Kim Kardashian guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother

November 12th, 2008 // 49 Comments

Remember when Doogie Howser got his panties in a bunch about producers “stunt casting” Britney Spears on his sitcom How I Met Your Mother? He’s gotta be shitting his lab coat right about now. CBS has secured Kim Kardashian for a cameo along with two other asshats you might have heard of. People reports:

Kardashian, who was voted off of Dancing with the Stars Oct. 1, will be joining fellow reality stars (and her step-brother Brody Jenner’s former BFF) Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag in the episode, where they will be playing “magazine cover versions of themselves,” according to a show rep.

While I want to feel bad for Kim Kardashian being lumped in with Heidi and Spencer, I forget I have no soul and hope the set catches on fire. That said, this show has to be near cancellation because talk about stunt casting and a half. Christ, who’s next? The kid with Down syndrome from Life Goes On? Actually, I take that back. At least Corky has genuine acting talent whereas Heidi, Spencer and Kim have the social necessity of a gunshot wound.

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  1. Miss Kitty

    Fat minger!

  2. make it count

    ugh why doesn’t the earth just swallow this plastic fat heffa already?

  3. Superevil

    Who gives a fuck?

  4. LoLa

    How I met your mother has the be the most shittiest show. Come the fuck on…. 1st Shitney Spears, and wasn’t it recently revealed that those fucktard attention whores from the Hills were going to guest star? And now this obese gorilla piss gobbling porn star will be guest starring too? How the hell are they even getting jobs? This tramp has done NOTHING relevant in her life other than being born to a father who helped a murderer get away and being peed on and ass-fucked by some black midget talentless bastard?????

    HOO-FUCKING-RAY!!!! I now clearly understand why people lose their minds and go on shooting sprees. How I wish someone could do that while these useless overpaid celebrities were ALL in one location

  5. Felix Finkel

    How I met your mother? Why, she sat her fat, duck-buttered ass right on my face.

  6. yelloe

    She even uploaded her sexy private videos on a millionaire & celebrity dating club^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^…Maybe she want to date with wealthy guy and…,can’t imagine that!

  7. Binky

    My sources are saying this episode will be called – “Why We Fired Our Writers”

  8. Brooke

    She actually looks good here

  9. ldsqtbea

    lmao … the side picture of her sitting down makes her arm look fat and someone should tell her that her toes ARENT suppose to hang over the shoe lol

  10. verga

    when i see this person, i understand that facial cumshots really are about contempt more than eroticism. i would love to shoot my load in her face, not because she’s sexy, but because she’s a stupid cunt.

  11. Me 2

    This girl takes herself way too seriously. I don’t care if you’re a talentless celebutante who is famous for having sex on camera – have a sense of humor about it and I’ll support you. It’s painfully obviously that she thinks she is way more important than she is.

    I think taking yourself this seriously betrays your naivete. Do you think Pam Anderson would still be around today if she hadn’t been able to laugh at herself? Kim Kardashian doesn’t understand the nature of celebrity and it’s therefore only a matter of time before her 15 minutes are up.

  12. poobs

    I’d nut on her all day. And night…she’s cute and has a great body.

    Please ban the fuck who posts the fake-ass urls.
    I’m looking in your direction #6

  13. Fernando Narcos

    Just three more reasons I don’t watch that show.

  14. Sport

    brilliant email #15 – nailed it.

    …still waiting for this chicks 15 minutes to expire…

  15. howironic

    uh, she’s not exactly the girl you’d want to take home for your mother to meet.

  16. Mike

    I for one think that is one of the best looking outfits I have ever seen her in.

  17. jaffo

    Evidently, her ass will be playing the role of a Sherman Tank…

  18. Hefe

    Love her neck & shoulders.

    Great skin.

  19. Alicia

    HIMYM officially jumped the shark.


    just incase you missed it!
    (from the Aniston post – go back and see for yourselves)

    Jimbo is Randal!!!

    (not that i give a crap about either of them – I just love seeing people make a fk up! lol priceless)

    See below:

    26. Jimbo – November 11, 2008 9:54 PM

    I’m out. It was a slendid moment I will not soon forget. I with myself, Barry White in the background, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with the scent of fresh roses in the foreground. My sperm delicately danced into a soft and absorbent 2-ply facial tissue. I was gentle and it was my one moment in time.


    27. Randal – November 11, 2008 9:54 PM

    I’m out. It was a slendid moment I will not soon forget. I with myself, Barry White in the background, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with the scent of fresh roses in the foreground. My sperm delicately danced into a soft and absorbent 2-ply facial tissue. I was gentle and it was my one moment in time.


  21. funny guy

    Heidi and Spencer are playing “magazine cover versions of themselves?” So, that means they ARE playing themselves – that’s all they are!!

  22. Ted from LA

    Talk about jumping the shark.

    This is the worst case of it since 1977. Bye bye How I Met Your Mother.

  23. laney

    It’s so true. Heidi and Spencer truly are the epitome of fuckwad asshats.

  24. Ronny


    I agree because she is not showing her ugly breast implants and big fat loose ass and atrophied legs!

  25. Reggie Bush's Sickle Cell

    This nigga-loving cunt rag deserves to have porch monkey cock up her ass. Too bad no one will every marry her, she’ll just get used by all the darkies until her asshole and pussy resemble the sarlac from Star Wars. Then even the brutha’s won’t wanna fuck her anymore. Then she’ll try and find some White sucker to marry her, but to no avail, because:

    You know what they say Kim, “Once you go Black, We won’t take you back.”

  26. #26 you are sick

    #24 you are correct

    I’m sooooo watching that episode..

  27. Andrea

    Actually I think Doogie will be delighted to have Kim on the show. He’s out now, so unlike male superficial commenters, he doesn’t have to deny that loving asses makes him gay.

  28. Kahlee

    You cannot put Speidi and Kim in the same category. Kim is useless but beautiful so I don’t mind seeing pictures of her, Heidi and Spencer have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  29. rachel

    so Brody Jenner is Kim fat the fat ass’s step brother?

    Brody was former “BFF” with Spencer….the whole world of “reality” tv is all related

    its retarded. but hey at least if we kill off that family line tv would be muchhhhh better.

  30. mmm



  31. missy

    not to sound mean but if someone threw acid in her face i would laugh

  32. Dont worry doogie youre the top queen on the show! those 3 cant out flame you…

  33. diddleysquat

    Why all of a sudden is it big news when someone guest stars on some crappy TV show

  34. Parker

    If I was Doogie I would take an old birthday cake, place it on the dressing table next to my makeup and copy of Cosmo then invite Kim over for some girl talk. When she came in and saw the cake she’d naturally be drawn to it so while she was stuffing her face I’d lift up her skirt and fuck her in the ass. Then when I was done I’d put her skirt down and offer to iron it for her.

  35. why does this bitch bother posing towards the cam?
    all we want is her ass, and we havent seen that penetrated from the best angle yet either

    come to think of it, she would make a good Jasmine in an Aladdin-porn movie

  36. Bickus Dickus

    Accidental death by getting flattened by a steamroller and then being sealed over with 2″ glass for everyone to see and laugh at is wasted on the wrong people…..

  37. CaptainMorgan

    @26 I gotta say the sarlacc reference was bang on – pun intended. Well done.

  38. Jamie's Uterus

    26 – you are awesome, and how truthful.

    I heard in the script Kim plays a urinal in one of the bathroom scenes. The men in the cast, and extras, come into the bathroom to talk to each other and piss on Kim at the same time. Her ass is used as a bulls eye, and they take turns trying to hit the center with their urine. Its pivotal to the story line.

    Even though she has no lines, maybe she’ll win an emmy.

  39. Alex

    The Kardahians and Heidi & Spencer are equally worthless. They are douchebag extraordinaires of the greatest magnitude, dumb and numb as a corpse, have no talent, their fan club consists entirely of family members, can’t sing, can’t dance and are trashy media whores in addition to being just plain whores. Their 15 minutes was up long ago, time for them to get the hint. They suck. Outloud.

  40. Kahlee

    If shes so fugly why does she have a face that most people across most cultures and races would consider highly attractive?

  41. Kahlee

    If shes so fugly why does she have a face that most people across most cultures and races would consider highly attractive?

  42. mafme

    Getting pissed on has been great for her career.

  43. Reggie Bush's Sickle Cell

    To my #38 & #39 brethren, a shot of Patron to our posts….and may we piss our digested toasts into the mouth of this wretched slut’s mouth!!!!!

  44. Lidiya

    Why does this site keep featuring stories about a posed RealDoll named Kim? Is it some kind of cross-promotional thing?

  45. nobody

    she got on dancing with the stars because her step-father’s best friend is head of casting and i have a feeling someone in her family knows someone who casts for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. lol sorry but the girl can’t dance or act and it’s been rumoured she wants a singing career too. Her ex-publicist JJ admitted that kim stages PR stunts all the time and starts rumours about HERSELF and then goes on her blog to deny the rumours eventhough she is the one who started them. How lame.

  46. really?

    Why is she even famous????

  47. Poodlehead

    She looks beautiful and she’s far from fat! The only thing about her that needs fixing is her fame for being famous for releasing a crappy sex tape.

  48. JJ


    You can tell she is fat from looking at her fat hips and she should continue to hide her fat loose ass! This is the best she has looked because she is not showing her big fat ass for a short chick!

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