Kim Kardashian guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother

Remember when Doogie Howser got his panties in a bunch about producers “stunt casting” Britney Spears on his sitcom How I Met Your Mother? He’s gotta be shitting his lab coat right about now. CBS has secured Kim Kardashian for a cameo along with two other asshats you might have heard of. People reports:

Kardashian, who was voted off of Dancing with the Stars Oct. 1, will be joining fellow reality stars (and her step-brother Brody Jenner’s former BFF) Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag in the episode, where they will be playing “magazine cover versions of themselves,” according to a show rep.

While I want to feel bad for Kim Kardashian being lumped in with Heidi and Spencer, I forget I have no soul and hope the set catches on fire. That said, this show has to be near cancellation because talk about stunt casting and a half. Christ, who’s next? The kid with Down syndrome from Life Goes On? Actually, I take that back. At least Corky has genuine acting talent whereas Heidi, Spencer and Kim have the social necessity of a gunshot wound.

Photos: Splash News