever ‘enhancements’ that you’ve mentioned she’s gotten– all debatable– if they exist, are subtle enough to not matter, and the bottom line? [puns aside] she’s still having more fun than all of us, so bah.

  29. gigi

    Hey Sam @ #27 so genetics don’t come into play for large hips/ass? is she fat anywhere else? please… Kim’s healthy & feminine. She’s also the only pretty Kardashian, and was that way since birth. Whatever ‘enhancements’ that you’ve mentioned she’s gotten– all debatable– if they exist, are subtle enough to not matter, and the bottom line? [puns aside] she’s still having more fun than all of us, so bah…

  30. djsmith72

    Who’s the dude grabbing Courtney’s boob?

  31. Danklin24

    That isnt Kourtney in the middle, its that Cheetah girl chick who’s ass we all saw when she sent nude pics to Rob K.

  32. TheJoker07

    Lucky guy.

  33. Danklin24

    Thats Adrienne Bailon or whatever, the girl who’s ass we saw when she sent nude pics to Kim’s brother. Sasquatch aka Khloe isnt in these pics.

  34. Yeah, she’s pretty hot. Its great to be rich for being famous!

  35. kate

    Ladies all like to join ***seekingsugarmomma. c om***. I really do not know why? Just cuz many celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?


  37. Smokey Bear

    The bear looks like he is trying to get out of the picture with those losers. He just wasn’t fast enough. Kodak moment is frozen in time. Or is it Kodiak moment….ha ha ha Get it? Kodiak, the bear? ha ha ha

  38. SIN

    tHE GUY WITH THE BEER IS TRYING TO DECIDE HOW MANY MORE GUYS IT WOULD TAKE TO HANDLE THAT FAT ASS. Or he sees the sign that says ” Wide Load” and is trying to find the back up beeper.

  39. Arty


    I love the way fat Americans blame everything on genetics. I looked at the link Sam posted and Kim was once a petite female and now Kim is a big short female. Some men like short fat chicks while most men like a chick that knows when to stop eating and not get fat like Kim. There is nothing debatable about Kim’s breast implants and nose job because the link Sam posted obviously shows Kim got cosmetic surgery from the before and after pictures. It also shows Kim with small hips and a small butt before she got fat from eating too much. I am sure Kim is an inspiration to some short fat chicks that rely on girdles to improve their saggy butt like Kim.

  40. gigi

    good lord that’s a long post, Arty or Sam or whoever you are… you sound a little bitter… I see no link… however every before/after of Kim I’ve seen she looks exactly the same — just photographed in a different light or angle lol — and no matter if she’s the way she is now or on the cover or fitness magazine w/ abs that can cut diamonds and man-tough gluts, she’s still having way more fun than [well at this point, since you seem so pissy] YOU.

  41. 40 – Gigi

    If doing porn with a want to be thug that has a fetish for fat chicks and hanging out with sleazy people like the Girls Gone Wild Dude; then I’m glad I’m not having Kim’s kind of fun. You need to look at the link Sam posted. Just click on Sam’s name. Better yet, I’ll post the link for you.–butt-implants

    I looked at the before and after pictures and Kim positively has breast implants and a nose job. Kim use to have a small body but now she is big from eating too much. I am short like Kim but I work out regularly and am petite because I do not overeat like Kim. I have a challenging technical job and a great social life and being famous is not my thing. It is comforting to know that I do not have to depend on my looks to stay employed, but I do like the positive attention I get from being attractive and fit. Having a fat body like Kim says I eat too much and having a fit body says I take care of myself. I suspect you are short and fat like Kim and take the negative comments personally. Kim is a cute female and it is obvious she puts a great amount of time trying to look good with the extra weight she has, but she is no role model for fitness, hotness, or anything really. Looking at this site reminds me of how great of a private life I have. And nothing you say can change this fact. I have to go to a meeting now, so you try to have a good day.

  42. LAForbes

    Finally found a site that you can comment freely about this nobody! Her website sucks! You should go in there and see how many butt kissers she has, i wouldnt say fans… She must be paying a couple of people under the table to leave so many “cute” messages on her blog… Its disgusting!

  43. Economist


    Kim’s site does not put anything negative about her because they censor all comments. I suspect Kim, Kim’s family and friends post a lot of positive comments about Kim on her site. This site is great because all posts get posted. People use to post a lot of negative comments about Kim on this site. The people who dislike Kim do not even bother to post anymore because they are sick of her. I am actually sick of Kim too. Kim is only amusing when the paps take pictures of her girdle butt.

  44. LAForbes

    Thanks #43! I guess that is what she does, have her family and friends post all those nice “positive” messages, just pathetic… I mean she is a cute girl but is she really that amazing? I dont get it, she is famous for all the wrong reasons.

  45. Fati

    # 27 and # 39 – have you never heard of a thing called PHOTOSHOP? and have ever heard that there are tons of websites that post bogus pictures of celebrities that are processed however the sick mind of the author wants? you might as well have seen kim kardashian’s picture where she is black.

    there is a difference between big hips and a big ass. she is wide in the hips because that’s how her sceleton is built. are you gonna say that comes from overeating, too? hahaha. i do not see any fat on her. so her ass is a little big, so what? is there any fat on her stomach? ummm, NO! is there any fat on her legs? ummmmmmm, NO! her waist, arms, face? NO. when a person is overweight, the weight doesn’t all go to one spot on the body.

    but, SAM, i think i know why you hate girls, like Kardashian so much. because by “I’m very athletic” you mean that you basically have a body of a 12-year old boy, with boobs that leave a lot of room for tissue in an A cup, and absolutely no meat on you ass. yeaaaah, that’s the kind of body every man dreams of squeezing. hahaha. face it – a woman is supposed to have boobs and an ASS. otherwise what you are is piece of cardboard. a word of advice – don’t lash out against people you are jealous of. it looks veeeeery pathetic.

  46. Good Luck #45


    I looked at the before and after pictures of Kim that Sam posted when she was peitite, had small hips and a small butt. There are also after pictures of Kim after she got fat and has to wear a girdle to tuck in the fat and now she has big hips and a girdle butt. There are also before and after pictures of Kim breast implants and nose job. Fat females like you always like to use the same argument that men like underweight females. But most men like a fit female that has small hips, small butt, and nice breasts and does not overeat like Kim. Some men have a fat fetish and like fat chicks like Kim. Kim paid for her breasts to help soften her pear shaped body from having fat hips. Kim has hard phoney implant breasts. You are probably short and fat like Kim or you are Kim and you take these true negative comments about Kim personally. Join Weight Watchers, lose weight, exercise, and feel better about yourself. Good luck #45

  47. RB


    Learn how to read you ignorant fool. It is obvious Sam is a dude. Fat is fat no matter where it is at. I’ve seen pics of Kim with belly rolls, so she has fat on her stomach. She has too much fat on her hips and ass because she eats too much.

  48. melanie

    this is to sam comment #27 you just fucking hating listen we all know ya’ll type of people flat all over…kim is just blest.. so what if she had cellulite removal who cares… her ass is lovely i mean come on… and you give me a fucking break. hard to believe. she has no flab on her arms nor stomach asshole she ain’t fat…she PHAT….
    she has a perfect body to me.. what we call a true APPLE BOTTOM.. unlike some girls who are flat like a fucking wash board back and front…you just fucking hatin…

  49. Fati

    # 46 -ha ha ha! fat females like me? girl you won’t be half as attractive as I am even in your dreams, judging by how hateful you are. so go fuck yourself with a cucumber, cuz appearently that’s the only kind of sex you have.

    # 47- die.

  50. That is Adrienne Bailon or what the girl we saw her ass when she sent nude photos of his brother Kim. Aka Sasquatch Khloe is not in these pictures.

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