Kim Kardashian has babies on the brain

August 13th, 2009 // 46 Comments

With sister Kourtney knocked up, it’s only inevitable that Kim Kardashian now wants her own mammoth assed brood, according to Life & Style:

Kim hinted as to who the father may be by bringing Kourtney’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Scott Disick, to the event. And this morning Kourtney confirmed to the Today Show that Scott is indeed the father. As for Kourtney, Kim has nothing but good news to report. “She’s doing great. Everyone’s just really, really happy and it’s an exciting time in all of our lives.”?And it looks like it’s not just Kourtney who has babies on the brain: “Could you imagine if all of us wanted to have as many kids as my mom has?” Kim asked. “My mom has six kids and if each kid had six kids, how many grandkids is that? Six times six is 36. She’d have 36 grandkids! We’re trying to make it happen.

Christ. All this time I’ve been worried about whatever the hell Paris Hilton will eventually birth, when instead I should’ve been focused on the Kardashians who plan to multiply like publicity starved rabbits. Now would be a good time to buy stock in buttpads. Back me up, Jim Cramer. “Buttpads are CRAY-SEE! WEE OOH WEE OOH WEE OOH! I’m on angel dust.”

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  2. Pico Mornay

    First Suckers!!!

  3. KaVe

    Has this bitch never heard about overpopulation and how bad it is for the planet, specially with the stupid descendance this women woul produce ??????

  4. This is what happens in that Idiocracy movie!

  5. KaVe

    Sorry I misspelled. It’s WOULD produce.

  6. Keith

    I like to contribute my baby batter to her two brain sized temples of womanhood that are her breasts.

  7. nipolian

    That’s very good Kim……six times six is 36……..Next time let’s try doing the basic arithmetic problem in your head, without saying it out loud, and see if you can still come up with the correct answer.

  8. Larry

    She looks HOT in these pictures. She is a fine woman with a SMOKING hot body who looks even finer as a blonde.

  9. LPB

    Proof positive of how far The Today Show (and by extension, NBC) has fallen.

  10. addict


  11. Bob

    #7 – Do you want to run math equatiions with her, or do you want to fuck her brains out? MAN UP, PUSSY!! You want a chess partner, go to Chinatown. You want a mind blowing sexual experience? You need HER.

  12. sharpie

    Kim’s daughter at age 10:
    “Mom, I just turned 10 and i know what i want for my birthday! I want a nose job, breast implants, a butt lift and lyposuction!”

    “Ok honey, I’ll call my plastic surgeon and get you an appointment asap. In fact, Grandma will join you too!”

  13. uh Uh UH! Yeah ... hand me a kleenex, and clean yourself up. Here's $10, take a taxi home.

    Babies on the BRAIN presumes the presence of said brain, heretofore unproven, scientifically.

  14. larry fine

    Imagine what the Kim’s child would look like. Having been spawned from pee pee not sperm of course.

  15. Whoa. Scott Disick isn’t black. And he reminds me of one of those preppie murder type guys.

  16. knowitall

    wow, can you imagine more kardashians running around? it would bring the collective IQ of america down 5 million points.

  17. dangle

    i’m with caVe. why does it have to be someone’s mission to personally poop out a multitude of human beings? now, i understand the desire to create someone of your own flesh and blood, so i say everyone is allowed to replace themselves with one other human. so counting kim and daddy, that’s 2. done and done. if you want more, then fucking adopt. there are thousands of unloved babies in orphanages in russia alone, right this minute, with zero shot at a good childhood. go save some of those lives instead of creating more, just for the sake of doing it.

  18. Inmate #2648927

    I guess all that humping they do on the internets shouldn’t go to waste.

  19. Jesus Juice

    More bimbos and bastards.

  20. She can have my babies on her face…

  21. gluegun

    kim, please please please don’t have kids! there are enough of you talentless, attention hungry, dumb kardashians out there!

  22. Superbiggerevil

    Just great! It’s just what the world needs, more doorstops.

  23. zipjam

    I thought I liked Kim’s hair blonde, but she just looks like Jordan now. Especially pic 5.

  24. TheJoker07

    I’ll take one for the team and give her a baby.

  25. Judas Iscariot

    just think what her boobs will look like when preggers…holy crap!

  26. Ketielynn

    Kim doesn’t have time to be in a steady committed relationship (her career is where she is focused) so lets assume she is NOT ready for kids.

  27. jester

    Can you imagine how huge her ass would get if she gets pregnant. It’s unfathomable.

  28. Smithers

    She looks AWFUL as a blonde.

  29. mamamamam

    who wears boots now!! isn’t she in LA isn’t it super hot. weird fashion

  30. mamamamam

    who wears boots now!! isn’t she in LA isn’t it super hot. weird fashion

  31. mamamamam

    who wears boots now!! isn’t she in LA isn’t it super hot. weird fashion

  32. crackerjack

    she is so annoying.

    really kim, no one wants you to have kids. they would be dumb as a rock and you would be responsible for teaching them. so, when they grow up, they will leak a sex tape, deny it, and then take off their clothes for various magazines and do nothing useful in the world…just like you.

  33. Wally

    Kim should have kids to give her an excuse for having a big fat saggy butt.

  34. What a skank

    Please please please please please keep this bitch from breeding.

    The best thing kim FATASSian can do for humanity is to remove herself from the human gene pool. What a disgusting attention whoring skank…

  35. spicy

    oh my god i come back and kim kardashian is a blonde. she turns me on so much i love this chica!

  36. I’ll give her a baby as long as she doesnt want me to raise it with her.
    The Rake

  37. Tanzarian

    I’d impregnate it.

  38. Tromba

    I wonder if the collective IQ of all of these Kardashians would add up to that of a Pop-Tart? WTF was Bruce Jenner thinking when he married to Mother Skank?

  39. Kelley

    Awesome !! She can do simple math. Wow.

  40. Oh my god! her hair so supple. I like it.

  41. LeilaLei

    She looks like Jessica Simpson in the first pic…not good not good!

  42. aksljdhfh

    LOOOOOVEEEE the hair.

  43. crackerjack

    she will probably end up getting pregnant soon just so she can get the attention back on her and away from kourtney.

  44. Darth

    They’re just like a walking laying cage.They just love it.

  45. jealousmuch

    her hair looks FABULOUS. And #31 girlfriend I live in LA and people wear boots here so what, its because girls here have style. OF COURSE you wouldnt know that because youre probably some sad little person sitting at your computer in alabama wishing you had a life. BOO HOO :( I was on here because i love her hair and was thinking of dying it that color… hmm…

    and stop hating on the kardashians. if ya dont like it then LEAVE


  46. Kim to a stable committed relationship (no time in his career where he is focused), the value is not ready for kids.She looks hot in these pictures. She is a smoking hot body that looks even better as a blonde with a nice woman.

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