Kim Kardashian has babies on the brain

With sister Kourtney knocked up, it’s only inevitable that Kim Kardashian now wants her own mammoth assed brood, according to Life & Style:

Kim hinted as to who the father may be by bringing Kourtney’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Scott Disick, to the event. And this morning Kourtney confirmed to the Today Show that Scott is indeed the father. As for Kourtney, Kim has nothing but good news to report. “She’s doing great. Everyone’s just really, really happy and it’s an exciting time in all of our lives.”?And it looks like it’s not just Kourtney who has babies on the brain: “Could you imagine if all of us wanted to have as many kids as my mom has?” Kim asked. “My mom has six kids and if each kid had six kids, how many grandkids is that? Six times six is 36. She’d have 36 grandkids! We’re trying to make it happen.

Christ. All this time I’ve been worried about whatever the hell Paris Hilton will eventually birth, when instead I should’ve been focused on the Kardashians who plan to multiply like publicity starved rabbits. Now would be a good time to buy stock in buttpads. Back me up, Jim Cramer. “Buttpads are CRAY-SEE! WEE OOH WEE OOH WEE OOH! I’m on angel dust.”

Photos: WENN